Germany Tourist Places | Romantic Rhine

Germany Tourist Places | Romantic Rhine

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  1. You can find all my videos from Rio here:
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  2. Real nice video JP. I haven't been to Rio since 2014, I never like the atmosphere after they became host to the Olympics. When you took the video on the beach was that during the weekend, because in 2014, the beaches were dead near Leme on the weekdays? Even in the early 80's the beaches in Copa were more lively during the weekday. When I first went to Rio in 1983, people were like take off your cheap ($20) watches or if you wore gold chains, like nobody got robbed in NYC for the same crap, coat sneakers. NYC or Rio, I'm never comfortable coming out a bank. I hate it when people think NY and other parts of the U.S. is so damn safe. Like where you lived, I've been to the North zone, my ex-wife was from Vigario Geral, and another friend. I still don't get these people wanting favela tours, it hurts seeing people living like this, why not go to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of upstate N.Y? If you're not going to go there to help, these people don't want to see you. I'm still thinking of going the end of December until Carnival is over. I'm not happy with the price of food there, but at least renting prices have come back down. Thanks for showing me a positive video that wasn't the same ole things over and over.

  3. Go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for all of the electronic music in a lot of the dance clubs of partying and the nightlife. And go hit the beaches of partying music with the music DJs all over the world. I am going to wear my bikini at the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Go hear a lot of the old school freestyle music of the favelas in Rocinha, the largest slums in Brazil. Go dancing of the old school freestyle music with the back in the day while it is based from New York City and Miami of the Latin populations in the United States. Freestyle is the Latin hip hop music with the electro dance beats while the keyboards and the synths. I loved the old school freestyle music back in the 1980’s. The pattern sidewalks are beautiful in Rio de Janeiro. Do you like to hear a lot of the freestyle music of the favelas in most of them in Rocinha?

  4. Awesome video. I visit Rio in April 2019. Better vacation was impossible. I love this city. I hope one day coming back

  5. Thanks sooo much for your recommendation and all the tips about Rio.I booked the same apartment for my first stay a month ago and I was very happy! I wouldn't find it without you. Rio is one of the best places I visited in the world. Thanks again! Best wishes!

  6. Good afternoon!

    I'm a resident of Rio de Janeiro loved this video. My congratulations for the quality of the images and the editing, it was wonderful!

  7. Everybody thinks Rio de Janeiro is only Copacana, but Favela da Rocinha, complexo do Alemão, complexo da maré, Jacaré also make part of Rio de Janeiro.
    In Rio de Janeiro the thugs break into the busses and steal the wallets and cellphones from the passengers. I had my cellphone stolen on the bus. There were more then 20 thugs on the bus then I couldn't do anything besides handing my cellphone over to them. They were very aggressive and bad, they could be carrying a knife and could hurt anyone that wouldn't hand over what they wanted to.
    I don't recommend anyone visiting this fucking city!!!
    I recommend visiting Florianopolis because there's no thug trying to rob you and you can enjoy the vacation peaceful. Get away from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and northeast of Brazil. Go visiting south of Brazil!! I'm sure you won't regret it.
    Visiting Rio de Janeiro has been my worst experience in live.

  8. fiquei abismado com o tamanho do predio onde se encontra a minuscula cozinha hahahh como se costuma dizer é só para engles ver kkk

  9. I would love to visit Brazil this summer. I just keep hearing about how unsafe it is for tourists! Can anybody who has either lived there or has traveled to the major cities in Brazil comment on this or suggestions?

  10. Foi preconceito da sua parte falar que é perigoso usar drone no Rio, eu faço isso sempre com o meu tio e é magnífico. Podemos ser assaltados em qualquer lugar do mundo!

  11. Por isso que as pessoas têm medo de visitar o Brasil, ficam dizendo que não é seguro mas não estamos seguros em lugar nenhum, eu perdi as contas de quantas vezes fui assaltada em Nova York e Paris.

  12. Bonito só a orla, saiu dali tá fudido, assalto pra caralho, unico lugar do mundo que se vê roubos simultâneos, Não sou nem doido de voltar nesse estado, cago de medo, riem do sotaque dos outros mas transformam o S em X insuportávelmente, parecem mastigar um cu enquanto falam.(particularmente eu detesto a maneira como os cariocas falam) E os barracos que tem preços de verdadeiras mansões. Café da manhã, pão com ovo na padaria chega a pagar 50 reais. Neguinho andando de AR-15 NA boa em garupa de moto.(estado sem lei). Enfim poderia ficar aqui citando as merdas do Rio o dia todo; um monte de merda em beira mar esse é Rio de Janeiro.

  13. Oh May good is Beutiful BELLISSIMA città Brasile meravigliosa città Italia for Brasile 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Hey there, great video and footage. I'm planning to go to Rio soon but what I hear about it makes me worry a bit. Is it really as unsafe and dangerous as some say? Of course I would not walk around showing off jewelry or sth. What's the worst that can happen? What about going out for dinner at night? Is that safe in Copacabana and Ipanena? Thanks!

  15. Hi, I'm from Rio and I loved your video. You really showed the main tourist part of the city in a very good way! Nice! 😀

  16. Eu acho que tem lugares melhores para sair pelo Rio de Janeiro mas tem que pagar é cara para quem pode né .

  17. O cara faz um vídeo em inglês para estrangeiros e 90% dos comentários são de Brasileiros vira latas. Que país patético que somos…

  18. Muitos deles não sabem que agente chamamos eles de gringos eles nem sabem o que é um gringo. Kkkkkkk

  19. I will tell you what were my expenses for a full day in Rio two weeks ago:

    Hostel in Gloria: 55 reais

    -3 metro tickets: 10 reais

    Corcovado ticket including transportation: 50 reais

    Taxi to Urca (split with a friend): around 20 reais round trip

    Expenses in Bar Urca: around 50 reais

    Expenses at Lunch in Ipanema: around 40 reais

    Expenses at night: around 60 reais

    I see around 300 reais as a possible budget without saving. 150 reais will be only possible if you eat only fast food, stay at a very cheap hostel.

    If you are staying at a hotel, even a not expensive one, I see 400 reais per day as a more realistic budget.

  20. ☹️It was once so beautifull, since 25 July copacabana beach view changed , 😞 take a look on this video:


  22. conheci uma mina no leblon, transamos na praia, no mar a noite foi uma delicia, melhor carnaval da minha vida

  23. O Rio não é tão inseguro assim . A mídia exagera às vezes. Moro no Rio a 10 anos e nunca fui assaltado.

  24. Cidade de merda onde NADA funciona e tudo fede. Saia um pouco da zona sul, seu otário. Tente morar de verdade no Rio e vai ver a realidade.

  25. I guess I've heard "caralho" at 11:57 hahahaha. Nice video! I hope you've enjoyed your time here in rio. My city is so gorgeous, It's just a shame such a unique and beautiful place still being so dangerous. But we've seen an improvement in safety here in rio and we hope this improvment keep going on. Glad to see you here, guys. Hope you can come back anytime!

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