Pros and Cons of Traveling in Japan

Pros and Cons of Traveling in Japan

Hey guys! Hi! So we’ve been traveling in Japan most of this year and We’ve been to 19 prefectures so far? And since we’ve been traveling so much we thought we should make a video about some kind of travel tips video, and that’s what we’re doing today We’ve been to 22 prefectures total in the past few years And we’re going to Okinawa soon so it’ll make 23 Which is still not even half. They’re 47 prefectures But- its still a lot of travel yeah! And there are a lot of really awesome things about traveling in Japan And there are a couple of frustrating things as well So! if you’re planning on traveling to Japan maybe this will help give you some ideas of what to expect when you get here So lets get into it! Japan is a really safe country! If you’re traveling here, you can travel by yourself, you can travel by yourself if you’re a woman I personally would not feel uncomfortable walking anywhere in Japan in a mini skirt by myself, at night down an alleyway I wouldn’t expect anything to happen You might have some drunk guys hit on you If it’s like, late at night. But uh.. And I haven’t really heard of them getting very pushy or anything like they’ve never gotten pushy with me. they’re just.. drunk We’ve met quite a few drunken [salary men]. But that is about it. Right? – Yeah, yeah – Hello – Merry Christmas It was not even Christmas
– No, it was not Christmas ..that was hilarious
I like that dude. That was funny The safety things … I don’t really go abroad. Actually.. I don’t really know how.. that can be.. know pro’s.. but, for you guys, I think it’s really great. Right You sweet summer child growing up in a country like Japan that is so safe. you were with me in America though when we were in.. ..the appartment that we rented. Where like.. our neighbour got broken into.. the middle of the night.
Where you awake at all for that? Well, yeah. I get up first. Okay, yeah, so.. um.. You’ve experienced scary things in other countries. Yeah. That was pretty unusual. Yeah There aren’t really scams here.. I mean.. there are. All of this..these are things that do happen in Japan still. But not often. Have you ever felt uncomfortable and, like, slightly unsafe? I’m sure there are [moments], but.. I haven’t been to any of those places.. Have you ever thought about, like, oh I shouldn’t take out my wallet.. ..and show people how much money I have. Because someone might steal it? You mean open my wallet and show it to people?
Yeah Yeah, yeah, like.. just open it. Um, not really. I mean I see signs that say: “be careful about..” um, so, purse snatching. Yeah. Um but.. But that happens at night.
..I never heard of that happening to someone actually. I know, I know. it has to because they have signs for it. We have never really been concerned about it. I’m naturally kind of cautious..with my purse and everything. If we are walking around I’ll have like a hand on it. in any country. Or I usually wear my, like,
over-the-shoulders-purse. so its not something someone can easily grab. This is not me, but some people leave their stuff to keep their seat. Oh yeah, yeah. I don’t because I feel uncomfortable. But I see some people do. Yeah, if you are at some cafe somewhere..or, like, at a mall where there are a lot of tables.. people just put their stuff on the tables. People will leave their purse or their phone on the table sometimes and just walk away so they can reserve a table while they go stand in line. yeah There aren’t many scams here really. There aren’t a lot of cases.. Like some countries, if you go there there will be someone who will do, like, “a favor” for you. but then when its done they’ll request “a tip”. Really, that doesn’t happen here.
We don’t have “tips” at all really. Again, this might happen somewhere. But it is not common. Tipping is not common in Japan
You are really going to be fine.. There are 3 things I can think of as far as scams go – Scams, okay.
– Kind of..uhm.. So one is..if you have a phone here, it used to have a phone email address and you would have random people adding you as a friend. But it’s Line. Everybody uses the app Line. And you’ll have random people adding you saying.. “Hey. It’s been a long time. Remember me?”. And it’s like a girl with a really sexy avatar or something. You know what that is. Don’t add them. Like, Come on ! You don’t have sexy girl friends. Yeah you don’t have sexy girlfriends, you know you don’t Just don’t add those random people We have a friend who actually had her Line hacked into So, you know, be careful about your passwords. If you’re shopping online And especially if you’re shopping auction websites like (Yahoo auction or Rakuten auction) which are really popular here, be careful if it’s really cheap items and it’s suspicious like the pictures all look different or something It’s usually not what you’re actually going to receive if you paid for that So make sure you …
