Spring Break with Twins Brooklyn and Bailey

Spring Break with Twins Brooklyn and Bailey

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, guys. It’s Brooklyn and Bailey,
and today our video is going to be about
the cruise that we just finished going on
for spring break. -It was our very, very
first cruise ever. And we were so excited. -And it was a ton of fun of fun. -Like, the best seven
days of my life. It was awesome. Seriously. -Yeah, so the shops we went to,
like the places we stopped at– -In order (BOTH) was
Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, and Costa de Maya. -And they were all
really awesome. -They were like exotic. They were like green everywhere,
and the water is beautiful. And because we
live in Texas, it’s not necessarily really green. But if was amazing, all of them. -Yeah. And then what we did in– let
me think– (BOTH) Cozumel. -That’s right. -Cozumel. We went to this big ocean. So it was like
this ocean resort– -Thing, I don’t even know. —thing. So we went to this beach. And we, like, it
had inflatables. And they had them
out on the water. -Mm-hm. -And like trampolines
and slides. -And rock walls. -And rock walls. And you would like
swim out to them– -There were a ton of them. -And then climb on all of them. -It was really cool. -Yeah, so that was
what we did in Cozumel. -Uh-huh. -Then in Belize, we
went cave tubing. -This is cool, guys. -Mm-hm. -This was cool. Like, cave tubing, I’m like
what the heck is cave tubing, you know? So you get– -Like– —in this group, you go up
like this little mountain. And you’re climbing
in the jungle trail. Yay, jungle trail! And you like, we had
this guy with us. His name was– -Our guide. -What was his name again? -I can’t remember. -Anyways, it was a
guide, and he was Mayan. And so he was showing us all
of the old Mayan traditions to do in the jungle and stuff. -Yeah, and– -I mean, the
coolest thing he did was he’s showed us how
you can take these soldier ants, which are like this big. -They’re huge. -And he took one. He stomped on the whole
nest, and he took one. -They’re [INAUDIBLE]. -And he goes, this is how Mayans
stitch up their, like, wounds. -Like this. -Then he stuck it, and
he let it bite him, and then he pulled off the body. -And then he took it off
his body, and it just– -And then he pulled
on it, and the head was like stuck to his arm. -Like it had pinched his arm. And then the rest
of it was gone. So it was just staying
there, like pinching his arm, and that held the
wound together. And then also, another
thing we did was– -We got to eat termites. -Yeah, he– -Well, I ate a termite. -I ate a termite too. -Did you really? -Yeah, I did. I ate the termite. -Cool. I didn’t think she did. We ate termites, and they
tasted like (BOTH) mints. -It was the weirdest thing. -It was– -They’re like these
itty bitty bugs. I mean, it was like
chewing on a crunchy mint. It was actually kind of fun. -I mean, it was alive. It was alive. -It was alive. -He put his hand in the tree. -I took it from the nest
and put it in my mouth. -And then he just picked
one off, and [MOUTH SMACKS], and then, [INAUDIBLE]. It was pretty good. -Anyways, after all the
adventures in the jungle, you get to this cave
with water in it. And there’s a river
going through the cave all the way down. So you get in your
little inflatable tubes. And you get tied together and
stuff, so you don’t get lost. -Yeah. -And then you just start
going through this cave. And they show you all the
stalagmites, and (BOTH) stalactites, and all the
pretty crystals, and the bats. -And then my dad’s
tube, funny enough– -He pops. -He popped it in the
middle of the ride. [LAUGHS] So he was like– -He was like walking. -Walking on water
the whole time. He had no tube. It was so funny. -It was really funny. -Best. And then we went and had some
yummy Mexican food and stuff. It was really good. -It was really yummy. And that was Belize, so– -Belize. -The next step
would be Honduras. -You better Belize it. [LAUGHS] -And then the next stop
was Roatan, Honduras. And then we went
zip lining there. -Roatan, let me just clarify. -Oh, yes. -Beautiful. -Gorgeous. Two words, gorgeous. -That’s one word, ding dong. -I know. OK. -It’s beautiful there. Like, I’m serious. The water’s so clear, and
it’s like green and hilly, and like– -Ah! -Oh, it’s just green. All you could see from the
cafe windows was green. -Green and– -And I was just
like (BOTH) [SIGHS]. -Oh, and then so
we went zip lining. And then you would go on
these like 16 or 17 (BOTH) like zip lines all
through the jungle. And then– -I went upside down. -Yeah, so did I.
And then at the end, you went back to
the little like, I don’t know– zip line tree. -Zip line place house thing. -And we got to hold a monkey. -His name was Bingo. -And he was like
crawling all over. -He was so cute! Like, you never get to hold a
monkey, and he was just like– -He was eating Cheetos. -He was eating his Cheetos. -And trying to snatch
people’s stuff. -Yeah, yeah. -He would try to like take
your sunglasses off your head or something. -Monkeys are grabby. -Yeah. -They’re like, they
like to take stuff. -Possessive. -Shiny stuff. -Seriously. -Yeah. -Well, he was so cute. -Yeah, so we got to hold that
monkey, which was adorable. And then after that, we
went to the Beach Taviana. And it was the most perfect
beach I’ve ever been on. -It was the perfect beach. Like, you could walk out like
