Summer Holidays in Japan: Sadogashima

Summer Holidays in Japan: Sadogashima

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video! Today I want to talk about my Summer Holidays! No, I wanted to talk about my trip on Sadogashima
in Niigata Prefecture Sadogashima is the 6th largest Island of Japan
and is located around here! Some friends of my who live on the island try to bring more tourists there And to do so they made up a really awesome tour To get there you first have to go to Niigata By Shinkansen, by foot, or on the back of a fucking donkey depending on your budget! Then you have to take a ferry up to the island! There for only 10 000 yens my friends
took us all around the island Visiting various places… “Ooooh no not the bees!!” ….temples…. …took us to various restaurants where we ate delicious FOOD And took us to these kinda… …scary caves…with these..little people statues inside They kinda creep me out! Oh my god!!! What a terrible effect!!! We also got to ride traditional boats from Sadogashima! Weighing a little bit more than 90 kilos you can tell
I felt suuuper relaxed about being on this …really thin wooden boat The best thing about this experience was getting to see a Matsuri (Japanese Festival) in a small town where there was absolutely no tourists Except her..she was a tourist And also…FIREWORKS!!! The hotel was also included in the tour price and that was no ordinary hotel That place used to be an old Kendo School! How awesome is that?? So if you are in Japan I would really recommend you to visit that beautiful place! I’ll put all the info about the tour in the description below Also don’t hesitate to Follow the 2min Japan Channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! As for me I leave you with this very famous scene from Jurassic Park! Oh shit!

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37 Replies to “Summer Holidays in Japan: Sadogashima”

  1. YES! I always enjoy your videos so much. And I'm very happy you show so many different places and stuff to do, because I get more ideas where to go and what to do when I'll be back in Japan. Sadogashima is now definitely on my bucket list.
    AAAAAAA!!! So many places to visit!!! I seriously need to work on my travelling budget m(_ _ ;)m

  2. Could you put links for the channels FBtwitterwhatever in the description? It would be great for lazy people like me

  3. I think I want to go there! Do you think its affordable if I go by foot (I have to cross the pacific ocean) 😛

  4. Waw, ça à l'air trop génial!! °O° >w<
    Ça donne vraiment envie d'y aller, le seul truc un peu chaud, ça doit être le prix du Shinkansen non? ^^"

  5. Great video as always ! It looks like a really nice place.
    A little question about your food part. What are the two yellow slices in the tiny plate ? I think I ate that 5 years ago in a restaurant, and no one was able to tell me what is was (the problem when no one can understand the waiter >_>). If anyone has an answer, I'd be so grateful 😀

  6. Your bikini ready body is very impressive! But really, that island seems really nice! Even to someone like me who hates the outdoors and summer lol

  7. Awesome video man! Love your posh British accent as well, almost as much as I love you in a bikini. Need more of that my life.

  8. Waaah ca donne trop envie d'y aller et serieusement Charly tu nous fait mourir de rire a chaque fois ! Fran et Laura (Ouiiii les deux enseeeemble!)

  9. ça donne envie cette visite! En plus c'est carrément abordable si le logement est compris dans le prix de la visite !

  10. Superb editing and great humour! You should do a video about how you got that amazing bikini body 😉 Also, I want one of those boats!

  11. You come to Niigata and don't visit me 😋 but it's ok I will be forgive you if you give me the picture in bikini 🙊😆😆😆 I want go to Sado Island too!!

  12. love the DKC music in your vids! thanks for triggering those nostalgic memories that will never ever ever happen again 🙂

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