#SeeHer Shethority Panel – Part 2 | The CW

#SeeHer Shethority Panel – Part 2 | The CW

– One of the things that’s
so great about Shethority is that there’s so much opportunity for different kinds of voices and different kinds of
issues to be discussed. I’d love to just go down the line and hear from each of
you, what’s the one issue you wanna advocate for, and how are you using
Shethority to promote it? Wanna start? – Sure, of course, my biggest issue is trans activism and
promoting trans-rights, trans-inclusivity, and
normalizing trans folks on screen and in everyday life. And I’m so proud to be able to be a part of this panel as a trans-woman, because it really pushes the reality that trans-women are women, and that we deserve spaces
alongside other feminists within feminist conversations, and that we have just as much a voice in the women’s movement as anyone else, which has historically been challenged. (applause and cheering) – Nicole is 21 years old. I just– – I can’t get over how poised she is. – Twenty-one? – I know. – I was, ugh, I didn’t know my head. – The secret is to be
terrified all the time, so that when something scary happens, it looks like you have
not changed your demeanor. Because you’re just as
much in a state of panic as you were before. (panel laughs) – Is that an acting tip too? – That is also an acting tip. That’s a life tip. Stay terrified. (panel laughs) – Melissa, what about you? – Oh gosh, it’s hard to choose. – You can have two. – Something that’s very important to me based on my experience
in the Arrowverse… Parity and equal pay and getting women on an equal playing field. (applause) – Yes, very important. – Yeah, I co-sign that one. – We all co-sign that one. – That’s a hard one. – But for me specifically,
clearly being a black woman, in my experience being on these shows, it’s been really important for
me to fight for being seen. I try to not just be a
checked box on this network. I don’t want it to be like
“Oh look, we got a black woman to play the love interest
for Barry Allen.” I want her to be so much more than that because there’s so many young
black women watching this show that want to feel empowered and seen, and they want storyline. And also, just this idea that
black women are desirable, that we are also beautiful. I think a lot of times,
and I’ve said this before, we often get cast as the sidekick, the friend to the leading female. And so when you cast a black
woman as the lead or as the love interest to the main guy, for the first time people are seeing blackness in a beautiful way. That is not often promoted and I think that’s a really
important and special thing and so that’s something I try to always advocate
for on my platform. (applause) – One of the big ones for
me is body positivity. I grew up very much not liking
the way that my body was and I look back now and it’s
like “What were you thinking?” And it’s like I’m not skinny
enough or I’m too muscular, I’m not feminine, neh neh, whatever it was and how much of my life
and my mental space was consumed by that feeling
of not loving who I was and not liking myself and pulling myself back
from opportunities, all these things and just so much time and so much energy spent
on not accepting your body and when I got to be over that how much freedom that was for me and so I’d love to find
a way for young girls, to be able to give them that sooner. Like, stop wasting time
not loving who you are. There’s just no point. You get nothing from it. So I’d love to figure
out how to change that. (applause) – I’m an immigrant. I wasn’t born in this country and I first hand experienced what it was and what my
parents went through to bring us here and to give
me a life in this country. So, I know that we are
in this moment right now in our country where it feels like there’s an assault against immigrants and I take that very personally obviously especially, not so much for myself because I am the product of my parents and my parents worked so hard to come here and then have been such amazing
citizens of this country. Even before they were citizens,
they were and still are, servants of this country and so it’s been really disheartening in the last couple of years
to experience the rhetoric that is anti-immigrant,
like what Maisie was saying, for the person who maybe doesn’t
encounter a Muslim American or doesn’t encounter someone who’s experiencing Black America,
how do we reach them. And, so yeah, it’s
something I’m sort of still trying to figure out but I know
it’s really important to me. (applause) – I mean, I would say, as well
as being a woman of color, just being a queer woman of color and how, you know when I
came out in the industry, I was terrified. I’ve been out in my life since I was about 14 and I was terrified that it would limit my opportunities, that it would mean that I could never be the young female lead, they’d make me less attractive, you know to the general public, and therefore I’d be less bankable and therefore I wouldn’t get cast, and all these issues and
it’s just so sad that such a personal aspect of who you are, one aspect of who you are, can then sort of define your career, define your personal life,
define every aspect of you. So, I think for me, just making people realize that
your differences are what make you so special and so
beautiful and they empower you and they don’t make you experience shame or limit you in any
way and also education. I’ve had a wonderful opportunity
to have a great education through bursaries and
through my parent’s guidance and it has changed the
way I view the world, it has changed the way I
interact with the world, because I studied
anthropology and archeology and just that understanding of communities and societies and our diversity. I just really wanna inspire young women, young people, to really reach out and to study other cultures and to experience other
cultures in different ways and just diversify your minds. (applause) – I think the thing that I
really want to see more of is the characters that we play as women, I want our characters and our
stories to be more complex. To be as unapologetically
messy as a man is. The ability to not be pretty and to still be a leading woman. The ability to be angry and
not be told you’re a bitch. The ability to be just
sad or scared or loud and not be considered obnoxious. I think that these are
things that as women, there’s this double standard
and we’re not always allowed to be whole on screen and in life. So, I want imperfectly perfect characters where we’re not held
back by being beautiful or polite or cute or any of those things, not that there’s anything
wrong with being those things if you are those things,
but if you’re not. But I mean, really,
just to be who you are. I hate this thing of like
a girl should be this or a girl should be that. Be authentic to yourself. I want to see real authenticity. I want to see real women on the screen. (applause) – Tough to be last after
all these incredible women. I think for me, mine’s just
a little bit timely right now because it’s reminding
people to get out and vote. Mid-term elections are
only a couple weeks aways. (applause) The statistics on young
people voting are staggering and devastating and so
hopefully all of those out there watching our shows who are of age to vote, please, please vote. (applause)

