OUR ARGENTINA TRIP STARTS NOW! | Visiting Buenos Aires for 3 Days

OUR ARGENTINA TRIP STARTS NOW! | Visiting Buenos Aires for 3 Days

time to drop off the bat you I wish it would tell us how heavy how
overweight is our bag they’re already pretty cold we have a lot of gifts to
bring mostly yes family right yeah there go well hello world
yes arrived in Buenos Aires is quite the journey been a long flight
it’s been a long play one and a half hours yeah overnight
we’re fighting off jetlag we didn’t get much of a sleep last night
no no I mean we’re thrilled to be here there’s what like a 30 you know a 40
degree weather change something like that was like – 15 – 20 we went we went
through – 35 the coldest coldest day – 35 degrees right now we’re just gonna
jump right into things we’re gonna go out for food then I think we’re gonna
have a little nap and then we’ll give you like an apartment tour show you what
we’re up to also we’re in Buenos Aires with my
parents with my mom and dad we’re gonna be here together for three days yeah so
I think we’re just gonna be shooting like little Clips here and there and
kind of making a vlog over those three days it’s gonna be really fun it’s gonna
basically be an overview of everything we do here in the city oh let’s get
started with some food we are making our way over to Bodegon Norte
on the autumn day almost there ready for lunch
everyone’s hungry we were searching for the restaurant like that and been
dreaming about and we’re right here oh yeah full of people we’ve already
placed our order with the order in English Oh in English i order a breaded piece of beef they’re
like a veal cutlet (Milanesa) with the french fries and it’s a typical argentinian dish called
milanesa here and it’s amazing you know if you come to Argentina you gotta try
it out milanesa con papa fritas
gotta live with that pretty car a bottle of wine right here in Argentina don’t you just make it like guys salad I ordered my dad was mocking
me for ordering salad in Argentina but look I’ve got lettuce tomatoes cheese
eggs olives my olives I don’t know what it’s called in English part and look at
that yeah this monster dish with a huge piece
of meat and the print price five dollars US us back wrong for five dollars she’s a
regular coffee and a doughnut if I part and here the thing about this this is
the meal of the day they’re huge the monster monster meal may not
want to know so they do you see the value right now it is amazing I love this song you know
the sake guys I’ve ordered one of the most delicious pastas of my life
it’s ravioli who made ravioli it comes with like a really delicious salsa which
the sauce has tomatoes yeah that’s just it’s unbelievable about
ingredients in Spaziano face a p.m. on pizza Chico small cell but every day here we and fly meters to the we’ve got a
huge lunch but you know the feast continues we came to a place called Rapa
Nui sorry my cones is dripping here yeah we came here because so many people
recommended this place in the comments on YouTube we had this is one of the
most recommended places yeah it’s incredible though like the flavours
ingredients like I’m having two different dulce de leche once one is
with flan yeah one is called triple dulce de leche unbelievably tasty yeah
and you got it in a fancy little cone I just got a small cup and my two flavors
here are maricuya which is passionfruit with and it also has Kiwi
and then on top of that I got strawberry and it just feels like you’re eating
real fruit it’s so natural and my dad well he’s he’s on a roll there’s
basically nothing left what what flavors did he go I had chocolate with a pecan
mm-hmm and then I had the flan con dulce de leche oh that was good yeah it was
amazing I mean I didn’t give it any time to melt I went for it
and I’m done with it so a slight change of plan
why are we at a supermarket instead of meeting people right now we’re gonna
have a piccata something a little lighter lighter still digesting lunch I
mean our grand ideas are sometimes not not in alignment with our stomach I
think we can only do one massive meal today yeah like we had a huge nap
probably an hour and a half or two and we’re not hungry
although a light supermarket meal with the family in the plan but we will have
a pizza tomorrow you are we will you know what I’ve learned if ever I can’t
find Sam in a supermarket I just have to come over to the wine section and lo and
behold there he is of the net net favor of moon but we’ll see so day two good morning from Buenos Aires it is a rainy day today so we’ve gone out for breakfast we’re
eating at a place called La Biela where the theme is racing cars like old
fashioned racing cars No so we are having Cafe con Leche classic breakfast
classic when inside is a breakfast with the chorus on the croissant the sweet
chorus on the butter yeah have two kinds one is made with lard that is not a
sweet and the other one is made with butter they don’t go for eggs and
omelets and pancakes and all that more the North American breakfast here is
more sweet than the coffee there oh man you know it’s fantastic really really