Auctions ? Yeah, auctions Does it happen on email and stuff too ? Yeah yeah this is all over America too So take it, all over the world, just be careful in general.
It’s not just exclusive to Japan, this is probably everywhere. But that’s just like a general internet thing and they do have that here in Japan as well Personally, I’ve done auctions, I mean, a lot, more than a dozen i’ve never experienced anything like that so.. Right but, you shop different things Like he shops expensive knives Wait wait wait wait That was just one time, I don’t really bought things like I use for .. home stuff Oh yeah, our home stuff or vegetables or things
Furniture because it was a lot cheaper It happens a lot with clothes, if you look at clothes on the internet Yeah I was gonna say like clothes, they’re a little cheap crap Yeah just be careful, those. And the 3rd thing I heard that you probably won’t come accross is people calling up elderly ore ore? people saying like “Hey I need money remember me I’m your family” And this again, this happens everywhere, like it’s not a Japan thing it’s just a worldwide scam thing We have a ATM at convenience stores At the, right in front the ATM it’s says, “when you transfer money be careful. Are you sure you’re not scam?” There are signs like that.
Really? Oh I never saw that. So, be careful. Yeah
It happens Right
Yeah be careful Okay , also at stations I’ve seen signs for like “Be careful chikan” Which is like ‘pervert’ or molester Like, Japan if infamous for having this reputation of like creepy guys touching girls on trains or taking pictures up skirts which is why they have the sound on the cameras here So you take a picture with your camera like with our phone camera it always makes noise. I still haven’t had this happen to me But these is something that happens to some people sometimes So if you are a girl and you’re like wearing a short skirt I *pic sound* So subtle Jun Yeah it makes noise if you’re wearing a short skirt, I always wear shorts underneath but that’s also because it’s really windy here and I’ve had some accidents with the wind and not wearing shorts so um just be careful about things like that as well so I would recommend if you were a woman to wear like like thin shorts or something underneath your skirt or dress the most likely things that would happen to you in japan is someone would steal your umbrella if you put it in one of the things outside of konbini while you go inside
Jun: that happens everyday or if someone might steal your bicycle if you leave it unlocked unless you are going to like certain kinds of bars or like Kyabakura clubs in like Roppongi I’ve heard there are some that will drag you in and then charge you a really high cover fee but we don’t go to those kind of places so we’re not super knowledgeable about that Con number one Japan is very crowded especially in cities so when i was in college to go to school and every morning i was squashed like this with him oh the salary men and everyone it was so packed and i hated it yeah um Japan’s not actually a very small island it’s a decent size but most of it is mountains and most people just live on the small coastal plain areas so even though there’s a lot of space everyone’s packed into like a couple areas and that’s why these areas are so crowded especially Tokyo if you’re there like during the holiday’s and you’re at one of the big stations like Shinjuku I would literally get picked up by the crowd on the train and like carried off the train at the stop and you can’t really.. There’s nothing you can do about it you’re just.. You’re going with them and you know this is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world for people to travel to so there are people all over the world coming here there are people in Japan traveling to other parts of Japan um, Kyoto was probably one of the worst places we went for traveling it was so beautiful it was still beautiful and i still love going there but it was also one of the most disappointing initially because when you look at pictures of Kyoto or like those really artsy videos that people take They wait until like people part so that they can get a nice shot Jun: Or wake up super early Rachel: Or they wake up like super early and they go at special times where there aren’t people there But that’s not how it looks like in real life when you go there, there are thousands of other people there Just like you Yeah, Just like you just like us we’re one of them and so even though these places are like they should be amazing and magical you go there and then there’s like thousands of other people and hundreds of them have their cameras out taking pictures and videos um, exactly like us we are 100% part of the problem but then it just doesn’t feel as magical anymore so I grew up here