Tantra – 7th February 2019(1) – तंत्र – Full Episode

Tantra – 7th February 2019(1) – तंत्र – Full Episode

I have never seen you
getting decked up. Today, I feel that you have grown up. They are here. The wedding procession is here.
– Yes. Come on, let’s call everyone.
Come on. Oh! Your groom is here riding on a horse. He will take away his bride. Grandma, can I go out and see
how Akshat is looking riding a horse? No, dear. You are not allowed
to do that. Why? Why do you ask
so many questions? Have patience. You can see each other
on the wedding dais as much as you want. That’s what makes
it interesting. A little bit of suspense
must be there. Careful..
– Sorry, it was an accident. Did it hurt you? No, Grandma. Prithvi, my friend! Why are you standing
with the bride’s family? Come, Akshat is
like a son to you. Come on, let’s dance! Come on! I must call up Niyati’s family
and inform them about this. I will call up
Mr. Prithvi first. Mr. Prithvi is not
answering my call. I should call up Ms. Sumati. Answer the call! Even she is not answering. I will call up Niyati. I hope I get through her. It’s ringing. I hope she answers the call. Niyati, why do you look sad
all of a sudden? Is there any problem? No, Grandma. I’m having this strange feeling. I’m feeling anxious. I’m wondering if things
will go fine or not. It’s nothing new, dear. Every girl feels the same way when her wedding procession
arrives at her door. You have to leave
your parents’ house and set into a new family. So, having this fear is normal. Grandma,
it’s not that kind of feeling. It’s something different. Our family has already
gone through so much. And now I feel as if.. I hope we don’t have
any more problems. Nothing will go wrong, dear. Dear, please smile. My dear.. Even Niyati didn’t
answer my call. I don’t have any servants
in the hermitage either whom I could have sent to Jalsa. The vermillion which has been
affected by the sorcery will destroy Niyati’s life. I must reach Jalsa before that vermillion gets
applied on her forehead. I will avert this catastrophe. Excuse me, drive faster. Someone’s life is at risk. Call the bride. There’s no need of electricity
in this house. Why? – Because you are
glowing so much that it can dispel
the darkness around. I still can’t believe
that this is happening. That you are going to
become mine, forever. I hope I am not dreaming. Sir, I asked you
to drive faster. Someone’s life is at risk. Did you think that I forgot
about you? No, Sage.
You’re on the top of my list. Our plan failed
because of you, right? You destroyed my tantra and
saved the Khanna family, right? And my aunt. Even my aunt had to go to the
asylum just because of you. But now.. Now, I won’t let you
do anything. Sage, I think..
– Don’t think. It happened. The tyre of your car
is punctured. How did this happen? That evil power is trying
to stop me. Now, tie the knot between
the groom and the bride. Now, you just rest here. Because you can’t reach
the wedding venue now. Akshat will put the nuptial
chain around Niyati’s neck and anoint her forehead
with vermilion. That moment will be
worth witnessing. Oh. So, that girl doesn’t want me
to reach Niyati’s wedding venue. I don’t need a vehicle.
My legs are very powerful. If I need to stop the wrong
from happening then I’ll have to reach
the wedding. W-Where’s the sage going? Oh. So, he’s now trying to run
to Jalsa. But he forgot that as long as I am here,
he can never reach the wedding. Now, the bride shall put
her hand on the groom’s hand. Now, please stand up
for the circumambulation. ‘Among all these vows,
I take a vow, Niyati.’ ‘I’ll always love you.’ ‘I’ll support you
in every trouble.’ ‘And I’ll protect you
from every sorrow in the world’ ‘like a shield.’ Whatever you do I’ll see to it that you don’t
reach the wedding venue. ‘What is happening to me?
Again, the same thoughts.’ ‘Something is happening
which is not right.’ ‘Why am I getting
these thoughts continuously?’ I know that you’re
hiding somewhere here. You may try to hide but this time,
I’ll not let you foil my plan. Nobody can save the Khannas
from my wrath. I’ve performed black magic
on Niyati’s nuptial chain and the vermillion
you had given them. And that black magic
is so dangerous that it will rip apart
Niyati’s married life. I challenge you to stop it. Please put the nuptial chain
around the bride’s neck. What happened?
Got scared? Show yourself
if you have the courage. I’m warning you
for the last time. Show yourself. I know that you’re hiding
somewhere here. This is my last warning. Better show yourself. Come out.

