Prepositions of Place IN ON AT | English Grammar Transportation Holiday/Vacation

English Untangled with Jennifer Earle Hey hey It’s Jennifer here from English
Untangled. Today we’re going to look at those tiny little words so many of you find frustrating and impossible to remember and that is prepositions of
place,IN, ON and AT. Yes, I know there are more than that but let’s focus on those
three first and I thought what better place to do this, than ON the beach, ON
vacation, IN Mexico! Wait a minute, wait a minute, we’re not going on holiday just
yet. There are some things I need to explain to you first so that you
understand and if you learn something from this video please
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too. I know a lot of you get frustrated with IN and AT. What’s the difference,
right? Well, think of it like this, if we are speaking generally, we say AT. If we are speaking more specifically, we say IN. “I’m AT the airport IN the departure
lounge.” So I could say, “I’m AT home IN my studio.” Home is in general and
specifically I’m IN my studio. Also, if a place is surrounded by walls or enclosed in some way, we say IN. “My phone is IN my handbag.” Okay, now let’s look at modes of transportation. This area always confuses learners but if you learn these rules and remember them, you’re sure to get it right every time. There are 3 rules
to remember and number 3 is different so pay attention. Number 1 If you sit on it, physically, we say ON and OFF. ON the motorcycle, ON the bike, ON the horse. “I jumped onto my motorcycle and drove off
into the sunset.” “I jumped off my horse because it started acting crazy.” Number 2 These are usually considered public modes of transportation and also you can
stand up inside them, like a train, a plane, a bus, a cruise ship. “He suffers from motion sickness and was feeling very sick so he ran off the plane as soon as it landed.” Number 3 This is the one that’s different. We use IN
and OUT OF and it’s for vehicles where you can’t really stand up inside them and we think of these as vehicles that are maybe a bit more personal, like a car
or a van, a taxi or even a canoe. “When she stood up in the canoe, it tipped over and everyone fell out.” Okay, are you ready to go on holiday? Let’s go to Mexico! ON a train. AT the airport. IN the line at the gate. ON our way. IN my seat ON the plane. On the bus. IN a taxi. AT my hotel. IN my hotel room. AT the pool. IN the pool. IN the sun. IN the shade. ON the beach. IN the sand and it feels so
nice. IN the ocean. IN the shower. AT the bar. ON the rocks. Salt ON the rim. AT a restaurant. ON the menu. I’m ON cloud nine IN paradise. Thank you so much for watching. If this has helped you and you’d like to continue untangling your English, make sure you like, follow and subscribe or you can come along to my
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