Pizza Eyeshadow Palette… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Pizza Eyeshadow Palette… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi… happy holidays! now in today’s video we
are going to be reviewing and testing out the highly talked about pizza eye
shadow palette! now I’m gonna be honest girl when I saw this online I looked to
myself and I was like is this real like I thought it was like a CGI moment or
someone made it up to like a catfish me bitch but anyway I thought today since
we’re gonna be reviewing the pizza palette which by the way we have to just
show off right now fuck the intro we just got a show with
this product right now so quick backstory before I pop this up I was
sitting at home and the doorbell rang and about I don’t know 20 packages came
dog food and an anal lube and I don’t even know a new computer came in the
mail some Gucci shoes and then this big square flat box came in the mail and I
open it and this was inside now this is from a brand called glam light now it
says it’s freshly baked and delicious pizza of the year
now the PR package is literally a massive pizza box now you know I have
six dogs they went ham on my PR box before mommy could review it so anyone
else at home have dogs I’ve seen some of y’all wear your dogs have destroyed your
palates and stuff before rest in peace so let’s open this up it says the
world’s best pizza has arrived hello alright so when you open this up
it has the pizza of course in the center and I gotta be honest you guys this is
heavy this is a heavy-ass PR box so let me take the pizza out okay first of all
here’s the palette so here is what the giant pizza palette looks like now it is
big you guys look at my face hi where’d she go now there is a lot of opinions
about this online which what’s new the internet as opinion about everything now
I think this is a really fun cool idea some people hate it some people fucking
love it I’m in the vein of this is really fun it’s innovative it’s really
cute now who doesn’t love pizza if you’re someone at home that’s like I
actually don’t like pizza can’t relate I hit okay the dogs are barking downstairs
and I think my delivery is here back Oh Chris pizza dear yes I had to
order pizza you guys how the hell can you review the pizza palette without
having actual pizza alright so who else lives for pizza I’ve been eating pizza
for a very long time I love these these are cup a little jalapeno poppers bitch
hmm besides that we’ve got the Cinnabon mini rolls hi how are ya something isn’t
right into a mukbang I also got some cheesy bread and with marinara sauce and
then my favorite since I’ve been eating as a kid stuffed crust pizza by the way
this is not sponsored at all you guys saw pizza tweeted me the other
day I’m gonna throw up the tweet right here
that was literally iconic we’re in the holiday season baby I got my talk about
sweater Pizza Hut Taco Bell combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell all right let’s
dive in to this mm-hmm all right y’all so who hates some people talk with their
mouths full when there’s food unless I’m going out mmm oh yeah all right guys
let’s open up the pizza palette now this has 18 delicious shades BAM here is what
the palette looks like it has a very large mirror hi guys I see you and when
you open up the palette it does have a plastic protector so the shadows do not
get injured while they are traveling wherever you live what do you guys think
of this palette when I first looked at it I thought it was really cool it’s fun
it’s different obviously the beauty community and the makeup world has seen
a lot over the last few years and there has been a really huge resurgence I’ve
just everyone making a makeup brand so it’s cool when someone new comes along
now glam light is not the newest brand they’ve been around for a while I think
I’ve never tried their products before so today is a very big first impressions
here so let’s I think it’s time to dive in but I do want to give you guys the
full T now this palette does retail for forty dollars it is currently sold out
they are shipping orders I think at the end of the month or doing pre-orders
it’s one of those things that goes where I think it’s
like they’re gonna probably take off and go viral because of the packaging now is
the formula good we’re gonna see in a second now other tidbits about this
pallet is that it is vegan which is kind of weird y’all I thought there was gonna
be like meat sauce in here or something in the ingredients let’s see what the
ingredients are I think they are back here yes they’re all here pretty simple
I mean it’s it’s the ingredients to make a shadow it says right here that it is
made in China and it is distributed in California so this is a China made
palette which we all know I don’t care about that at all
a lot of my favorite eyeshadow palettes this year actually came out of China
back in the day it used to be kind of frowned upon like oh that’s bad now
what’s that girl there’s good labs out there but is this good I don’t know I
haven’t watched anyone’s review as I haven’t seen anyone use it I just
obviously it showed up at my door and I was like good morning so I think it’s
only fair that we of course do what we do in every single review and that is
put on some Mac painterly paint-pot let’s grab our trusty mirror here and
let’s apply this Paint Pot so we’re just gonna put this all the way up in the
brow bone and let’s take this shadow up to God later all right I know that neon
shades are very difficult to make so I am gonna dive in right – hot sauce here
this hot orange ooh there’s a lot of pigment on the brush already and minimum
fallout with the hot orange shade lid for that so we’ve coated our entire
brush we’ll give it a little dust off not really much came off all right so
let’s take this and we’re just gonna put this right in my crease here and see if
anything is gonna show up and yes and God honey she has pigment and payoff
okay now this palette is really heavy so when I’m dipping into a new shade I will
hold it up again but I’m just gonna be dipping into it right down here girl she
