[S2 – Eps. 49] Parts breaking off my Royal Enfield Himalayan to see this: Cono de Arita, Argentina

[S2 – Eps. 49] Parts breaking off my Royal Enfield Himalayan to see this: Cono de Arita, Argentina

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Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

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100 Replies to “[S2 – Eps. 49] Parts breaking off my Royal Enfield Himalayan to see this: Cono de Arita, Argentina”

  1. I look at the majestic scenery in Noraly's videos and feel so small. I always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, but now I want to ride her path through that vast frontier. Beautiful!

  2. Bonjour vraiment magnifique tes video quel beau voyage. Une petite question .quel logiciel tu utilise pour le montage de tes video ? Bonne route

  3. Hello ! Lovely lady, I have been watching your videos and following you on Youtube, all the way from the beginning of your adventures in India. I myself am an adventure rider but I must say that you really are the true adventure rider, the real deal. I have watched hundreds of videos from around the world, of people riding around but your videos are the most genuine, with absolute precise editing. And I must congratulate you on proving to the world that the Royal Enfield Himalayan is actually not such a rubbish bike after all. Hope Royal Enfield acknowledges your great ride astride their flagship machine.

  4. Riding into that town at the end with no vehicles in sight, it seemed a bit creepy. Sure glad you found something that was open.

  5. Really enjoy following the videos but I'm not that keen on the scenery in this part of the world. I know people love it but to me the hills look like quarry heaps and the views uninspiring. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being there would be different altogether.

  6. Love your videos…your a beautiful courageous inspirational adventurous women, with a beautiful positive soul, keep it up !!!
    Great job on getting to you destination! !! Doggies !!!! You're one tough cookie !!!

  7. I dont watch the news anymore, I get home and straight to youtube for my Itchyboots fix of happiness and adventure. Your enthusiasm brightens up my life. Thank you.

  8. Funny thing about following a personal journey like this, I was at work the other day in Canada wondering what my adventures Noraly might be exploring. through

  9. "Mirador Salar Antofalla"
    Antofalla Salt Flat.
    "Cuide el medio ambiente"
    Protect the environment
    "Circule por la huella principal"
    Drive on the main path
    What a desolation. You are getting close to the Lithium salt mines. Argentina, Chile y Bolivia. Someone called it the Saudi Arabia.

  10. The "Salar de Uyuni" is so flat that it is used for satellite calibration.

  11. Hello Noraly, am from pakistan and seeing you vedios a d following u from start of india. And now am writing you first after seeing your riding on long no man zone. You are a very brave women .May God help you and be successful. Stay blessed

  12. Went and had a look at a Himalayan today at the local motorcycle shop. What a small bike to be riding around the world! I think Royal Enfield should be doing an "Itchy Boots" edition of the Himalayan!

  13. Hello, when you travel all over the world, you write a book of solo traveler guides, I hope you are still very young and courageous, I hope that you will inspire people who do not dare to go on the road just trying to complete their life.

  14. south america it s a very beautifull continent.amazing views.many thanks for discovering it.greetings from Romania!

  15. I think you have a biking Angel on your shoulder….that is very a very tough environment you are traversing….look after yourself and stay smiling

  16. I am really in awe at your travelling experiences. I have only just discovered your channel( I am running out of hours in the day trying to catch up with your last trip and now this trip(i am cheating by skipping from trip to trip) honestly I am so jealous of your lef and enthusiasm, you are an inspiration. I just cannot understand the dislikes on your videos, must be from people who haven't been further than the yearly camping in Frankrijk ;-). keep it up(the vlogs and the bike of course) I look forward to your new vlogs.

  17. Good morning Noraly, it is now 10.09 hrs in the morning and welcome back to the comment section : I saw your newest vid; fabulous, did enjoy it very much, the scenery is, again, amazing, you did capture the barren and desolate atmosphere of this part of the world very nice; pity your drone didnt work and hope you can fix that;; as I did start with your oneliner I will end in the same way: if you like this comment plz give a big thumbs up and subscribe down below; in lak'ech

  18. The beauty of the landscape is overwhelming. In places like this, we realise how small we are in the scale of things. Dhano is taking some serious punishment, just looking at the mirrors bouncing around lets us know just how much the image stabilisation has smoothed out. Hopefully you will be taking a well earned rest now after filming episode 50, (which I cannot wait to see) . So, ride safe, get your batteries recharged and have some quality me time. Ps, another superb video.

