Strangest Amusement Park Attractions

Strangest Amusement Park Attractions

Is that a farting dog, or an amusement
park ride? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Where do you go when you want – some amusement?
– The discount meat table at Food Lion. – Nope. I was thinking amusement parks.
– Amusement parks, yes! And in an effort to make amusement
parks very amusing, some people have taken things in a very weird direction.
And today we’re gonna be talking about some of the weirdest amusement
park attractions! We are also going to submit ourselves
to a physical challenge at the end of this – episode, so stick around for that.
– Okay, this first one is at BonBon-Land – in Denmark. It is called…
– Sounds tasty. I’m going to pronounce this wrong. Yes.
It is called “Hundeprutterutchebane,” translated as “Dog Fart Ride.” Little
background: basically, BonBon-Land was created in 1992 by a candy maker who’s
known for making weird candy that sounds like gross stuff, like sewer sludge, and
bird crap… – Oh, that’s cool.
– …literally, there’s a bird crap one — and, of course, there’s dog fart one,
and, of course, the dog fart candy is the most popular candy. So when they opened
up BonBon-Land, the first rollercoaster – was the dog-fart coaster!
– Question: how to you eat a fart? – I mean, shouldn’t it be dog poop candy?
– I don’t know. I haven’t “eevered.” I’ve… – …never eaten a real one or a fake one.
– “Never eevered.” – “I’ve never eevered one.”
– (laughing) – So what happens here?
– Well, let’s watch the video, Link, and I’ll show you what happens.
This is on a YouTube channel called… – …Theme Park Review.
– (man in video) Dog Fart Coaster. As you can see, it’s not very exciting.
It looks like it’s pretty slow-paced. – Hold on. I’m excited.
– It’s mostly for kids. And, of course, the main attraction is
this dog here, that’s got a lot of turds right there are the base of him. And he’s
lifting his leg, which — I’m not a veterinarian, but I’ve never seen a dog
poop like that. – What’s the speaker?
– The speaker is — hold on. – This is where the dog farts happen.
– (kids yelling) It’s kinda hard to hear. I betcha you
can hear ’em crystal clear when you’re on the coaster. That’s it.
That’s the Dog Fart Coaster. So you encircle a dog that’s pooping,
which, I’ve started doing that at home now. – Yep. Triangulate the dog. Reach in.
– Make sure Jade’s doing the right thing, – so she can come back in the house.
– I just wanna point out one thing though… – I didn’t buy a ticket.
– Psh, good! I think this is a great idea, but I think they missed one major
opportunity. Why not have the speaker – on the dog’s butt hole?
– (exhales) That is a good question, man. I mean, I hate to get graphic here, guys.
But why do we gotta have a dog fart inside the tunnel? You should be on
the tunnel of the actual dog. Well, let’s just go all the way. Let’s
make the rollercoaster “you be the the dog fart.” Like you go in through the
dog’s mouth, (nonsense) and then you… – …come out through the…
– (farting noise with tongue) – …rectum of the…
– Ah. Through… Mm. Can we just… – Let’s use butt hole.
– Okay, okay. – I don’t like to use… (laughing)
– Let’s use neither and move on. You guys know what a trebuchet is.
It’s basically… – Oh, yes. I do.
– …a wicked mix of a catapult – and a slingshot. Back in the
– So wicked. Middle Ages, they used them to launch
350-pound projectiles at enemies, but then in modern times, British water
parks use them to hurl humans – into a net. Yes, this actually happened
– You wouldn’t say? at the Middlemoor water park in the UK,
Aptly named the “Human Trebuchet.” Now, I’m gonna show you guys a clip
from Mythbusters, because they talked about this thing. You pay 60 dollars to
experience this. Look at that. Can you believe this?
That violent hurling of a human being. This is a water park? I’m taking issue
with that. This like a farm. – Lotta grass. Yeah.
– I don’t see any slides. I don’t see a lazy river, but I see that
dude flying through the air! – And check out this girl. Here she goes.
– Whoa! Yep. – Boink, and now she’s off.
– Oh. That’s a problem. – She broke her pelvis. Yeah.
– Ooh. Did she get her 60 bucks back? I don’t think so. Well, you know what?
I hope so. In 2002, a dude missed the – net entirely and died.
– Oh, you’re telling me that somebody – died on this? No!
– Can you believe it? (feigned surprise) Somebody got
killed on this thing?! – So they shut it down.
– You gotta be kidding me! – You can’t do it.
– Dang it! So you cannot experience being a
medieval projectile anymore. I’m interested in British water parks.
I gotta say right now. – Little different.
– If that’s the kind of thin that happens. Okay. You wanna plan a nice family
vacation this summer? – Yes!
– What could be more amusing than a – Soviet bunker! The Underground Museum
– Well… of Socialism in Lithuania.
Stop right there. I’m interested. – (laughing)
– Offers an amusement experience called “1984: Survival Drama.” Basically, it’s a
first-hand experience of being a prisoner under the KGB. Um, let’s just watch
the video. This is just a very quick summary of what you might
experience there. As you can see, you get started here.
And they run you by this German Shepherd, which, that’s confusing. German Shepherd,
Soviet museum. But I’m not gonna take issue with that. This guy yells at you.
This guy yells at you. Then you put on some Soviet prisoner
clothes… – Oh!
– And then this guy whips you. – On the shoulder.
– You’re kidding me? He’s really enjoying it. And then you
get a shot of vodka and a certificate. – (laughing) I mean, who’s not into that?
