Tahiti Surf Trip

When you go on a surf trip all your stuff fit in 1 bag all you need is a surf board 1 board-short flip-flop hat phone Pull-in underwear sun glasses camera GoPro surf wax drone and of course the Passeporr surf was always part of my life i caught my 1st waves 15 years ago in south of France Hossegor and i was lucky to do a lot of surf trips for the last 10 years i surfed in Hawaii costa rica nicaragua mexico martinique hong kong bali each wave is unique so it’s amazing to surf good travel very happy to be here i’m gonna rest a little and the adventure starts tomorrow i’m in the south part of the island but today there are no waves so i’m gonna drive north and try to surf at Papenoo small waves on a beach break perfect for a 1st day just to warm up 2nd morning, still no waves stay active doing some Pirogue in the lagoon 1st sunset session! right wave on the reef beautiful light, the island on the background let’s go!! 4.30AM gonna check the waves at Teahupoo it’s very early but it’s worth it i’m back from my last session here in tahiti it was amazing 6 beautiful days with perfect conditions i didn’t surf the wave of Teahupoo but it was great to just see the waves but next time i’ll ride it!! this morning i had a great last sessions on the right on the reef and i was lucky because the photographer Ben Thouard was there and took some nice shots i’m gonna finish this videos with showing you those nice pictures from Ben Thouard i hope you had a good time and this video made you travel see you very soon for more…!

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