  19. I would think I would get totally lost out there and talking gibberish after all those hours alone at those altitudes..probably in the middle of the night still riding…. in circles, quite mad LOL

  20. Fabulous isolation, which makes me agree with previous comment, take care out there, riding one-handed on such little-used roads is a worry. No-one wants to see you come to any harm. Stay safe! Enjoy the ride, as we are!

  21. IMPORTANT: Good idea to keep plastic CABLE TIES also known as ZIP TIES. Very useful to secure broken parts and light to carry. Available at most DIY stores in various sizes. Safe riding 🙂

  22. I just introduced my 14 y.o. daughter to your videos explaining that there are still explorers in the world and still adventures to be had. I hope she has that gypsy spirit in her to go out and explore the world. In return, she made me subscribe to your channel. Any way you look at it I reckon that's a win-win!! Ride safe.

  23. En Madrid tenemos el coño de Rita, que también tiene mucho traqueteo, sobre todo cuando viaja a los alrededore, en Antofolla.

  24. That is adventure! Lovely video, make us dream that I am there too. Dangerous but funny and beautiful. Love it! Thanks for sharing with us as always. Ride safe, be happy, enjoy the ride! A big HUG and a kiss from Portugal, Lisbon. 😘✌️

  25. im La-or from thailand , i following u every clip , love your trip and hope u enjoy a whole your travel , good luck.

  26. Wow, what a ride today! I think you found it, the middle of nowhere! Loved the beautiful ruggedness of the country. Glad you made it safely.

  27. Hi Noraly,
    Just watched this video for the second time. It’s exhausting! How on earth do you cope with all the off road, washboard surfaces, bouncing in the saddle and on your foot pegs and STILL have the energy to smile and film your outro?
    You are a true star and a wonderful ambassador for everyone who rides motorcycles.
    You did look tired at the end of this video though.
    Episode 50 will be a milestone video and one to look forward to.
    Then, my dear young Nederlandse, take a well-earned rest. Recharge your batteries, run a spanner and a sponge over Dhanno and pat her on the rank. She deserves the praise. She shows us all that you don’t need huge cc and tons of horses to travel great journeys. I, for one, am so glad I sold my 1200cc Yamaha tourer and bought an old BSA 500 cc single back to life. She has put the smile on my face as Dhanno has yours.
    Finally, talking of smiles, I could “see” your face when you saw the llamas 🦙. It was like seeing kittens playing.
    Loved this video.
    Take care, ride safe and big 👍🏻

  28. I don't know how you do it! A couple hours on washboard roads is enough for me … LOL, I got tired just from watching. You're a Super Rider with a great attitude!

  29. I've only viewed the last 20 or so episodes and while the ride-a-long is intriguing with amazing views and experiences, the most interesting and captivating element by far is your spirit, tenacity, attitude and courage. Also your little giggle in the face of hardship is priceless. I ask, could I do this, I wonder? My new favorite saying now is "Let's Go!" Ride on and Rock on Noraly and Dhanno.

  30. I am amazed by your courage and enthusiasm in doing this trip. I will no longer have the fear in traveling to my local supermarket to buy milk and bread 😁. You inspire me to get on my bike and travel Europe..as I have wanted to do this for a long time. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to your videos…..ride safe 👌

  31. Super cool. Enjoy it.So nice to see somebody covering their journey without marketing sunglasses. I fail to understand why people got this idea they must put sun glasses on the moment a camera points at themselves. Good for you.

  32. pretty obvious why there are no people, it's like a hostile environment from another planet, only rocks everywhere. not good for settlement, also the fact that the road is not paved makes it harder to cross such vast areas. don't think people want to endure that for such monotonous though beautiful sights)

  33. Might be time well spent going over all the nuts and bolts on your bike to find any that have come lose. Half a days spent could save you a long walk. Keep it up and thank you for the videos xx

  34. Когда китайцы вырубят весь лес в Сибири вот такая же хуйня будет как Cono de Arita 21:52 , как на Марсе. Куплю себе мотоцикл Royal Enfield Curiosity.

  35. wow what a ride to and thru the salt flats. and that Cone was amazing. also you met up with a couple other riders, bet they were suprised to see some one else on the road. So 4,000 meters is like 12,000 feet? im thinking.

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