Q&A | How Much Should I Charge For My Crafts? And MORE!

Q&A | How Much Should I Charge For My Crafts? And MORE!

come back to my channel today I have
another Q&A for you guys for you ask the questions and I answer alright so let’s
get started alright the first question is of concern a couple of people were
concerned about me and I didn’t know there was something to
be concerned about or a lease that I was showing that something was wrong with me
but you guys know me so well that you notice a little bit I mean nothing is
terribly wrong with me I just have a lot going on in this head of mine so here’s
the first question okay so first question says Tyra you are
a beautiful inside and out okay bag have a good workout have a good
workout alright go work on that energy out then go ahead and work on that
energy out then my love yeah alright my husband as usual interrupting me alright
so Tyra you are a beautiful inside and out in a classy woman well thank you
something seems to be stealing your fire whatever it may be I will keep you in my
prayer but that was not it okay this was says how are you doing I’m doing fine
thanks and then she says you look like you are unhappy I hope everything is
okay with you and your family tanita everything is okay with me and
the family thank you so much for asking my family is great they are my biggest
supporters and they really really pitch in all the time to help me out so thank
you thank you so much but nevertheless there are some things that have been
going on with me and they’re all business related
I am going through some growing pains with my business and I have been
torturing myself because I have been questioning or whether I’m making the
right steps for my business and um and truthfully I shouldn’t because I gotta
trust God and I gotta trust my heart I gotta go with my heart and sometimes
money is placed in front of you and it’s so easy to do but you know that you’re
selling your soul for that you know so in a nutshell let me explain it to you
in 2015 when I moved here to Georgia I decided that I wasn’t gonna go back to
TV and I was gonna pursue even planning full-time okay I explained the whole
thing behind that in another video so I don’t want to repeat it again so yeah so
when I decided to go full time in 2015 I thought I wanted to be a an event
planner and a you know wedding coordinator etc but then I realized that
that’s not what I wanted to do was I decided that I didn’t want to make 10
centerpieces for you know 10 tables and on this stage of my life that’s my
second career I don’t want to do anything that’s gonna suck me dry and
take the fun out of that I wanted to have fun and make money doing what I
love and I know that making 10 centerpieces and then another one for a
welcome table and this for that it was just going to take way too much of my
time and then I was going to resent it so I learned that after a year and a
half and then God reveals things to me and then that’s how the whole youtube
channel came along so I decided that I was only going to do what I enjoy so I
decided that my services were only going to be even design and setup which means
that you know we’ll meet with you for an hour we will talk about what your vision
is I will suggest what you know what you should get and then the day of I will
put it together for you whether Ibarra or it was anything that I already had as
far as my centerpieces I wasn’t going to make 20 of them for you on the day up
which meant that I will have to take smaller parties which was fine because I
have my family I have my channel and I can just you know do any event or for
event a month which is fine but and that was okay then when I wasn’t getting a
lot of clients because nobody knew me but now that I have my channel and my
name is getting out there and getting offers to to do bigger events and I
don’t really want to do that but I don’t really want to turn down the money
either so that sends me on a spin you know because as much as you think
there’s 63 thousand subscribers a lot it really isn’t when it comes to like
making the amount of money one event can give me you know against you know what I
can make let’s say your ad revenue so that’s what’s been you know driving me
crazy but at the same time there’s the bigger picture there’s the bigger
picture because the reason that I am getting the phone calls is because of
YouTube so it’s just like a catch-22 so basically for the bigger gold I do need
YouTube because for the bigger goal I want the party to come to me instead of
me going to the party and for that you know I need to brand myself and market
myself and put myself out there which takes a longer time which means that I
won’t have time for the bigger event but if I suffer now tomorrow can be bigger
and it’s just very frustrating especially when you know like I forget
to get something you know how to stop taping and run
the store and come back and stay up to 3:00 in the morning editing etc etc etc
so yeah there are days when it can be pretty frustrating and I thought I
wasn’t showing it some of you are I mean figure it out but not like I mean
actually making my crap and do it and enjoying it at the moment when I’m in my
zone it’s the best thing on earth I mean I enjoy it guys I mean I enjoy it like
you guys have no idea I enjoy it I just don’t want to make ten over I don’t want
to make fifteen of them you know so my goal like I said is to bring the party
to me which means that I will be getting a venue so that is my goal is to get a
venue but in order for me to get a clientele I need to be bigger than
63,000 subscribers because all those 63 thousand subscribers I love every single
one of you guys but not all of you guys live in Georgia so I have to grow my
audience in Georgia so that is my goal this year is to grow my audience locally
in Alayna I live in Alpharetta which is half an
hour from Atlanta so like I really need to focus on growing my audience
locally so that’s why I’m going hard I’m going hard hard hard hard hard and I
actually just got a little help I hire someone to help me with my marketing I’m
still not you know I’m not making enough money to hire an editor yet but
eventually I will and that will be a big big help because that is the biggest
part but at the same time you don’t kind of want to let go of that control but
we’ll cross that bridge when we get there but um but yeah at least I have
