tell me why you play doesn’t make you
feel like nothing else is free I like the way you play boy show me why you
play what is love to me love means to me what does love mean to me what does love
mean to me up to me is putting that person first love means having someone
to share your happiness with your sorrow with good times bad times having a
caring compassionate and respectful relationship with another human being
you know I think what love means me and I’ve seen it very much so in damaged
areas relationship is at the end of a long day you come home and you get to
sit on a couch get that person who is your soul mate and I think that love is
all about its balance if its tenderness it’s respect putting up with your spouse
even when he refuses to put the dishes into the dishwasher and making sure you
pay the bills on time if you don’t do that they get met and that’s all you
care about in the world just you and her just being together with that person I
don’t think there’s anything more important in life
than to have true friends caring and compassionate I’ll say it an expression
I’m it’s enjoying one another through thick and thin and still going to bed
every night and saying I love you that’s love ya love means finding your best
friend someone that you can be with forever someone that understands how
you’re feeling someone that takes care of you and sitting on a couch eating mac
and cheese with the dog that smells like fish sitting on top of us that’s what it
means to me someone that always wants to be around you mean spending your life
with someone and that’s what I have never seen you pray for everything you
play everything you pray everything new please
we looked at a lot of dresses a lot of dresses but when I finally put on a
bigger dress I was like what I want congratulations I love you breathe have
none enjoy yourself she keeps me she keeps me not mine
hey right and also father of is my new son I
have blessed with two children this is really tough for me because in my head
girls losing them but I’m losing them too she keeps right man and
congratulations did I love you I’m so excited to get married I can’t wait to
see you it’s gonna be awesome just like you said I would be sorry I love you
with all my heart and I’m just like so excited to be with you forever alright
already you ready buddy there’s no better day then when you marry your best
friend I used to believe that Anne was the lucky one that had my sister but
I’ve learned over the time that they are lucky to have each other what they what
they have had is so his precious and special why did I think Dan and sherry
would be a good fit well Dan is really you
and sherry has a lot of her own quirks and I thought that that they just would
mesh really well together yes technically all my fault and your will
they separately told us hey come out with me well I got hey come out with
people have fun don’t talk to the guys it’s fine whatever dan God hey this girl
looked at all your facebook pictures she thinks you’re really hot yet his girls
dude having a really bad day my need of Honor convinced me to go out with her
and I said you have to come out you have to come out you have to come to this
wine tasting thing with me and I can’t be with Dan Derek and my husband Ryan
and we went to wine tasting at a vineyard in jersey and she said don’t
worry you don’t have to talk to anybody just hang out with me no big deal so we
all just end up having some drinks at heritage winery head over to landmark in
glassboro and then we went to a bar and I ended up sitting next to Dan we ended
up talking he was really funny and really sweet and I really enjoyed
talking him which I still do we don’t actually really talk good for the first
oh oh yeah until after the Buffalo and I don’t know how she fell in love with din
but he got the hottest wings possible at landmark and I guess Dan felt the need
to either impress sherry or maybe he really liked the hot wings and the
waitress even said to him you know they’re like really hot he’s like got
this I decided that it would be really smart to get the hottest wings on the
menu and he ate them all and was sweating profusely pouring sweat all the
way down like taking her napkin and wiping himself down she still liked me
after so I knew okay this this girl might be a
keeper ah but I think that somehow they ended up the parking lot for their first
kiss well I didn’t see a whole lot other than from my car ah I guess you guys
didn’t know that but maybe you did I don’t know did I kissed her and she
ended up like walking away and tripping over a curb and falling to me right now
I didn’t let me fall on my butt on the ground he did reach down and pick me up
though so it was pretty classic yeah she’s awesome she looks awesome baby
you’re beautiful you are beautiful I think we’re getting married think so are
we yes I’m gonna make it as long as I walk down the aisle were sitting here a
very three mary we getting married on so Dan asked me to marry him in front of
Independence Hall I had the ring in my like wallet wrapped up in tissue like
toilet paper because I didn’t want to I wanted to be able to feel it in there so
I knew didn’t fall out we walk him like five miles at a time through the city
the dog looks like he’s going to fall over his tongues hanging out of his
mouth not we’re not sure how he’s gonna make it I’m like dan is a dog okay dan
is a dog okay and he’s like dogs fine dr. fine looked like he was probably
gonna die so I was like yeah this is a good place is anything let’s do it and
he kneels down he says I’m gonna check on the dog I was like sure he wants us
to be the fairest forever the dog just told me that he wants us to be his
parents forever will you marry me I said are you kidding
like no no we married me and she’s like what and he said no no not kidding this
is happening Emily no seriously I have a ring I have a ring look look at this
right like what we have to do I got the ring so let’s do this and I said yes of
course um we kiss we did get a few claps set then you’re like let’s get out of
here before everybody else sees us yeah basically hightailed it out of India loving you is 70 and baby my hide it
still falling 22i sugar closes right that’s why they have bands for you to
stay with them today always love support them and encourage them and as you do
today always be there for them right beside you are my best friends sherry
Bradley your turn yeah you tell me that you love me I love you today I give
myself to you a marriage today I give myself to you in marriage I promise to
encourage you and inspire you dan you are my best friend to laugh with you
income I promise to encourage you and inspire
you to love even the good times and the bed to laugh with you and comfort you I
promise to cherish you to always hold you in the highest regard you promise to
cherish you it’s always hold you in the highest regard these things I can do
today these things I give you today at all the days of our lives all the days
of our lives therefore on your behalf as their family their friends their loved
one husband wife you may kiss your bride I I met the rain lay down I thank you alright and we love you okay the best is
you have to be love you I hope they have the best marriage possible I hope it’s
his greatest minds in with my wife just stick together talk to each other in the
open position and I think she is the perfect partner for my wonderful son
Laura and I always knew this would happen from the very first time that you
met each other heritage ok I might be a little bit of a lie but shortly after
that we knew that you two were perfect for each other thanks for introducing me
to my husband I felt it was only fair that I had to introduce you to your wife
congratulations we love you both and we wish you all the health and wealth and
happiness in the world Oh a wise wise woman once said got a wise man once said
that a wise man once everybody sure and I’m nervous jzjz and it came to think of it like this
past year when Dan sherry were planning this wedding dan didn’t really spend as
much time going out and doing silly stuff with us it was more that Dan was
planning to start this life together with him and charity so he was happy to
come home from work after a long day walk the dog fixed sherry dinner and
spend the evening together with sherry and that’s when I knew that Dan had
found that woman that he was going to spend the rest of his life with in the
five years that I’ve known him he has proven what a stand-up kind of man that
he is and I knew that this would be the person I would want my best friend to
spend her life with I wish you all the best of life and happiness and many
babies and made to like just have a great life together no matter what life
throws your way trust in your love and there’ll be no obstacle that you can’t
overcome they really like each other when they first started dating and they
would spend the entire weekends together at either Dan’s house with his mom or at
Sherry’s house with her parents in New Jersey but that was when you know they
were just starting today and they got you know closer and closer and sherry
would spend you know first one night and then maybe two nights and then it became
an weekend with an ad on a Friday so she was a very frequent visitor at our home
and you know in the past I’ve wondered like when is this going to happen for me
and honestly with Dan I didn’t I didn’t ever wonder cuz I I just
figured it what happened ya feel Oh the song

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