Riviera Maya, Mexico w/ Aunt Jackie’s!

Hey guys is Kendra so Kelsey and I are in Mexico We are here with aunt Jackie’s curls and coils and I’m in the bathroom We’re about to go to our welcome dinner that they’re having tonight. Is that seven is like 6:30 now you got ready early I’m not naked I have on top even if I was he can’t see anyway, so we’re just finishing up getting ready. I’m just My hands reaction. I’m still really sleepy because we woke up in like 5 a.m. Because we do not stay close to the airport So we wanted to you know, relax at our gate. I hate rushing at the airport because it’s just too stressful But our flight was it like eight something this morning? So I’m so delirious right now We didn’t even take naps when we got in my room because when we first got here They gave us a tour of like the hotel and we’re saying at the Eldorado Yeah, the El Dorado seaside. I think that’s what it’s called and it’s really nice the staff here. They are so so sweet I haven’t come across a room staff member at all. They’re so nice We had lunch earlier and ours just went by. I’ve just been catching up on YouTube videos and Yeah, I’m packing. So that’s what we’ve been doing. Something likes got back in the room I really wanted to take a nap, but I didn’t get to take my nap But I need to take my nap, so I guess I’ll just wait till I go to sleep later dinner is over like 9:30 So that’s a pretty good amount of time in the morning. We’re going to be doing some I Think art is our community service day So I don’t know what that entails but I’m really excited about that because I love anything it has to do with helping others images I’m just I just love it. So I forgot what else they have planned I think we’re gonna do a boat day or something and then I forgot what else? But we’re here till Thursday. So today’s Monday. We’re here till Thursday this is like this you’re watching this probably gonna be the video that goes up for this week because kind of This trip wasn’t it up but I feel like it kind of crisped up right after New Year’s you can start planning for this So now I’m just like oh wait We got a video So we may give a chance to like pre-planned Sorry, we forgot the block embryo. Yeah what I’m lugging on my phone right now So I have like what set up on top of some deep conditioners So that’s where you are right now. That’s what we’re doing. This room is super nice We don’t have like we’ve already like put our stuff down the stuff. So this is not the official room tour. I already put like a mini room tour Oh my it’s the story when the room was like clean and untouched like this is the front door. This is the bathroom very very modern excuse all of our stuff on the bathroom counter So yeah, then miss Jackie’s products right there I’m actually really excited to try. I not only use the dump shrimp Gel, and I think I use one of their leaving conditions before so yeah So those are the new travel size products and their new deep conditioners and then there’s the shower and then the toilet is in there And then this is the rest of the room Pretty big crazy room. So these are bits and Then this is the balcony. We have like a swim up pool It’s a little dark out right now cuz it’s the Sun I’m going down but we have like a swim up pool That’s the room but you’re ready to go to dinner Obviously we’re here because we are celebrating not only the launch of our travel size collection But the newly launched butter fusion collection I hope that you all got a chance to take a look at the products in your room Hopefully you get a chance to test them out on your own, but of course, we’ll be doing some Lovely styling with your hair and our products over the course of the week Hi guys, good morning The sun’s coming out is a gorgeous morning I watched the Sun Rise because I actually get up early enough here But we didn’t have enough time to vlog yesterday before we left But we just went to do some community service yesterday at a school for kids with Disabilities and we painted a mural for them and then the other half of the girls planted some flowers and stuff the mural that we ended up painting was really pretty it was cute and it was fun and It was just really nice to you know Leave a place better than you found it. So after a community service we went on a boat ride I think it’s called cardamom cardamom boat ride or something like that. So that was fun it was actually pretty lit which is why we didn’t vlog when we got back to the room because I was Kind of sleepy because I usually don’t day drink I drink in the evening, but it was fun. It was it was pretty late So so far this trip has been really really good So I’m Jackie’s knows how to throw a bomb vacation, but today is a spa day We’re doing like a relaxation spa day wellness type stuff. So that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. And then tomorrow is our last day It’s bittersweet cuz I’m sad that the trip is gonna be over But I’m also excited to get back home and get back to work But we’re about to get ready to go gotta head down and meet everybody. So yeah Hey guys, it’s Kendra so it is What’s today Wednesday? It’s Wednesday evening. Still. We’re about to go to our last dinner For the trip. We’re trying to have like a rooftop down. I mean like a fire shot after it’s no really excited to see that Today, we have a spa day and it was amazing Like I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it that much because the last time we got a massage neither one of us enjoyed it But today we got massages and they were amazing. I was so relaxed after It was just about X all good vibes today So nice and then we did it before then we did with the calm water therapy So we did like a jacuzzi. We did like this warm pool. And then my favorite was with the play eucalyptus steam room Y’all I need to do that like once a month Cuz you put like on this little mud bath like all over your body Like I couldn’t take my phone in there cuz they said that they don’t recommend phones to be in there So we had to leave our homes It was so relaxing. It was like eucalyptus when you walk in like it felt like it was like clearing your nasal Passageway like your my sinuses felt like more clear It was like so therapeutic. So I want for sure do something like that back at home like that spa there So it made me want to like try more spa treatment at home cuz it was nice in there We had to like before myself a little body mass that we got on those like a clay mask so it was like a detox and then you rinse it off with cold water to close your pores it was It was Bob. I’m just explaining the process like y’all care Anyway, this is the last day believe tomorrow that this trip has been so far Erica and charisma have been phenomenal. Yeah. This isn’t a great trip And I feel like now I can get like 20 20 left kicked off to a good start and now cuz I feel like before Like I had this trip on my mind, so we’re trying to prepare for this now I can go back home and like you’re preparing like, you know Go grocery shop and get my life back together because I’m missing everybody else I’m like Instagram and YouTube like tore out of New Year’s live stuff And I felt like I can do that yet cuz we had a trip to go on before So I felt like I can do that when I get back home So I gotta get back to like normal scheduled programming two videos a week We might have a vlog like every other week on this on the blog channel, of course. So yeah Hi guys, so we just had our third will brunch and we’re Sitting on the balcony we leave in like a little less than an hour. So we’re just Trying to kill some time and just you know, watch the beautiful ocean Listen to the waves crash but our flight leaves at like 5:00, but we have like an hour Like road trip like from the resorts to the airport. So that’s all we’re leaving a little earlier It’s pretty much the end of this vlog. This trip was amazing

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