Summer Beach Party Vacation | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “Catching Some Rays”

Summer Beach Party Vacation | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “Catching Some Rays”

(laser sounds) Feel that sunshine! Ah, I just wanna soak
up these sweet rays! Guys, what are you doing? Get in here. Chillax, boss lady! I’m officially on vacation. What is wrong with them? I remember Grandfather’s story now. If we go into sunlight,
we will be like them. (cheering and laughing) Monster sunshine make
everyone stop working. No one hunts, our people starve. What did your grandfather do to stop it? I not know why. But lens Gima found in
cave very important. We need to get back to the lab. (cheering) These will protect us from the sun. Ready? Come. Tyler! Yay! Woo! Alright! Red ranger brings the danger. This is so awesome. [Curio] (laughing) It
looks like they’ve forgotten they’re rangers! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? We push them off their bikes? No! This is the perfect time
to steal their energems! Come on! Woohoo! (laughing) Hey guys, we’re on vacation, too! Hey! Let’s vacation together, come on! (cheering and laughing) [Poisandra] This’ll be a piece of cake! ♫ The city of love ♫ In the sky for two ♫ Our hearts will beat as one ♫ Just me and you ♫ I’ll take that. Hey, I don’t wanna dance! ♫ Find you, and find you, and find you ♫ Do you think we could take a break soon? The day is still young,
let’s go again, guys! [Poisandra] Wait up! I don’t think I can survive much more. Once we get an energem,
I’ll need a vacation from this vacation. [Tyler] You can do it, Shelby. Yeah, goal! Those vacationing rangers have no idea we’re about to take their, hey! [Curio] We’ll hold your
energems while you play! What are you two doing here? Fury! We were uh, wearing them out so you could get their energems. [Curio] Yeah. That wasn’t part of Heckyl’s plan. (laughing) Is this what you
want, foul lumbering beast? Is this it, an energem? Those energems will be mine! Too slow, thou jousting skills are quite unimpressive. Hello, down low. [Chase] Did you see that? [Tyler] Down he goes! Get outta here! I’ll get him, Fury! (laser sounds) (laughing) Cool. You won’t think it’s so
cool when I destroy you!

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  4. This is the worst Power Rangers Series because the Red Ranger keep on getting the evil from the villains uhhh

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  6. I didn’t understand Ivan but it was funny Riley:*Walks happily While Fight happens *Gets shot at * Cool

  7. Not even when Disney own the power Rangers franchise they never put this Disney channel bullcrap scences in power Rangers

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