so far out to ocean and still, like, touch the ground. And the water was perfect. It was like– -The sand. -(MISPRONOUNCING)
–translucent, translucent, (BOTH) translucent. -Translucent, right? -What does that mean? -That’s like see through. -Oh, water. -It’s like see
through water, so you can see all the
way to the bottom. -Translucent water. -It was like crystal blue. -And then the sand was
like walking on cotton. It was really awesome. -Yeah, the sand– they had
like combed all the rocks and all that other stuff out. -So we were just like walking
on cotton all the way out. -So all it was like soft sand
all the way out to the ocean. And it was the perfect weather. -It was perfect. -It was perfect. Got a nice tan. -Honduras, guys. Honduras. -[INAUDIBLE] Honduras. -It was perfect. My favorite stop. -Yes. -And then last but not
least was Costa Maya. And Costa Maya was– we
went dolphins swimming. So we got to go
swimming with dolphins. -This was cool, guys. -This was really cool. We got to kiss a dolphin. -Yeah. -Like hold him. And they took us in this
tank with like four dolphins, -Swim with them. Swim with them. -And we got to
hold onto the fins, and the dolphins would
swim around with us. And then we got to kiss them. We got to make them
do a little dancing. -They’re like so spunky. They’re super
spirited and stuff. -They’re so cute. -They’re so cute. -They so cute. -Oh my god, they’re adorable. -Oh my gosh, they’re so cute. -Monkeys and dolphins,
monkeys and dolphins. -Monkeys and dolphins
are really cute. But yeah, so that’s what
we did on all of our stops. And then we– well,
on the ship, we’ll tell you a little
bit of the ship. We had this thing
called (BOTH) teen club. -And we kind of just hung out. -You know, teen club sounds
like, oh, teen club, you know? But this was like teen club. -Good teen club. It was so good, because
there were so many nice kids on the boat. -We met so many great people. And we just wandered
around the boat. And they had non-stop
food, so you could just eat whatever you wanted. -Ice cream. -Non-stop ice cream. -Ice cream was free. -Yeah. -I swear I had ice
cream every 30 minutes. -Like, F-R-E-E free. You get it whenever you want. It’s– -And it was good ice cream. -It was good ice cream. -It was good ice cream. And you had a choice of
rainbow sprinkles or chocolate, so, you know. What’s better than that? -It doesn’t get
better than than. -It was awesome. They also had like
a reoccurring– or not like a reoccurring– but
they had a show every night. -Every night they had a show. And one of them
was a magician guy. And he was hilarious. -The comedian was the best. -The comedian was the best. Or no, there was like a circus. The little kids actually put
on a circus at one point. -Uh-huh. -And they had all
of the little– -It was so cute. -Because we had our teen club. And they had their
little kid club. -They were in a little kid club. -That you would go hang out
the kids that are your age. -And so Sweetpea, our little
sister, was dressed as a tiger, because they had like
a theme for the circus. -Yeah. -(BOTH)And she was
the tiger, and– -Yeah. -Along with all the other
little ones, and it was so cute. -And then the all got
to do tricks and stuff, like a couple at a time. -Spinning plates and stuff. -Yeah, or holding feathers or– -All circusy things. -Yeah, it was super cute. -So I bet you’re wondering if
we got recognized on the ship, because I know we must have
said something about it, and lots of you guys said
you were either on the ship or knew someone on
the ship that knew us. So yes, we did get recognized
several times, at least 10, I would say. -15 maybe? 15? It was so cool. -It was a lot of fun. We got lots of
pictures with people. It was so cool. -Yes. We were on beach and
people recognized us, and we were even– -From like other cruise ships,
they saw us and recognized us. -And we were even–
where were we? Costa Maya? -No, Belize. -No, we were in Belize. And I got my hair
corn rowed, in braid. -Like braided. -And the braiders recognized– -The braiders recognized us. —us and my mom. -The Belizian people that
were braiding my hair knew who we were. They said they took classes
and figured out how to braid. And so they were getting
all this advice from my mom, like how to do new
braids and stuff. -It was so cool. -It was so cool. -It was so cool. -It was really, really cool. -Yeah. -It was such a
fun trip, and so– -I wish it was still– -I know. I wish we were still on it. -Now we have to
go back to school. -Next spring break,
mom and dad, let’s go. -Yes. Thank you guys so
much for watching. Also, we hope you enjoyed
our recap of our cruise. I hope you guys felt
like you were with us, because I feel like we’re
all family or friends. And we should all be
on a cruise together. -That would be awesome. -That would be so
cool, oh my gosh. -OK, so. -Don’t forget to follow us on
Instagram @BrooklynAndBailey. Also, leave a comment below on
which adventure you would go on or which one you
thought worked the best. -Yeah, which one you
thought was the coolest or was your favorite. -Yeah and I guess we’ll
see you guys later. Bye, guys. -Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] -And if you don’t want to
fill it as high we did, you can always stuff the
cone with tissue paper. Or you could pour in a
little bit less M&M’s. It’s totally up to you.

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