help in the marketing department where I don’t have to drive myself crazy doing
that but uh but as far as just you know like I had to
learn to be patient you know I know that I’m sacrificing money right now
but I know that it will pay off at the end and my job right now is just to work
hard and be ready be ready so when God has everything moved in the right places
and in the right people and the right time that I will be ready
that is just my job I don’t need to worry about anything else but to enjoy
what I’m doing work hard and be ready and then everything else will happen I
trust and believe that and I know my god wouldn’t make it happen for me and I can
go on and on and on about this so let’s move on to the next question so next
question says what advice can you give from starting your own event planning
and design business how did you book clients and how did you get so
successful on YouTube well thank you so the advice that I’m going to give you is
going to be very cliche number one you must start that’s number one you cannot
live in your head write everything down and you must do it set your goals and
then just do it and the very first thing you have to do is pretty much take every
job free or paid just to start your portfolio you have to take lots and lots
of pictures of all the work that you do and you know and then you have to make
sure that the work that you do is outstanding because word of mouth is
going to travel or it just may stop right there at that party don’t just do
it half-assed because it’s your friend or your family member because you know
that family member may show a picture to somebody and somebody will say hello you
know that’s a good job can I like get her number for my party my party’s
coming up you never know so you have to know do an outstanding job
above and beyond don’t just do the average you have to do above and beyond
what a mouth is going to be your best friend at the beginning because you’re
not going to have money to market so word-of-mouth is going to be very
important sure that you do an outstanding job no
better no matter whether you’re getting paid for it or not just make sure it’s
top-notch and that’s how you start a business okay so how did I get clients
word-of-mouth was my best friend and then after that when I got a little
change in my pocket I started with the knot and I also did thumbtack
thump-thump-thump back G’s my tongue I will have all the information for you in
the description box below how about that I advertised with the knot and thumbtack
and in word-of-mouth and then after that I started my youtube channel which
advertises to the whole world for free for free so there you have it and of
course there’s Facebook Instagram reddit any type of social media out there you
can advertise for free use it use it is there for free and that really helps
okay so how did you get so successful on YouTube well I don’t know I feel like
you guys have to answer that for me I feel that every youtuber works very very
very hard I feel like I’m a little different I think I took a different
twist I just didn’t want to make it a crack I wanted to make sure that I had a
whole set up making a vision the whole thing I just didn’t want to make one
thing and just take the you know a little video of it you know I wanted you
to picture yourself at the party so I think that’s what makes me different and
therefore I think that’s what’s helping me grow so yeah next question is what is
the best advice you can give me as a new youtuber how to get followers likes and
viewers well this is pretty similar to their previous question you just have to
go above and beyond make sure that your work is excellent then you present it
well and then you are different than everyone else dawn don’t follow what
everyone else is doing you can start by doing that to figure out who you are
I say creator but you know find your way like at the beginning I said I was doing
some of the someone advice for me to do one of those Dollar Tree videos like the
halls and stuff and although I enjoyed it for my viewers to get to know me
because I was able to just you know talk you know chitchat a little bit I
realized that the actual me getting something from Dollar Tree and showing
you what it is and whatever would to me you know it wasn’t me it did give me a
few followers because people love that and that was great but at the end of the
day I stopped making them because it wasn’t me I rather do like a short blog
I was spending way more money doing that give me them necessary things that I
will not even used so that wasn’t cost effective for me and I thought that you
know if I just wanted you to get to know me I could use do a blog you know not to
spend anything so yeah so you have to just be you that is so true when they
say that you have to be you do what you love and then when you do what you love
and love what you do and know who you are that’s number one you have to know
who you are then everything will fall into place
it really does and you have to trust God and don’t go crazy like I do sometimes
seriously alright next question what are your goals we youtube I want over a
million subscribers on YouTube I want to be the kc night set of event design
that’s my goal for sure next question guys is in Spanish and it’s from
Instagram and she said ah DSP they are in YouTube and espanol which means guys
will you make videos on YouTube in Spanish what bueno la verdad amen
kantaria pero la verdad es que hora da no tengo tiempo pero cuando yo era mucho
más dinero y Kosir on edit or que me pueda
on a purely turbo video entonces si pero por ahora esto mintus Naruto no Tina
tiempo hace que no a poder pero estoy pensando que lo mejor puede poner sup
título sang espanol Abajo / – Tammi me Toma tiempo hace que todo con tiempo
para muy pronto se que no se preocupen no quiero muchas ma
alright guys so what I said was that eventually I will maybe when I have an
editor and I will have more time to just tape and I can give the editing to
someone else then I would but for now myself and I I do the job of ten people
by the way so yeah for now I can’t but eventually that is one of my goals to
make videos in Spanish as well alright so next question what are your work-life
balance tip given that you work from home how do
you manage it do you set and follow a schedule or whatever inspirations
