Reenacting a Crime (With an Assist from Arby’s) – RENO 911!

Bang! Jeez. God. Bang!
Jim! I’m just going through it again
in my head. How do you get three shots off
on a man with two guns? And why do you bring him
delicious piping hot Arby’s right before
you’re gonna blow him away? How can Juan …
Don’t touch that, Trudy! Jim … Put it back.
The first rule … Put it back.
Let’s go from the top. Okay.
Okay? Don’t mind me.
I’m just doing cocaine. Hey Rico. Hey. What you doing with my blow? Just snorting it. I went out to get you
a delicious piping hot Arby’s
roast beef sandwich. Oh. And I find out you’re doing
my blow while I’m gone? Jim, this makes your mouth numb. Don’t do that for real.
From the top. Okay. Places! Okay. I’m sorry. Oh, hey Rico, I’m back. I’m acting casual,
I’m being cool. Nothing’s up,
nothing’s up at all. All I did was go get some
delicious piping hot Arby’s. I see you’re jacking off
in this scenario. Okay, well, I got a delicious
beef and cheddar for you. And boom,
you’re going downtown! Monkey roll, monkey roll,
monkey roll … Last time you’re short
on the count, motherfucker. … monkey roll, mon …
Okay. Okay, that’s the trajectory. It’s okay, keep going,
keep going. Okay.
One, two, three. Thanks for the sandwich. And I thought I’d bring you
a little peace offering, some delicious Arby’s.
Go back … No, no, no. No, no, no.
This never happened. Oh. This never happened
that we know of. Okay. You go back, I’m cas …
No, go back. Oh, you said back. Rico. Hi Rico. I just got back
with that delicious Arby’s you asked me to get. Thanks for the Arby’s, Juan. I’m clean, man. I’m clean. I’m gonna have to check it out. Check all you want, okay?
Check other places. This is probably
what he would do. Okay, don’t … Hey, Trudy, Trudy, okay, okay,
we get it, we get it, okay? Okay. Disfrute Rico,
disfrute There’s over 1000 dollars here. Pay attention
for five fucking seconds. That’s not important,
so you have (yelling) (bleep) … oh, monkey roll,
monkey roll … -Trudy?
-… monkey roll. Jim, you got to act out
what you thought it was. I know. I agree. But you didn’t do the part
that I asked you to do. Okay … What part? Hey, enjoy. It’s my little gift
to you, okay? You have a nice time.
Eating Arby’s, Eating Arby’s, Eating Arby’s,
Eating Arby’s, … Eating Arby’s, Eating Arby’s. Boom! Monkey roll, monkey roll,
monkey … I was getting the poison,
not monkey roll. Oh. Poison. And now that
I’ve poisoned you, I’m gonna send a message
to all the other capos and hefes, and it’s gonna go like this,
“Bam, bam,” shoot the man
who’s already dead. That’s it. Hey Travis Hey, dear. FBI.
FBI? Yes, I can hold. I’m on hold with the FBI.
We got it, cracked it. You cracked it,
you figured it out? Yeah. Already did. Already did? Poisoned. Why’d they shoot him
three times? Message to the other hefes. -Ah.
-Yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense, like the
mafioso shit that they do. Message, send a message.
Hey, hey, hey. Yeah? What are you doing? It’s evidence. Now remember, before I put
the tape up, I got Arby’s. Oh my god You said you were
gonna come here and I should leave you some
delicious Arby’s on the table ’cause you wanted
some Arby’s too. It’s cold though. You guys have been in here
for like seven hours. (bleep) … hope they don’t have
caller ID. The FBI probably
has caller ID, right? I would think. They’re calling back. Great.

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