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  1. ‏نرم سینے میں دھڑکتے ہیں وہ نازک طوفان

    ‏جن کی لہروں میں اترجانے کو جی چاہتا ہے♥️

  2. ‏دونوں اپنے اپنے قبیلے کا مان تھے

    ‏رسوائیوں کے ڈر سے بغاوت نا کر سکے

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  4. نا جانے کونسی سازشوں کے ہم شکار ہو گئے
    کہ جتنے صاف دل تھے اتنے داغ دار ہو گئے

  5. Wcy is drama K through aek msg dia jaa rha h ky Yeh tantr Yeh kala jaduu krna glt ni h bs Glt wo log h jo glt tareky sy uze krty
    Glt msg dy rhy h

  6. Part I

    Niyati was ready for wedding when she gets a message from Akshat. She watch the promo he had sent then comes to Nani and Dadi showing it to them as well. She says Akshat claims Niyati is similar to Rani Lakshmi Bai. Dadi claims Niyati is extremely brave and courageous but she didn’t even value her life for the sake of her family. Nani now hurries Niyati to go and get ready, her Baraat will soon arrive.
    Nani comes to Niyati’s room while she was ready for her wedding, she emotionally says it seems Niyati has grown up today. The fireworks start at the arrival of Baraat. Kartik, Mansi and Harshad go to call everyone for reception.
    Niyati asks Nani if she can see Akshat over the horse. Nani forbids her and says she must keep a little suspense, they will be able to see each other

    well on the wedding stage.
    Niyati’s earrings hurt because of Tantra.
    JK comes to take Prithvi for dance as Akshat is like his son.
    Guru jee was tensed and thinks about calling Prithvi. Everyone was busy in wedding preparations. Sumati was also brought into the celebrations by Prithvi. None replies the call. Guru jee decides to call Niyati but her cell phone also goes unanswered.
    Nani notices the smile over Niyati’s face had vanished. Niyati says she feels a little awkward, she wonders if everything will be fine. Nani says it’s hard for every girl to leave one’s parents’ house. Niyati says it’s a different kind of fear. She wish their family doesn’t have to suffer anymore.
    Akshat was welcomed by Sumati.
    Guru jee was on his way to Jalsa. He thinks he must save Niyati and Akshat from the ill effects of Tantra.
    The wedding rituals had started. Akshat looks towards Niyati while she arrives with Prithvi and Sumati towards the stage. They hold hands. Akshat says Niyati is glowing immensely. He can’t believe this is really happening. There was a blaze of fire in Havan. Niyati was terrified and drops Akshat’s hands.
    There, Kanchan places a wooden bar with sharp nails on the road. She thinks she can never forget Guru jee who sent Saudamini to mental hospital. Guru jee’s car was punctured, he understands they are being prevented to reach Jalsa. Kanchan gets in her car and thinks this Guru jee will now wait here. He won’t be able to reach Mandap. As soon as Akshat fills Akshat’s hairline with sindoor and mangal sooter, the scene will be worth seeing. Guru jee spots Kanchan’s car and thinks this girl surely doesn’t want him to reach Jalsa. He decides to run using his feet. Kanchan watch him run and thinks Guru jee has forgotten he can never reach Jalsa until Kanchan is around. She follows Guru jee in her car.
    Akshat and Niyati hold each other’s hands.
    Kanchan follows Guru jee as he runs on the road.
    Niyati and Akshat stand for wedding vows and rounds.
    Akshat silently vows to always love Niyati and be protective of her.
    Guru jee runs into the forest while Kanchan follows him. Kanchan was determined that Guru jee shouldn’t reach Niyati’s wedding.
    Niyati takes the wedding rounds but was tensed that something is surely wrong, she can sense an adversity ahead.
    Kanchan calls in the forest that this time she can’t let Guru jee ruin her game. She performed Tantra over Niyati’s mangal sooter and sindoor. It is dangerous and ignite Niyati’s married life. She calls Guru jee to come outside. Guru jee takes another way and reaches the other side of Kanchan’s car. He runs by foot and panted heavily.
    There, Akshat was now to put on the Mangal sooter and Sindoor.
    Niyati smiles while Akshat holds the Mangal sooter. The guests clap as Niyati wears it.

  7. Niyati looks so gorgeous with her Dulhan tradition ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think Saudamini waS better in villain rOll. Kanchan dOesn’t Suit this lead roll of villain I meant alone.!! Akshat n Niyati looks perfect together

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