Struck’s you follow it and work who says I have work balance I don’t
I am literally taping and cooking at the same time a lot of times guys whoo I
make you my rice and beans oh my gosh you guys have no idea what I do behind
the scenes is so funny but I do dedicate Friday nights for family nights if I’m
free on Saturday Saturday night I’ll have dates with my husband and on
Sundays so this I dedicate it to in you know in the afternoon to my daughter and
I so uh yeah so that’s what I do and this one’s fast we’ll love to know your
beauty routine and fab makeups sure he says your skin looks flawless well thank
you very much and I did not pay her to say that I promise uh my skin is not
flawless this is called alighting honey lighting and touch tons of makeup caked
up in his face my face is actually very oily in I am magnet prone and I mean I’m
a picker so a battle scene helps so but I’m actually want to try a different
makeup I want to try something more natural and I said that in a video I
made last last month I think and I still haven’t tried it what I am I have to
because I feel like if I use Morrible like organic or bare minerals or
something I think I don’t know I think that’s gonna help me with the oiliness
oh don’t get oily it’s not so bad because he helps with wrinkles so yeah
but yeah I feel silly talking about this I’m not a beauty guru I just do my best
you know I I wash my face and moisturize you know I try not to pick and if I do
have a mark I just add more you know concealer or foundation on it you can’t
see it and then I just turn on the light that’s how I get a flawless all right
next question this one says what trend do you see
becoming popular for the upcoming year funny that you asked because I do really
believe that it’s the video that I just made which is the dessert table swings
or the cake stand swings some of them call them the cake stands chandeliers as
well swinging chandeliers those are beautiful and that was the reason that I
ended up making it because I saw it on TV I saw it on Four Weddings I think
it’s the name of the show yeah it was one of those shows where they have like
different weddings and then they should be the different types of woody and I
saw that on one of the weddings and I decided to make my own so yeah I think
that’s gonna be very hot and I love the look of it and if you go on Pinterest
you’ll see beautiful beautiful pictures of them this is the way that I figure it
will be cost-effective for you and I made it happen for you so I hope you
enjoyed and I hope you guys liked it and I hope you guys make it for your wedding
or any event it’s so pretty next I have a couple of questions there
are very or in and I’m very glad that you guys
asked the first one says hello darlin hey love what advice would you give to
me to help me charge for materials in my time without feeling guilty for charging
people second question was almost similar and she said what formula do you
use for pricing for services well one thing before I give you my answer I want
to say to anyone who wants to start a business is that there are so many so
many is 2018 there are so many resources out there that you can find whatever
answers you may need for your business and the easiest way ask Google ask Siri
how do you do this how do you do that how do you figure things out because a
lot of times I’m doing that never stop learning never stop asking don’t wait
for other people figure it out on your own
there’s library bookstore audible YouTube and figure it out you know but
when it comes down to it if you’re giving out a service you have to know
your worth you know how much work you put it into and you know you have to
charge accordingly don’t charge shortchange yourself and just you know
do your research if you’re a business owner you’re starting a business you
cannot wait for things to come to you somebody to give you an answer you prey
on things and you ask God to help you but you have to move okay God would it
put you in the right place but you had to keep seeking and looking okay but
geez you look for me I’m going to give you my hand sir I’m preaching sorry okay
so I’m going to break it down to you and I’m also going to write it right here so
you guys can follow a little bit and I’m also going to leave you with a website
in my description box below so you can actually read it and figure it out on
your own with your own numbers okay all right so basically what you’d have to
charge is for your supplies plus your labor plus your overhead which is you
surely 10 to 50 percent times – and that’s how you charge your clients for
your craps so you have to go to crass professionals calm I will link it below
and then you guys can figure it out don’t feel guilty about charging your
friends or family members I live far away from my friends and family members
and my new friends here they are more than happy to pay me my worth I have
even tried to give them discounts and they don’t want to take any and I’m glad
I’m also a sucker I can be a sucker like that it’s easier to not be a sucker with
strangers but when it comes to price and family members you do want to give them
a break but I wouldn’t do more than 10 percent but you know it depends on how
much work you’re putting into it you know cuz if at the end of the day you’re
exhausted and you’re like I am going to charge every single tear on this you
should don’t feel bad all right guys this is and I will see you guys next
time thanks for the questions I hope you like my answers

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  43. Not sure your followers are aware that YouTube has a wide variety of languages to choose from in 6 simple steps on the bottom right hand corner;.

    # 1. Right click on CC (located on the bottom right corner.
    #2. Left Click on the Gear HD icon.
    #3. Select Subtitles /CC (2).
    #4. Left click on Subtitles/CC (2) English.
    #5. Left click Auto Translate.
    #6. Scroll down and left click Spanish.

    No estoy seguro de que tus seguidores sepan que YouTube tiene una amplia variedad de idiomas para elegir en 6 simples pasos en la esquina abajo en la derecha;
    # 1. Haz un clic derecho en CC (ubicado en la esquina inferior derecha).
    # 2. Haz clic izquierdo en el icono de Gear HD.
    # 3. Seleccione Subtitles / CC (2).
    # 4. Haz un clic izquierdo en Subtitles / CC (2) Inglés.
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