Suomenlinna Fortress | Sveaborg | Helsinki Finland Travel Vlog

Suomenlinna Fortress | Sveaborg | Helsinki Finland Travel Vlog

all right up bright and early this
morning we’re headed that Soumenlinna it costs about 2.60 euro per ticket so it’s
about $3 a ticket to get out here. One thing to note, we
mentioned the the all-access pass, if you buy the 24-hour all-access pass it’s
free to take the boat to Soumenlinna or the zoo or a lot of the other islands
out here we didnt do the 24-hour ticket so we ended up having to pay. it’s a 20-minute ride out there and once
we get out there there is a fortress built on an island. It was
built in the 18th century to protect against who Maria (Surf)?Uhhh, I don’t know maybe Russia? maybe Russia maybe Sweden when Finland was controlled by Russia and and Sweden. yeah it should be great check it out
we’re out here like I said bright and early so should get some really nice light. Can’t wait! all right well I hope you guys enjoyed
Soumenlinna. I’d say I’d give it a maybe a three and a half. Three in my
opinion. yeah, I’m, not a big fan of fortresses but if you like history this
place is for you. yeah, I gave it a three and a half I probably would have given it a three
if I didn’t get those I think pretty cool drone shots of I am in the morning
surrounding the island I thought that was pretty neat yeah but you do have to
be careful if you’re gonna do any drone stuff out here you need to find a a
place to hide away and get up and get down pretty quick but I think overall a
cool place to check out

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  2. Фильм хороший, съёмки как всегда великолепны, вид сверху очень красивый. Молодцы!!!!!

  3. Very cool. Was just there but didn't have time to get out to the island (just 24hrs before Ferry to St. Petersburg). Thanks for posting. -Henry

  4. Didn’t expect Finland to be that green!! That fortress is incredible! There’s so much history in Scandinavia and not enough videos about it, you did a great job 🙂

  5. Hey Surf and Turf! This is amazing footage!! We want to do a Scandinavian trip someday!! Thank you so much for taking us with you! We loved the old architecture, and all the amazing scenery!! Great video! <3

  6. Hello
    Interesting and beautiful …
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  7. Really love your opening shot as it really shows off the shape of the fortress walls along the island. Looks pretty cool! We quite enjoy old fortresses and castles and also looks like a nice boat trip to get out there too!

  8. Oh thanx alot for sharing this wonderful video and for the amazing tour..i do enjoyed watching full video ..really every day i susrprise to know new places nvere heared about them before..big like and sub ..i will keep my eyes on u😍🤗

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  12. Loving your channel! The drone footage was awesome. We hit the sub button! Can't wait to see more videos from you in the future 🙂

  13. Beautiful vlog from Helsinki! Great views and filming! Thank you for subscribing to my channel. Im already subscribed to yours…

  14. This 'fortress' just looks so cool! I am starting a new channel today! Great stuff! By the way, I am EPIC SHAMUS OF SLOTS! My site went up today! I subbed you and gave you a BIG THUMBS UP! Hoping we could
    support each others site! My first video is 25 years old and features
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  20. Finland looks spectacular.. especially from the sky.. beautiful views my friend! This is on my bucket list! 👍

  21. hi bro what a nyc place so exciting i also just love travelling as u can also see in my vlogs
    i also just luv to explore the world same like u i did make u my new frnd now waiting for ur comnt a big thumbsup from my side 42

  22. Добрый день! Спасибо Вам за приглашение и за отличное видео! Остаёмся с Вами!)

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  24. Welcome to Helsinki. Soumenlinna very beautiful place. I been there many times coz I live in Helsinki and not far from Central. If you still in Helsinki, Let check it out. Seurasaari Island in Helsinki ( Can go with bus, car , bike) and Pihlajasaari Island near city go with boat near Ruoholahti shopping mall. You can find more information in Google.

  25. 1609 awesome video, very entertaining my friend and watching right now, i hope u can visit my place as well i'll be waiting. Have nice day ahead 🙂

  26. Wow this looks like so much fun. I love going through old fortresses. I really enjoy your channel. We appreciate you coming to our channel and giving us love. We are very thankful for you.

  27. The layout of this fortress is so similar to El Morro in Puerto Rico. This would certainly be a must for us if we go to Helsinski. Love that you're showing us a different perspective.

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