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54 Replies to “#SeeHer Shethority Panel – Part 2 | The CW”

  1. I would have thought that Melissa would mention mental health as one of her few things. But absolutely pay her for all the responsibilities that come with being lead actor on a show. I would hope that Melissa Benoist and Caity Lotz get paid as much as Stephen and Grant were during the same seasons of Arrow and Flash.

  2. Candice makes me cry every single time. She is just everything! Also, I loved what Nicole, Tala, and Maisie had to say. They were incredibly personal and vulnerable. So great!

  3. I’d agree with most of all the important subjects and things they are supporting and stuff, but one is simply not true! Equal pay does exist and the wage gap is a myth! Yeah overall if you look at statistics women earn less… but do you know why? The (in general) take more sick leave because and if they take maternity leave! And other reasons so that’s simply not true! If you don’t believe it just google about the wage gap and you sooner or later realize it! Loved everything else they had to say!

  4. "I want her to be so much more than that" — that's why I'm so pissed about Iris West. It's like they think they can just hire a woc and not make Iris a character in her own right. For 4 freaking seasons! It's such an insult to women and woc and representation.Legends does a comic book show, it doesn't mean that the women are these outdated "love interest" damsels in distress. This is 2018 ppl. WTF.

  5. I love Juliana's point of "there's nothing wrong about being those things if you are those things" but it is still important to expand what we view as a society as 'acceptable'. But I just wanted to say all their platforms are so, soooo important. I can't wait to see how they use their platforms to advocate for them.

  6. What about the fat girls??? I feel like they are really discriminated. We really do have a lot to work on, though I support what these women are doing.

  7. They’re so inspiring. I love them all so much. I’m crying from Caity Lotz speaking about what’s important to her, to Danielle’s. Just cause they’re inspiring! And what they do for young girls who watches these show. All these actresses deserve more recognition cause they play awesome heroes and sometimes they’re hated for not being with the right guy/girl in a silly “ship”.
    This SHETHORITY is what they deserve to be known for. Loved for and celebrated for. Of course as well as playing the amazing fictional characters that they do.

  8. Just throwing it out there, if we want black women better promoted, shouldn't the writers work harder on making Iris more awesome and less whiny? Candice deserves that!

  9. Danielle Panabaker dated James Woods. We don’t need her encouraging anyone to vote. That’s why this country is messed up now.

  10. Wow I don’t know it was that many women on the in the Dc universe on television let get some ladies from Black lightning too

  11. Can Candice/Iris have more important and relevant scenes in the Flash? Maybe then, she will be more liked by Arrowverse and DC fans.

  12. I love Caity, Maisie and Juliana. I wish we see more of Sara Lance, Dinah Drake and Vixen on screen and see them more as leading characters with important story lines. I hate the fact that Sara is supposed to be the lead of Legends but her character is not as explored as Oliver or Barry and then I hate the fact that character like Black Canary or Vixen are not made as important and elevated as Green Arrow and Flash

  13. Better representation. Women in the industry often talk about how great it is to work with women or on an all female crew (movie: band aid) Imagine if the crew & writers were all female for just 1 ep of these shows. I’m willing to bet there would be more depth, more realism, less objectification, less scopophelia.

  14. I don't always agree with these ladies. However I think they're lovely. I think the one point that really stuck out to me was the point of authenticity. Too often have I seen feminist movies or shows try to make women out to be perfect and men out to be these dumb dumbs. I think Arrow has honestly done the best job with authenticity. Men and Women on that show are equally shown in their faults and perfections. I hate to seem anti supergirl, legends or flash. But i've just seen the belittling of men a bit in each of these shows. I want to see each on equal footing where the authenticity of women is shown, like they do for men. Women and Men both have weaknesses. Let those shine.

    It was also wonderful to step outside of my comfort zone as I don't consider myself a feminist. But I loved hearing their point of views, I can tell what they say truly comes from their hearts. God speed ladies.

  15. Im a girl who hates my body hates the way i look Im also an immigrant and a queerwomen of color 😢😢 ALL OF THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW GIRLS INSPIRE Me 😍😍

  16. All so inspiring, and I love that they are speaking out for all these things, although I especially related to what Caity said

  17. I honestly love what Julianna said about making "imperfectly perfect characters." As an aspiring writer, this has become more important to me because it's more reflective of real life and real people. If I could, I'd travel the world and meet people of all genders and colors and talk and connect with them and then write about them. I want my characters, both men and women, to be badass and flawed all at once. I don't believe in just relegating women to be just "the chick" or "the love interest"- I'm a straight white dude, and I firmly believe in equal, authentic representation.

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