is heavy I’m not like pushing it hard I’m just kind of flicking up and
pressing onto the skin yes girl okay so I’m just gonna lay down a little
outline of this orange we’re gonna take it right in here because we all know I
have no eyebrows honey so we’re gonna take this and serve you some alien
what’s new and then we’re just gonna flick a
little bit up now one thing I do want to note you guys I don’t know why maybe
it’s because of just allergy season here in LA the fires it’s so dry but my
actual like eyeballs and the skin around my eyes have been so dry lately if
anyone has any recommendations of things they really love I know there’s like
eczema eye cream I just bought online but I am so dry right here so I do want
to give a disclaimer I am having a little bit of a skin issue it is not the
eye shadow so just before I put any shadow on there in case you know how
people are are you sure the shadow didn’t do that to you it’s just me baby
yeah all right I’m gonna quickly do the other side and be right back all right
hot sauce is laid down I love saying the shade names now we’re gonna take a
little bit of pepperoni in the crease and garlic on the brow bone I love it
okay no actually we’re gonna take this to the James Charles M 4-3-3 this came
with his palette and I love it a lot of my brushes are dirty so I am using a lot
of his brushes today so let’s go into extra cheese here it is a beautiful
light macaroni and cheese color hi it looks like this and we’re just gonna
take that and we’re gonna put it right into hot sauce bitch yes we are let’s
blend these two together do the shadows blend well together that is the real gag
and yeah they’re blending pretty good already when you have a palette and you
have a brand you’ve never really played with you never know how the shadows are
gonna perform so I try to do my normal routine every day moisturizer everything
when I do review so you guys can know like is it really working and it’s
working so far alright and I’m gonna go back in with hot sauce right here a
little bam bam bam and then we’re just gonna blend up oh wow it’s so bright all
right now we’re gonna dip into a little bit of garlic up top here I love that by
the way extra cheese I get extra cheese on everything quesadillas pizzas grilled
cheese I am a cheese addict alright so we’re just gonna take garlic and we’re
gonna put it right here and just just soften that extra cheese okay I love it
because it’s not too like right bright like a really soft pale nude this is
just to soften those edges obviously we’re not trying to look natural here by
any means but bitch I pulled this out honey yes now that we have everything
laid down we’re looking very yummy I want to dip into pepperoni right here
and now I keep brushes I don’t know if anyone else does it’s at home
I’ll keep brushes that are already stained with the color what’s a good
example here like this one is yellow this one is stained orange permanently
and this is not the orange I used earlier the brushes I use earlier here
but I always keep brushes that have like red dye on them because it like never
come out comes out so we’re just gonna take this little Mac 2 2 1 so we’re
gonna go into pepperoni here oh wow for a vegan red shadow there is very
minimal fallout bitch is impressed with this one okay now these two shadows did
go really good together let’s put this red right there in the crease and deepen
this moment put some pepperoni all in that fucking
crease in this thing oh that looks pretty let me look up there we go red
orange and this yellow together bitch whoa all right we are looking spicy I’m
living for this so far all the shadows have blended really good together now I
think it’s time to go a little bright now shade pineapple right here is a
beautiful hot yellow it’s a metallic there is not that many metallics it’s
mostly matte except one two three look at Redding’s up there with that crazy
purple we’re gonna swatch that in a second but I do want to take this shade
before I wet the brush let’s just try it this is a little packer brush from
morphe this is the m12 for let’s just take it see the brush has nothing on it mmm
okay I don’t want a lot of Fallout but let me just coat the brush completely
let’s see how we feel okay and let’s just apply it directly to the lid and
let’s see what happens oh wow okay look at miss pineapple yes
girl okay I imagine wetting the brush though I’ll do this a little bit more I
went to brush with anything even my own palate sometimes I’m like girl who we
just want that intensity but the fact that you don’t need to wet it is really
good was gonna pack this on yes a yellow
that’s really pretty if you want to for fun well they could
take our little spray let’s go right back into miss pineapple now I took a
lot on my brush there will be a little fallout as you guys can see I’m just
gonna tuck that right in there oh wow yellow reds oranges all of them together
is so pretty it’s like Phoenix x-men it’s like fully
food oh girl hi it’s me alright i’ll McDonald oh alright now we’re gonna go
right back into hot sauce them a little bit of extra cheese on the brush and
then we’re just gonna take that and just press it on the lid and get those two to
see eye to eye there we go oh I love that
mmm hot sauce and pineapple little bitch Wow okay this is unexpectedly turning
fierce now it’s time for a little bit of eyeliner in my waterline I’m gonna take
the max smolder pencil I’ve been using this for about 15 years you guys can you
believe that not the same liner imagine but this pencil is iconic so I’m looking
for my sharpener here alright you guys know I like to take my
damp Beauty sponge and we’re just going to go and barely bring that down we’re
not gonna pull our eyelids and look old we’re just gonna pop that right in there it’s just that easy now this doesn’t
have to be perfect because we are gonna smudge it out with some Brown shadow in
a minute now we have the pizza up here now it’s time to bring the crust down
here alright y’all I really want to dip into meatballs a sausage and bacon yes
god I feel like I’m having a foursome now I definitely want to really darken
this and give it its moment I wish I could do stuffed crust under eyes I
