29 Replies to “Popular Vacation Destinations Push Back Against Overtourism | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Embarrassing that people don't know how to behave in public☹
    How you gana go to someone else house and trash it??😡

  2. You could see the world and not experience anything substantial so read a book it's cheaper and you'll get more out of it.

  3. I consider myself very fortunate to have studied in Europe and seen places like Venice long before this mess. I remember going to Saint Mark's Square early one day and I was one of only 7 people in that entire space. It was quiet and it was beautiful. These scenes of Venice in the video: completely absurd.

  4. You think you are poor now? When they get wind you commoners are filling up their vacation spots they had you build for them. How dare you! Wage and living decreases to come.

  5. Think of all those people flying, adding huge amounts of particulates into the atmosphere. This "selfie" and selfish world is the problem for EVERYTHING!

  6. So interesting how people in East Coast pronounce Tourist but it sounds like “Toorist”. Where is the “U” lol

  7. Thankfully I saw this video before becoming a tourist. Perhaps the word should now be changed to turdist. I think I'll spend my holidays in my home region instead. I wouldn't want to end up in a Euro-Prison for eating messy food in the street. Or wearing inappropriate clothing. Heaven forbid! Or wearing out the carpet in the Louvre and destroying their city with my fetid North American presence. Or inflicting a bad hair day upon the European populace. I'd hate to be a burden to those poor suffering Euro-Folks… I'm sure that they'll be relieved to hear that North Americans will be staying home so as not to come and ruin their iconic cities with our crude appearance and garish ways.

  8. Seeing the world shouldn't just be for the super rich it should be for all to see just over crowding is a downside to it all. I went to Venice last year and personally didn't find it that bad as I went in the winter. Still not overly impressed with the place though lol

  9. Oh my God, who in their right mind would jump in the Canals of Venice? "The water is how you say….disgusting…." Quote from an actual Italian Tour Guide.

  10. I bet you they don't complain when they're taking the money to the bank. That's like New York City crying there's too many people here. Let's stop being the number one city in the world.

  11. This isn't new. Decades ago there was book called "The Ugly American". It was how Americans's more than any other nationality, trash wherever they visit.

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