Superman vs Superman | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Lele Pons

Superman vs Superman | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Lele Pons

Yo, I’m trying to tell you Supergirl I was like see my cousin, so it’s weird Awkaward silence ~(⊕⌢⊕)~ Yo, let me call you back, I mean, let me call you right back What’s up was Hannon How much I’m chillin as well cool ↁ_ↁ Would you get? Tapatio sauce *Laughs* Would you get what a melon *Laughs* Yeah, I’m sorry ●︿● Look, man. I thought I told you there’s only one Superman I agree with you. Yeah leave. That’s that’s me(so wait there two!) I think you’re looking at him you looking at it I think I’m just better at this if you don’t mind just getting out of town. I got this thing on a town No, I didn’t pack my bag since I don’t got bags to pack that makes no sense I don’t make sense I make dollars. Just important is one Superman only and that’s cute, but you know Q Yes, you know. What you got on is cute I’m Hispanic Superman people like Superman people like Hispanic anybody can speak Spanish hola como esta would be in Grasse se – anybody can speak black yo Dawg Yo is Spanish – I’m Superman you’re not Superman, but Hispanic people have better music We have better out what do mean how Ricky Martin Enrique Iglesias Becky G, baby, Ricky Martin cardi B is The only letter in the alphabet people like Latinos people love black people got an idea. I got an idea Yeah
We test our ability stressed our abilities right whoever is better best you gotta be the best the very best is the best yeah It’s Superman and then the other one got a leak town has to leave town forever forever never come back never I don’t know maybe visit no visit holiday holiday. They come back and weekends gonna. Do yeah, it’s like you thought I never shake your hand disrespectful all right I’m out. I’m gonna walk because I don’t feel like flying right now Flying challenge first one to get to the top of that wins first one get to the top first one to the top of the Building wins I didn’t start no competition. No. No do it is what I’m saying snow competently. I’m saying is no competition You know competition you know competition all right. Let’s do it Let’s do it all right, so I’m saying so steady go say everything. I say I’m not saying everything I say what I gotta say and when I say black people are not as good as its panic people what that Just when races all of us items everything you do is a game everything you do is a joke tricks are for kids Yeah, I like tricks. It’s a good cereal brand bad. I actually like it too. Yeah, they’re like childhood cereals, yeah Frosted flakes flakes no I’m a cocoa puffs. You don’t like cocoa puffs. That’s some black people. Yeah, you ready, uh-huh On your mark hey hey, bro, yo get back down here What’s the problem? Yeah, what happened? I was on your Sheeted bro. How I cheated on your mark get set go everybody goes on Mon. I was gonna Go wow you never played hide-and-seek before no. I play hide your side chick hide the body don’t get caught That’s what I play. What don’t you want get set? Go yo yo what are you doing? You cheating come back down please yep? Again, you should I do wrong now. I said on your mark get set go I was cleaning the rules look now I’m out of breath out of breath you’re Superman. He’s Superman. I need a Superman Yeah, I get my big Superman like oh fuck you fix that cake but I was saying like Yeah Thank you, I appreciate deskah okay on goal. We do it do not cheat all right. Don’t fuck around okay? I’m not can’t say on YouTube you can’t no but I said it anyway. We’ll bleep it. You gonna believe that bleep it Can you bleep mine too? What if I say well you just did so? Come on cool Not cool. All right actually. I won’t do any more on your mark get set go Oh You cheated boy did Jesus master to youichi This is what I do you Ju mad walk away walk away uh-uh-uh-uh your thought Kryptonite challenge, what’s that mean? Oh? Relax relax We both know that our weakness is kryptonite Yeah, whoever can put their hand on this kryptonite for longer wins you crazy son of them. I am crazy because I’m Superman alright, will you go first what you go first you touch it first son of a Now you don’t got to do this you know that right Well may you disintegrate you just integrate you stop you faded away It’s not worth it Sucks bro Smosh Jesus Christ son of a That’s pretty good. Though. Twenty second twenty seconds. I know Punk. I’m gonna let you know that right now your turn, bro I’m gonna do it when I want to do it twenty seconds I got this alright, so we’ll just run my personally grant, huh? I’m Superman I’m super Superman in the real super, but I’m super with a hey anyways ran out which way which way they go? That way that way Can you tell us one more time I didn’t get that which way we were actually okay that way that way where the cars were going Like where that like north and north or south this one once no no no Weston, so what’s your number? So here’s this lost my phone here’s Our three parts I’m here to retreat which way did he go which way did he go? They’re going to jail bro into jail sister, Daisy already said not your lucky day, but I say today When you go to jail, and I’m gonna take you to jail and you’re going in town Oh got it cuz that’s let me do it. You don’t do it right this ain’t brother the point is you’re going to jail You know what I bet you anything he Hispanic penny people don’t steal he’s black 100 percent thousand I bet you anything he’s black Harley’s bet let’s bet all right take off your mask take off the mask Can’t really tell I can’t eat it like it’s a skin complexion like I know he could really honestly be black or Hispanic Yes your name, bro Carlos Are you from Compton he’s black hundred percent, there’s no Latinos from Compton all right, man. What’s your favorite food chicken? Black hundred percent black wait a second now what restaurant oh boy, you’re Loco Poor you’re Loco that’s not how you say chicken in English you’re confusing a spell What are you have black a Mexican ass black eggs both 5050? Well, you know what yeah, maybe we have this all wrong. I think so maybe instead of being so competitive We should we should be coming join together in one unity, maybe we should be friends. We should be free like best friends Yeah, stupid this is stupid. You look – panics and black should get along yeah, like a like a like a milkshake. Yeah Yeah, I miss all you on Instagram. I’ll follow you on twitter wait What now I don’t feel like you know I have to earn it. Okay. Okay. Okay? No. I make sense Hey. Thank you Thanks for so much foot Okay, that’s all right. Okay. It’s not a big deal. You can’t catch. I can’t catch them all okay mine We will put all this yeah, let’s do it Wait what do you? What are you doing? What is his narco season 3 not give me a real beat like that Give me some hip Whoville. No give me some ok ready Yeah here we go yo to Superman’s chillin at the crib playing guitar cuz you know how we live how we dig we Don’t even fight Mexican and black We got a unite whoa yeah, and we chillin at the crib playing guitar, and I can’t say Black people in Hispanic people are cool sometimes. I’ve read the subtitles and that’s ok cause we ain’t rivals cuz black people and Hispanic people Hey That was dope we should definitely do this again you try hang out tomorrow. I’m down. I sing up tomorrow. Yeah, let’s do it How about like ones like 5 o’clock 5? Can we do 6. We get say 5, and then you know? You’ll probably come as 6 cars Does that mean you know black? You know black people are a little bit late sometimes? It’s ok know what you mean Hispanics late to ant-man’s don’t freak out. It’s not a big deal I went to a quisiera the other day said 11 a.m.. It’s gonna show up till 3:00. The next day couple don’t talk about If it turned 15 8:15, you don’t gotta celebrate it You got a problem as many people know. I got some say about yo dump. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Maybe you maybe you I need to add something to write home. Though. Is that ok? Yeah, hopping right back up flies out of here. Huh cool. Yeah guys like You thought?

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  1. Hispanic and Latino isn’t even a race , you have blacks there too … makes no sense , he probably meant Native American (indigenous )

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  3. 🤣😂Home boy said, “no I played hide your side chick, hide the body. That’s what I played.” 🤣🤣🤣 what kind of messed up Superman notion…lol

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