so like I have also been to Kyoto before and I don’t know normal to me i was familiar with it but if you’re from not so crowded areas then you might be a little bit disappointed but if not then you might be okay like my wife she’s from not so crowded areas so and i just personally prefer like non touristy areas so there are still a lot of really awesome areas in Japan that aren’t crowded yet especially if they’re not as accessible by train so we’ve made videos on some of those places before that you can go and it still feels like incredibly beautiful and magical and you can have like a fantastic time without the huge crowds and it’s kind of weird because by showing you these places we’re going to make them more crowded so they will end up becoming more touristy so we’re still contributing to the problem but at the same time I don’t wanna like keep these places to ourselves they’re so awesome and I think you guys deserve to know about them and the people who live there deserve to have like more visitors to get like the more tourist money and everything so Jun: i think a lot of the places we’ve been to I think they’re still worth going Rachel: Yeah Kiyomizu-dera was probably my favorite place in Kyoto is this giant temple built on a mountain and you can see the entire city of Kyoto from there and even though there are so many other people there it still feels like.. You can put yourself back in time and imagine just how amazing this place was before but if you don’t like the huge touristy crowds there are also other places you can go um that won’t be quite as crowded which we shared before like Geibikei gorge, and um Gujō Hachiman still isn’t super crowded except during like the festival season and another tip would be like I said earlier wake up super early in the morning or go there right before they close and you can get to enjoy like the whole Kiyomizu-dera for example just by yourself Rachel: without as many people there
Jun: yeah and actually my friend whose living in Kyoto told me this and she enjoyed Kiyomizu-dera by herself several times before and she loved it so Rachel: yeah yeah yeah
Jun: you should try that and you can also try to travel during off seasons so just in general in Japan most people travel during spring especially around cherry blossom season which is like um early April um early August is Obon season which is one of Japan’s biggest holidays everyone’s traveling to go see their families so places will be really crowded then as well New years is really crowded lots of people especially go to like Temples and Shrines during that time and um Koyo season in the fall when the leaves are changing color that’s also a really popular time to travel the problem is if you go in the winter when it’s really cold some places aren’t open especially if you’re going to really rural areas so there won’t be a lot of shops for you to shop at um the big places like Kiyomizu-dera they’re still gonna be open but they’re still gonna be maybe somewhat crowded just not quite as crowded Summer is really hot and humid so humid it’s not the best for walking outside for long periods of time um but some places might not be quite as crowded as Spring or Fall but honestly i would still recommend people travel during Spring or Fall even though it’s more crowded then just because the weather is just much more permitting and everything is gonna be open right also depending on the prices uh if you go off season then you might not really enjoy anything So yeah just do some research before going there Yeah there’s so many people giving awesome tips about Japan, like so many blog websites so many YouTube channels so if there’s one place in particular you wanna go you can just google it and I’m sure you’ll be able to find lots of research and advice on when’s the best time to go is yeah so another tip we could give you guys would be just do some research and find the best timing or season to go Rachel: yeah
Jun: yeah Alright so we have a whole list of pros and cons but we already have been talking so long for this first pro and con so i think we’re gonna end this first video here and then we’ll do a part two a little bit later on Jun: Okay
Rachel: Otherwise this video is gonna be really long as we get older I can just like talk forever now which is.. I used to be like I couldn’t talk at all and I would’ve been so happy to be me now but now like i”m just like what am I supposed to do I just went on forever about this Jun: you’re becoming grandma So I’m becoming one of those old people “back in my day” I’m just gonna be able to talk forever we’re gonna have grandkids and they’re gonna be like shutup grandma stop well I hope this was a little bit helpful for you if you have any other tips on traveling in Japan then leave them down in the comments for other people otherwise we’ll see you in part two! Rachel: Bye!
Jun: okay bye!