– That’s good. There are some other things that
happen, like apparently you go through a maze and they make you watch TV
shows from 1984. I’m hoping that Punky Brewster is one of those, but I
have not confirmed that. I love me some Punky Brewster.
So-lee-el Moon Frye. I wanna teach my kids things.
(laughing) How did you pronounce her name? – S… Isn’t that how she says her name?
– You said Solio? – I think it’s “So-lay” Moon Frye.
– Nope, when I was a kid… – So-lay. “Solio Moon Frye!”
– It was spelled “Soliel.” – (laughing)
– Nope. I read the credits every time. – It’s got an “L” on the end.
– It does, but I think it’s “So-lay.” And that’s what I called it then;
that’s what I call it now. – I don’t think Soliel Moon Frye…
– So-leel Moon Frye. …is a part of this. But I don’t think
that she has to be a part of it. Because I’m into it just in the form that
it is. And I’m taking my family next summer. Lemme throw you on another one right
quick. If you’ve ever worked – construction — I know you have —
– I have. you know it can get boring. There were
some guys in Jersey working construction. They were like, “Hey, we’ve got this
construction equipment… – “Hey!”
– …why don’t we put some people on it… – …and turn it into an amusement Park!”
– “Let’s do it! Let’s do it!” I don’t know if that’s a little too
gangster for you, but they opened a construction-themed park called
Diggerland in Jersey. – “Diggaland.”
– The Spindizzy ride twirls you in a – bucket of a JCB JS220 excavator!
– That’s my favorite kind of excavator. – There is it, right there.
– Oh. Now, you see that they’ve retrofitted
the bucket to hold… Well, it holds eight people, but only three are
willing to get on. Oh, a family! That family’s got a lot
of stripes on. And that’s the reverse view there.
I mean, you can see… “If you’re gonna go to Diggerland,
wear stripes!” Oh my goodness. Now… – I have experienced this as a kid.
– No you haven’t experienced this. – You’ve never been to New Jersey.
– My ex-stepfather was a plumber, and he had a backhoe that he dug
ditches with, and one time I rode – in the bucket. And it was amazing.
– Did he say, “Get in the back, hoe?” – No. No, he didn’t.
– Did he say that before you got in? – He was a nice stepfather.
– (laughing) I’m sorry. And he didn’t have that type of
sense of humor. – Okay.
– The great thing about that park is that whenever it fails — and it will,
I’m sorry — they have all the eqipment – ready right there to build the next park.
– Oh, yeah. “Next idea. Here we go! We got a backhoe!”
Okay, as much as I regret it, we can’t actually go to Diggerland to test the
limits of our physical abilities, but we can head out to our own parking lot.
It’s time for another Airheads Bites – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Challenge!
– (whooshing) As you know, each week, we are
competing against each other in a ridiculous challenge to see who can
last the longest. At the end of four weeks and four
challenges, one of us will be declared – the winner, and win an amazing prize!
– What prize, you ask? To sit on a beanbag, with a bunny, while wearing
a blue tuxedo, eating bacon, as his buddy tells him a bedtime story about how
awesome he is in a British accent. I’m looking forward to that. Today’s
challenge is called… (Rhett and Link) Men Overboard! Okay, we got these balanced boards. We’re
gonna hop on these things and see who can last the longest. Best two out of
three wins. Round one, there are no interferences.
It’s just a game of balance. And round two and three, if needed, there will be
some water distractions. – Let’s do it. Yep.
– You ready? – Hop on in three, two, one…
– ♪ (rock music) ♪ (assorted grunts and “whoa!”) For some reason, jazz hands seem to
help me — ooohhhhh! – Does that help, ’cause…
-(Rhett) Yeah. Oh, whoa. Ha. I can go double. [Take your time.] Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! (laughing) Yeah! Round one to me! Okay, now we’re gonna introduce some
water hazards. Step on in three, two, one. ♪ (rock music) ♪ – Rolly rolly!
– Ugh! (slow motion water splashing)
(deep “oh!”) (deep grunting) – Oh, you got off!
– You made it longer! – You came off, man!
– Yeah. Whoa! Going into round
three, three three! – Okay, Rhett, it all comes down to this.
– Round three! Hop on with more water hazards in
three, two, one… ♪ (rock music) ♪ – (water spraying) Ah!
– Steady stream. (slow motion water splashing)
(deep “grunting) – Oh, oh, oh! Gah…
– (laughing) ♪ (Shower the people…) ♪ (deep grunting and crashing) – (board clattering)
– ♪ (…you love with love) ♪ Well, Airheads Bites may have
long-lasting flavor, but you do not – have long-lasting board-standing ability.
– I can stand on this board. – I win this challenge!
– (whooshes) – All right, two down, two to go!
– Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing. And thanks to
Airheads Bites for sponsoring – this episode.
– You know what time it is. – (rollercoaster clanking)
– I’m [Aster] from Federal Way, Washington. And I’m at Wild Waves Theme Park.
And it’s time to spin – The Wheel of Mythicality!
– (people screaming) Airheads Bites have the same tangy,
bold fruit flavors and chew of Airheads, but are now in easy-to-eat, bite-size
pieces. To find Airheads Bites in a store near you, click on the link in the
description. And click through to Good Mythical More,
where members of the crew risk their lives while trying out the
balance board! Woo! Looking forward to that. (Rhett) “Rhett doesn’t know how to
properly use the word ‘touché.'” Hey man, you were a great
competitor today, okay? – Touché.
Well… – That’s kinda cocky, I mean…
– Touché. – And that didn’t even make sense.
– (whispering) Tushee. – And now that’s a different word.
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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