really yeah and we’re trying to keep breakfast
light because we want to eat a lot for lunch we’ve got pizza our wines pace
ourselves it’s called the giant of the pampas
it’s raining really hard now the giant of the fun part they call it because
it’s amazing the size of this it’s a monster tree yeah this one would be a
couple of hundred years old I think and has probably seen Argentina’s
independence from Spain and these three was probably alive in the 1810 so it’s
something that you don’t see every day and its really worth your time to come
and visit if you are in Buenos Aires because see anything like this any other world
in the world in alright yeah huge so our next stop on this very rainy day
El Ateneo grand splendid which has just been voted one of the most
beautiful book stores in the whole world it is and the key is to get up on the
highest level and just look down yes we are on the third floor yes
not counting the basement Wow is impressive sure it really is
it’s kind of like a cream-colored building with lots of gold detailing a
beautiful ceiling so yeah they sell books here but also movies and music the
last time we were here was three years ago and yeah still as stunning seeing it
once again they also have a cafe on what used to be the stage so you can have a
coffee you can have some cake and yeah of course lots of tourists here because
this is a pretty popular attraction in the city of Buenos Aires so it is now a lunchtime and we have
come to the place called Banchero which was recommended on YouTube by you
guys many times over and over and over so yeah we’ve come here it’s been around
since 1932 my dad was saying this place is like a pizza institution in the
city everyone knows it yeah this is one of the places in Buenos Aires there are
three or four places in Buenos Aires to eat pizza there are landmarks
this one Banchero Guerrin El Cuartito we’re waiting for people there one I don’t remember yeah
this Kentucky and Las immortales yeah we order different slices so each
one is going to have a little bit of a different type of pizza yes the thick
pizza here in Buenos Aires as you know they do the big pizza we also ordered a
bottle of wine Vasco Viejo wine yeah this house wine is a bodegas lopez small pace so
with pizza do you have a wine that is a little bit stronger nothing really laughing when he completed pizza the
best eating with your hand and you have a wine that is rough or you have a beer
so now we wait for the pizza the pizza love affair has begun such a big slice like it feels heavy in
the hand the cheese is oozing all the way through yeah it’s basically just sliding
off the Pizza slice flight thank you so much cheese we’ve already dug into the pizza it’s basically
two ingredients you have this like rich tomato sauce Oh mine are amazing I had
the Napoletana yeah and then I have one with sweet peppers
on hand yeah and the flavor is just out of this
world and only these pizzas is like a trip back in time when I used to live in
Argentina here in Buenos Aires some ways to go to the pizza shop you know when my father
and things like that it tastes change 55 60 years and they
taste exactly the same moments after all the pizza that we consume it’s a lot of you had one slice yeah
your dad had three yeah I had poor but to be fair I snacked different well yeah
right now we’re back at the apartment we took a taxi back because it is pouring
rain it keeps saying that the rain is gonna
stop in the next hour in the next hour I am yeah that’s been happening since
breakfast it’s been like four or five hours and it’s just coming down strong
so we’re gonna rest maybe how siesta yeah maybe we got lucky after we can go
for a walk yeah we’d love to it’s a beautiful city to walk Buenos Aires
and yeah all that food we had it was extremely affordable yeah we wanted to
mention the price so it was the equivalent of $20 including the tip and
four people were eating yeah I wine multiple slice of pizza not let me
actually had eight slices of pizza yeah one empanada giant salad
a full bottle of wine and a full bottle of soda water yeah great yeah and the
taxi back here from the pizzeria is about what 10 12 blocks yeah yeah it was
the equivalent of $2.50 for four people and actually that’s with me giving them
a tip I think it was only $2 dollars for a taxi right Yeah right now Buenos Aires
is an affordable destination and the quality of the food here is out of this
world it’s anything that you can try to
describe on camera it doesn’t do any justice to what it’s like when you
really taste the food it’s a old fashioned cuisine with old-fashioned
ingredients and the flavor is the way it was so yeah we’ll see you soon hopefully
with better weather yeah this is our afternoon excursion recoleta
cemetery very morbid but very luxurious and impressive at the same time I’ve
been here a few times before and there’s usually cats so I’m wondering where the
cats have gone they’re probably hiding from great Sam’s like yeah where are the
cats where are my friends this evening we dine on we gather