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  1. てか前から疑問なのですが、Junさんはなんでそんなに英語が流暢なんですか? 今留学中なんですけど、全然そんな風になりません。

  2. 8:55 I think people taking art pictures don't really wake up early or anything, they just set the exposure duration to a very long time so that, since people move, the camera doesn't see them long enough to record them whereas the buildings are totally immobile so they get picked up. At least that's how you take pictures of overcrowded places.

  3. 私は日本に住んでいて 海外に行ったことがないのですが、一度だけ家にオレオレ詐欺の電話がきたことがあります。ですが、おじいさんはすぐに息子ではないと気づいたので 怒って追い返したようです ( ´罒`*)✧"

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  5. About the getting yelled at thing: in China (I know we're taking about Japan but whatever) I was with some friends and a guy friend of mine yelled out "China baby!" As part of a song he was singing or something and some old guy on the side of the road got really excited and yelled back "CHINA BABY." And it was adorable

  6. Hey hey there Rachel and Jun, I'm a big fan, been sub for I think a couple years now, and always enjoy watching, also extremely applicable and useful information, you both seem like such genuinely people, likable, interesting to listen to and generally cool, I am from Canada myself, a university student about to complete my first degree in biology, I have never been outside of Canada but I have lived in and been all over Canada, it's beautiful by the way I'd recommend it to anyone lol, it's the second biggest country in the world and we only have 35 million people lol, you look in any direction in most places and you will see trees and nature for as long as the curve of the earth reveals, it's beautiful to say the least, especially if you're in love with nature as much as me, lol but back to my original point, traveling, never been outside of Canada but my core characteristics and personality is that of an adventurer I have large travel Ambitions, history / culture is my favorite passion in my life, one of many, and I've always been in love with Japan in particular, ever since I read my first book on ancient world history when I was 3, it was the history / culture and the beauty of the land that Drew me in first but then the more I learn the more I loved, and soon actually December 8th I will be leaving from Toronto here in Canada and landing in Tokyo I'll be spending a month-and-a-half there backpacking, doing a tour of as much as I can see, I have seven major dreamtrips and endless minor dreamtrips and my number one is Japan,so I'm dipping my toes into the world traveling with my number one dream trip and I never plan on stopping, long-term I plan on living in Japan, ideally in Hokkaido, I love winter lol, and snow country is, well, the Land of Snow lol, I really want to see those little mini snow plows haha I bought my ticket on purpose in the winter so that I would be there in my favorite season but I also plan on doing a bicycle tour of the entire country from kagoshima to wakkanai and everything in between in another trip probably next summer, as well as working on a farm or two, study at a Japanese University, teaching some English, and among other things I also have a long-term goal of becoming native Japanese level fluent in Japanese, and possibly meeting a nice Japanese girl lol just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and say im a big fan and in passing also ask if you had any advice/recommendations on my upcoming trip based off your own vast experience being in Japan as far as maybe what to do, and what to expect at that particular time, since I only have a month-and-a-half I'm probably going to regionalize to only as far south as Kobe and then double back, after heading down from Tokyo, back North into tohoku on the Sea of Japan side, and then up to Hokkaido, no pressure just anything that pops into your head, I really want to eat some Christmas cake lol, be well, keep rocking it and both of you never stop being awesome, see ya see ya, Marcel "the samurai" from Canada 🗾⛩️🛫🌨️❄️😄

  7. Hey there, I was wondering on how the taking your shoes off before you enter a restaurant works or if any foreigner has to do that?… ._.

  8. I can't help but to wonder why Rachel looks at Jun's mouth instead of his eyes when he talks, love both of your videos! n__n

  9. So about the safety in Japan thing, I've never been to Japan so I don't really know how true this is,
    But I'm a fangirl cough and like I keep tabs on my fave band's concerts, including in Japan. And it amazes me how there's this one time, apparently it rains during like, queuing up waiting for the concert hall to be opened. And then fans just, leave their bags at their queue spot with an umbrella out in the open? Like, HOW CAN IT NOT GET STOLEN AND STUFF? Is Japan really just that safe???

  10. ~10:30 – the more Japan travel vlogs I've been watching the more I want to go to these smaller, less touristy-places. I mean, there's billions of photos of Tokyo, Kyoto, all the big tourist hotspots. But some small town with a fantastic mountain onsen? Spending a night on a farm in the countryside? Watching a master craftsman create a one-of-a-kind artwork? THOSE are some cool stories worth sharing!
    (Of course, I'd still like to do the big cities, but not for my whole stay).

  11. Hey you.. Yeah you scrolling down in the comments. I dare you to lick your screen. If you don't, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to lick you screen.

  12. Japan definitely is more safe than other countries but…I have been pick pocketed three times (once full month cash salary…they used to give it in cash directly rather than to the account) and have also had place broken into more than once (nothing to steal but guess they couldn't believe a foreigner would be so poor) , had my iPad taken (stupid me as I used my bag as a place saver…as do many other people), and have also had the chickan thing. Once an easy target, it seems more likely yo happen again; I have heard this from others as well. All the same, I feel RELATIVELY safe and do not worry much about walking out even alone in public generally safe touristy places at night, something I probably would be, sorry to say, cautious about as a female in the US.

  13. It must be really really bad to travel on a packed train in summer in japan😱😱(with all does sweaty people😱😱)

  14. The only places in Japan where I feel hesitant about opening my wallet or leaving my bag unprotected is in areas like Roppongi or Kabukicho or anywhere else with a large foreign population. Sad but true.

  15. 'Like he shops expensive knifes' '*laughs* waitwaitwaitwait that was just One time' 😂😂 man I love these two

  16. I remember opening my wallet in Japan to pay for food and 3 university students behind me gasped and facepalmed. I had no idea how much I actually had in Yen (USD2000+) and soon realised that why they were so shocked. Even though there wasn't anybody around they didn't do anything fishy.