wouldn’t even know what that means I love this guy because it’s a little kind
of like pencil brush moment that really gets under the eye now meatballs appears
to be a more darker warmer brown whereas sausage sausage is a little lighter so
we’re just gonna coat the brush fully give her a little 1 2 3 I love this
brand and I commend them for putting a mirror up here because this shit
massive Chris look at this imagine I’m like I’m like blocking all the light I
know I feel it I feel awful okay they’re so meatballs and sausage bitch for
putting that all on my under eye let’s take it and just drag that liner across
this thing yeah oh wow that actually went way into that red okay one second
please bitch don’t try to wing out until I’m
ready for you Oh we’ll merge that in a minute no let’s get to blending alright
now I’m gonna take a little bit of bacon up here with the brush that had
pepperoni on it it had no other shadow on it so I’m just gonna take Missal
bacon here and we’re gonna run it underneath meatballs and sausage baby
yes god no it’s pulling some of that red shadow with bacon which is exactly what
I wanted I wanted to mix and then we’re just gonna merge them together and
bringing a dramatic smoky hi-hi all right now we’re gonna dip into shade ham
it is this beautiful bubblegum pink right here we’re gonna dip into that I’m
in a little bit of garlic and just mix and match and then we’re gonna take that
as the final good morning and put that right under the I would love other all
blending together oh okay Pizza Beach work we have played
with eight shades so far and I gotta say so far so good I’m looking in the modern
and I’m like oh yeah me I love the under eye with the red pink brown black like
it’s giving me the full fantasy that I need today I’m gonna go quickly do a
lashes and mascara off camera be right back oh girl alright so I put on some
mascara you guys and I was deepening my contour i placed lashes on and it hit
all of how pretty this looks so I’m just gonna do mascara only today I’m living
for this whole fantasy now let’s really dive in I’m just rying to make sure my
face looks snatched you guys hi we do need a little bit of a highlight I have
a tiny bit on but I’m gonna go in with a little bit of a wet dream supreme frost
and just place this right there oh looks like a literal gold glass on your cheeks
yes god damn I’m feeling like myself again all right
the highlight is on let me shut my mouth and let’s get to the final thoughts of
this Pizza palette all right now you never know what to expect when you’re
getting something from the mail from any Instagram brand or whatever you want to
call it now this year has been insane I can’t believe is only a few more days
left of this year I’m genuinely shook but I’m looking in front of me at so
many things I have reviewed this year and there’s been a lot of flops hyah
Nickelodeon palette high a lot of other shit but then there’s also been some
amazing indie moments on this channel like reviewing the box of crayons and so
many other really cool indie stuff so I will say this the glam light pizza
palette definitely surprised me I didn’t know what I was getting into I heard a
lot of stuff from people being not sure there was some swatches going around
that people are like little bit look a little patchy and on my girl I’m so
tired of the swatch conspiracies y’all do not use all your fingers to blend out
in I look so stop worrying about finger swatches
let’s fully talk about it you guys it’s heavy it feels good
now the artwork around here I feel like it could have been a little more clear
but bitch it looks like a pizza it got the job done I think it looks really
cool it’s a unique idea I wonder how many other brands are gonna be making
food items to try to steal this moment watch it happen watch it happen there’s
a lot of colors I didn’t get to use because 18 colors is a lot so we got
through eight I do want to just touch this black shade black olive right here
black olives now matte black shadows are very hard to create okay now because
everyone’s always gonna be like oh I just want to really rub it in there it
feels creamy it feels good it doesn’t feel dry I’m just gonna do that right
there yeah hi what dry swatches girl all right let’s do a few more green peppers
I look stunning oh hello and then let’s do we got to do
red onions because that is a very weird shade metallic purples are never good
not never majority of the time they’re a flop so let’s see how that looks oh okay
actually feels really good is until dry now this green let’s put her in there oh
wow okay these colors actually look a little vibrant like I’m not mad at all
so we saw how this performed but greens and blues sometimes have a really hard
time so I’m gonna do a second layer of the green Wow
okay she’s impressed what about this one over here low medium tone pink hi bitch
Oh basil honey we forgot about Miss basil hey so how you doing girl okay
she’s cute she could probably use a second layer but that looks really
pretty and then this one woo girl sorry my little pinky didn’t get enough color
alright y’all I will say that these colors are really cute we love a
buildable moment most of these you really don’t need to build up but for
anyone else that wanted to see more colors here is another five formula was
good the price $40 I think that is pretty good for an indie brand I’m sure
a lot of you are like maybe it’s a little pricey and they could want a
little lower look it’s whoever that whoever owns is
brand you price of how you wanted to priced it I think it’s a really cute
idea it’s fun the shadows blended beautifully and I think it’s time to say
it you guys the glam light pizza eyes shadow palette is officially jeffree
star approved hey guys this is really fun I had a really good time playing
with this it got me excited about makeup again and it’s time for Christmas
everyone sound awful Oh what do you think about this video what do you think
about the palette did you live for it did you hate it sound off below alright
you guys I will see you on the next one

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