Prague Food Tour! Traditional Czech Food in Prague, Czechia

Prague Food Tour! Traditional Czech Food in Prague, Czechia

When you see meat hanging in a window you must stop! Hey guys I’m Ross and Bek is right
behind the camera Today we’re in Prague and we’re gonna
take you around the streets and show you our favorite Czech foods. Now if you’re
into travel and foodie videos be sure to hit subscribe, and guys we
have you, if you want to know where we’re going today descriptions are down below so one of the most traditional Czech
foods are these open sandwiches and well we’ll put the name on the screen because
I have no idea how to say it but the really cool thing is when you look at
them they’re just all these different assortments and we ask them what’s the
best one and they kind of said just try a mixture just try a blend of all of
them so that’s what we think you should do let’s try it let’s try this hmm oh wow so they all have different
toppings sandwich meats, creams, vegetables eggs that sort of stuff so
let’s try this eggy mess I’m gonna call it let’s try it Oh that is like the best egg salad you will
ever eat on a really soft piece of bread I’m saving some for Bek looks like I’m
saving some on my face as well medium-rare roast beef with like a
horseradish on there let’s give this a crack I’m getting messy eating these but that
is my favorite that’s such a beautiful combination thanks. Smoked salmon and some sort of
interesting bit on the outside fight and love smoked Salmon and that one’s
just really simple if do you like smoked salmon try them all pick like five or six
of these eaten for lunch every day Czech food I think the key to eating this is one hand on this and one hand for catching everything that falls. catching hands maybe that’s where I was going wrong When you see meat hanging in a window, you must stop! Nase maso is a butcher
but they cook a lot of the meat here it’s so fresh
we’re really pumped we’ve come in had a chat to them and they’ve told us the
three most traditional things that you need to eat here now I’m pretty pumped
because the last time I had the tartare was in France and I haven’t had it here
but they assure me is really good so let’s tuck in let’s get some there, now
I’ve now this little bit of garlic that you
just rub over the bread that’s so much flavor look
nice generous spread that is amazing honestly that’s so good
it has I’m thinking couple little spices in there sand onion really finely
chopped and the freshest beef that you could imagine it’s such a unique flavor
compared to the French tartare oh my god seriously love this I’m not gonna share
any with you Bek, next thing is a meatloaf need to come and get some of
this that was the first thing they said that I should get here is meatloaf so it
comes with a bit of bread that’s so much bread already today mustard
I use my fingers you need a pickle as well let’s see if this fits in my gob meatloaf was made for my mouth amazing
so many different herbs in there that is like someone’s grandma just cooked you a
nice meatloaf on a Sunday night and finally hamburger now quality means
quality everything here they’re backing themselves in so much they leave it kind
of medium-rare it’s a real tribute to the meat normally
in a burger you have the sauces the cheeses and all the other things taking
over it’s the meat. A little subtle bit of mustard
and pickle in there this is such a unique experience to come
and try three of the best Czech dishes I think you can find really traditional
stuff here as we’re heading on to our next stop you
might be wondering where’s all the pork? where is the pork knuckle the koleno? Well
you’re gonna have to check out a video we released a couple of weeks ago which
is our tribute to pork – yummy! From the day we got here in Prague we
know this there was a real obsession with duck so we were intrigued and we
just hunted around the city until we found this place that does a quarter
duck they pack it for potato dumplings that are unbelievable and then it has a
gravy that has this sauerkraut throughout it so it’s quite acidic on
the outside it’s just the perfect dish let’s take I’ll give you some sauerkraut
ah that is just so home-cooking right there
it’s duck it’s really meaty this so much meat on this slow-roasted and it’s such a quirky
thing having potato dumplings on the inside when we see if I can get some out
there I’ve just put a bit of sauerkraut on their potato dumplings this really
does fill you up this excites me so simple I think Bek,
129? 129 Czech crowns insane value like we’ve come here a few times this for a
really simple duck dinner let me get my hands dirty Oh the skin the skin is really
well-seasoned I like that skin I know it’s not for
everyone but if you can have a duck dish come here it’s the tiniest bit out of
the city center but you can jump on these tram numbers and get here like
10-15 minutes well worth it, and the pints of beer are so
much cheaper here too now you may have seen us have a plain chimney cake in Budapest but the way to do it here in Prague is definitely a bit more
over the top. Here at Good Food they do them a little bit more gourmet there are
different flavors and all the different toppings going on it’s such a hot day
this is really starting to melt but what we have here is the double chocolate so
it’s a nut covered cone with a dark chocolate ice cream cherries and
brownies so what more could you want give this a try before it melts all over
me Wow I’m bout to lose a cherry! my gosh!
sour cherry on there is fantastic and if you know me I’m obsessed with
everything sour cherry at the moment so this is right up my alley Wow oh my gosh all my ice cream dreams
come true we stopped filming and we’re just so
full but there’s a brownie at the bottom bonus!

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  1. You guys are the best. Love your foodie videos! How tasty is that duck dish and the ice-cream thingy!
    Prague looks incredible! 🙌🙌👏✔❤

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  4. Love a good butcher that serves fresh meat 👍🏻👍🏻
    How much are those 3 traditional Cezch food? They all look yum!!

  5. Another fantastic video, guys! Haha, it looks like having a "catching hand" is a must when enjoying those open-face sandwiches! The meatloaf and duck also looks really tasty!

  6. Great video! We love Prague! Was there a couple years ago for a short time, hopefully we can have a chance to visit again.

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    O I would love the smoked salmon one too! Haha Bek is smart with the catching hand 😂
    Ross happy dance after the first bite of tartare? Hahahah that's how you know it's good!
    So interesting how they stuff potato dumplings in the duck. Never heard of that but it looks incredible 😍
    OMG I'm obsessed with chimney cakes!!!! That's gotta be my fav!

  10. I really enjoyed the food that you guys sampled. i was just in Prague and Karlovy Vary last month. i subscribed #3909 for more!
    thanks for the support

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  14. That meat is so good in Prague ! That duck looks so interesting with the potato dumplings inside. We both weren’t fans of duck but you made it look so good. I feel like you guys could make any food look good the way Ross explains the taste and Bek does the broll of food haha

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  19. Meatloaf with mustard and pickle 🤤
    The burger looks really yummy 🤤
    Though I don't eat red meat but they look so good
    The duck dish looks amazing
    My wife loves duck skin
    That ice cream with sour cherry must be really good
    Thanks for sharing guys
    Sorry just able to catch up with you we've been ill the last week. It's finally spring here
    Have a great day guys

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