  17. My grandmother falls for scams all the time and my mom is constantly scolding her and has to fix my grandmother’s mistakes.

  18. I’d love to know the feeling of safety as a woman alone in society. I get so paranoid that someone is going to attack me.

  19. Kyoto sounds like Venice, beautiful but touristy. When I went to Venice I was able to find some really lovely peaceful places a bit out the way (parts that were mostly for locals, or just round the corner from the big tourist areas) so we got to experience what it should be like minus the people and souvenir shops/stalls. Does Kyoto have any places like that too? (If that makes sense? 🙂 )

  20. Ok I live in Memphis!
    There is SO MUCH CRIME
    Also the way Memphis is spayed is unplanned. That means that if you travel to Memphis and you drive through a relatively nice rich neighborhood say Poplar for example you could wind up in a really bad neighborhood like orange Mound if you go past University of Memphis on the other side of the tracks. There's also a lot of gang activity crime in Memphis. So really to be honest, if you're not out there looking for Crime it's not going to look for you USUALLY. So long as you stay in the tourist areas you should be okay. Tips to avoid being robbed in the first place would be not taking your wallet out and having a lot of money on you. I would suggest having a GreenDot card. I would also suggest for you to have a safe in your hotel if you have anything of value. Also, don't stay at a cheap hotel if you have a lot of money and valuables and you want to show off don't do that here. If you want a nice cheap room rent the Motel 6 here, the Motel 6 on Sycamore View is nice I work there you might even meet me, but don't flash money around and don't make yourself seem noticeable as a tourist too much. The tourist areas like Graceland are incredibly police protected so you're probably going to be completely safe on Graceland premises if you go see Elvis, but be aware that Elvis Presley in general is a bad neighborhood once you leave the tourist area. If someone is selling things on the street then I would suggest that you don't even attempt to talk to them because there's a good chance that whatever they're selling might be stolen and the last thing you want to do is get caught up in illegal activity without even realizing. Memphis is a really nice town, the people are great here, but you also have to be aware that this is a high crime area and you have to be preventative about what you do in the first place. If you are in a very cheap or poor area it would be suggested that if you decided to live here that you get a dog a very large dog. and probably a gun to if you live alone like I do. I am currently in the process of getting a 9 mm because I don't feel safe living alone…. Nothing bad has happened but I still want one under my pillow

  21. Hey my Bf and I are going to Tokyo this September for two weeks and we wanted a weekpass for the train and underground. Is there something like that (I can't find it on Google or anywhere else just daytickets) and how much ist it?

  22. I think my mom would have a heart-attack if she ever went to japan. lol. Cuz she was uncomfortably crowded with the fact that there was 3…whole…houses… in our close neighborhood. Like… only 50 meeters between them. So she moved into the woods where she wouldn't have any neighbors within a mile….and now she's talking about the nightmare of how they're building an apartment building less than a kilometre from her. xD

    I am really curious to see if Japan is as bad as it sounds tho. People always complained about how bad London was during rush hours, but it wasn't really all that bad. You might have to wait for the two or tree first subways going away to get on a subway that wasn't stuffed, but since they go with like a minute apart, it's no big deal. (If you just go a bit early)

  23. On the Kyoto thing, I 100% agree. It is very crowded but it wasn't always crowded because I went many years ago back when Arashiyama was completely deserted of people and no one was at pure water temple XD. I do think its very disappointing because too many people are there which ruins the vibe… but at the same time, those people are just like us who want to experience the place. and I'm sure people like us don't want to keep such beatiful places to ourselves.

  24. You know what’s fun
    Airdropping random pictures to random people who have their airdrop on in like restaurants and them waiting a watching to see how they react when the stupid picture picture you sent pops up

  25. When my family was in Japan, we went to a 7-ELEVEN often.
    One time, my mother was waiting outside the 7-ELEVEN when this dude came up to her and put his arm around her. She wasn't alarmed, as she thought it was me or my father. Then, she turned her head to look at him, and saw that he was just some random guy. Then, she pushed him away as she thought that it (the guy putting his arm around her) was weird.
    After that, my sister came out of the store and saw the guy. She backed off slowly towards the store, while calling our mother, "Mommy! Mommy!"
    On the way back to the AirBNB we were staying at, my sister was like, "Mommy, I'll be your bodyguard!" I also was like, "I'll also be your bodyguard!", jokingly.
    Do guys just randomly put their arms around women in Japan? Is that some sort of weird way to flirt with ladies in Japan? XD

  26. That "do a favour then request a tip" thing happened to my mum in Egypt. She was so annoyed when she came back to England.

  27. So im looking to go to Kanazawa or Saitama… I'm wanting to move to either or? opinions from people who live in Japan please? thanks ^_^

  28. What about the yakuza? Is it common that they come out at night to terrorize or is it just a rare phenomenon in specific parts of the country?

  29. questions to my fellow canadians: how safe do you feel is canada compared to other places you've been to for long periods of time?

  30. You're American Rachel. You've been taught to be afraid. I live in the UK, use public transport all rhe time, leave my purse and phone on the seat next to me, and never had anyone snatch it.

    I waa burgled once (but don't see it as the end of the world). Most countries are safe (especially if those around you are not poor/destitute).

  31. I am an American and in my family we always hide our phones under our seats or under something in the car because my mom has had multiple things stolen from her in a car and we can’t leave our bikes out and we have a locked mailbox.

    Explanation for the car thing:

    Not everyone is looking to steal something but if you have your phone or wallet out it can tempt people and they might break into your car by the window

  32. You're such a gorgeous couple inside and out … please breed. I myself am not a breeder, and I almost never encourage having children due to overpopulation and all the ones who have no parents … but your kids need to exist in the world.

  33. Con of visiting Japan is you'll get fat! I put on 3kg and I only stayed for 3 and a half days ahah The food is just too delicious

  34. Those calls to elderly people are so common in Russia! My great grandmother was fooled once when she received a phone call and thought it was my father speaking. The person even introduced himself using my father`s name! He said that he got in a car accident and had to pay a huge sum of money. She was petrified by the news and rushed to the nearest ATM. Luckily, when she found one and asked a security person to help her with the transaction, he asked her if she was sure she was doing the right thing and really knew the person she was sending money to. So she phoned my Dad and found out that he was perfectly all right, having a usual work day.

  35. Wow! The safety factor is wonderful. I am in the USA and safety varies widely according to areas. I lived in southern Kansas in the USA and if you did not chain it down – it was gone!

    My area is so so – relatively safe but ….I would really like to live in a safe country.

  36. I don't think people care if the video is too long. The video is very interesting and entertaining. I love watching your videos

  37. I live in an area where there are high humidity levels that can reach the same levels in Japan, so I am physically good for that.

  38. Hmmm japan is safer then the U.S hmmm
    Japan: No guns
    America: Guns

    Well it’s probably not related right ….. right?

  39. I went to Kyoto for a conference and decided while i was jetlagged to go do all my sightseeing before the conference every morning at around 5.30-6am and it was as amazing as the tourist guides made out because there was only a hand full of people there! But i did get taken somewhere as part of the conference around 4pm and we couldnt move for tourist haha I would definitely recommend biting the bullet and going at sunrise

  40. I wish I could go with some of my school but it's too expensive, I can go my senior year tho which is 3 years from now.

  41. I visited Japan in late November and I hit things just right that year because Japan was experiencing a late autumn. So I got to enjoy the peak colors, but just about everywhere I went, it wasn't crowded. Except Osaka Castle. I visited the castle during its 400th birthday celebration — and it was jam packed. But Osaka Castle ended up being the exception. The most scenic and, frankly, beautiful castle I visited was Himeji Castle (Himeji Jo), in the town of Himeji, which is in south Honshu Island. Himeji Jo is huge and very photogenic.

    If you live in the USA, check into buying a Rail Pass before you leave the states. It can't be bought inside Japan. You pay a flat fee, which is very reasonable, and this allows you to travel all JNR rail lines (JNR = Japan National Railway) for FREE. And this includes the Shinkansen bullet train. So I got to ride the Shinkansen several times during my stay in Japan. It was like flying on the ground. Very cool and a great way to travel long distances in not much time.

  42. I have experienced scary things in japan I’ve been in two magnitude 3 earthquake and a false fire alarm alert (they evacuated the whole building witch had 6 floors)

  43. This is funny, the first time I went to Japan in 2014 I was scammed by a Japanese man at Shinjuku station who demanded a tip after he "helped" us buy a ticket from a machine. We went there the next day and saw him doing it to some other tourists as well

  44. So basically you can not turn of the sound of the camera tone ? Did I understood it right? I mean you can not disable a turn of function

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