ricotta we’re gonna tell us what’s on the table basically a self-made feast
yeah well not me but self prepared and we’ve got a bit of everything crackers
over here will you beat that if it does it’s kind of like Jam cookies we’ve got
the alfajores two kinds ketchup Fez and classical Tara busi yeah then we have a
shot oh no no it’ll shoot though prosciutto on that bruschetta salami
mm-hmm yeah oh my gosh and we got two different kinds of breads hmm we have
the classic spaghetti and this other ones called integrand I guess with seeds
and I don’t know healthier option two wines we started this one yesterday it’s
like from cafe saml back reserved yeah I don’t know this is more like a table
wine Santana yep jeez this one I think they said is called Marvin Plata it’s
very good we had lots of it yesterday there’s beer it was my dad enjoying his
little by Gillian yeah good you know easy easy meal the ending because we had
a lot of during lunch yeah and tomorrow we’re gonna go eat barbecue barbecue so
we’re saving ourselves right yeah so tonight it’s gonna be a light dinner
relatively light I mean and we start like oh this bread and all this deli
meat relatively light light by our standards I suppose not go you know it’s
gonna be fun delicious good morning it is day three it is our
final day and what a situs because tomorrow we fly to portal aura but yeah
we came back to a favorite place of ours North day and we are having breakfast
some coffee with love epic on it ship facturas US media Lunas they have a
special here yeah breakfast special breakfast special coffee will make a
fail left with a three croissant you know the ones made with butter and I
think it’s 85 pesos which comes to about a $2.25 per person it’s a very good
price the coffee is amazing is a typical Buenos Aires cafe au lait there’s nice
and sweet and tasty and full of aroma and the croissant that are called a
media Luna this one you have to be careful with because you can eat 1015 if
we are not careful they are so tasty and then so today we’re going to really walk
around be sitting and sightseeing on foot haha
so then we don’t feel guilty about how much we’re eating and we can burn off
some of the excess color is it otherwise we will not go back to Canada rolling so this is our post breakfast stroll got
a walk off those calories we are currently in Puerto Madero which used
to be the old court of the city and it was kind of like a rundown area but now
it’s super trendy with lots of cafes and bars and people come jogging here
everyone seems to be working out today on a Saturday morning so yeah it’s just
a nice place to walk around now we’ve reached and went to the level head the
bridge of the woman I’m not entirely sure why it has that name because does
it look particularly feminine but yeah here we are this was the last cut aboard this ship
his name was alum possum a Bobby deep we’re gonna lose it we’re
gonna lose you so we are all aboard now the ship opened shortly after 11 a.m.
and we just had to pay 20 business to get on board it’s a contribution of
donation which is the equivalent of less than 50 cents so it’s a very affordable
attraction here in puerto madero and yeah super interesting you’re enjoying
it I’m enjoying it yeah it’s a nice piece of Argentinian naval history this
is a school ship of the Argentinian Navy it was built in the late 1800s and it
sell the oceans of the world till the 1930s roughly it’s an instruction ship
like you know this is what the students Navy research yeah they trained in this
sailing is a sailing ship yeah and they will go in a yearly instruction trip
around the world and yeah with the young kids and cadets from all of the
provinces of Argentina anybody that was interested in a career with the Navy
join and going and officiating a year long voyage yeah yeah and this is the
the voyage was done the last year of schooling that will be like a graduation
trip for all the students that went through the process of the Naval Academy
and at the last year before they got graduated they came into this sailing
ship and they went all over the world is a beautiful boat
it’s built solid like amazing of steel and heavy woods and nice because you
could see how they used to build in those days everything is is done the
metal work is all done rough you know like I mean it’s nothing is it’s perfect
and to smoothness like you would have today you know with all the modern
machinery this was done with a hammer sweat and tears I guess they have plenty of this in the shelf on
the wall everywhere so we’re having we’re having Argentine parrilla asado
yeah yeah so our plan initially was CEO bachelor favorite which is called
buddied up in yeah don’t we got there and there’s a big notice saying that
their clothes will hold on because it’s summer vacations and they
banished from January so then we found like a little newspaper stand asked for
a recommendation someone told us about this place that’s called Nina Bonita and
any kind of like my visa slash will they go on in terms of the style what do we
have coming we have a similar tip which here in Argentina they will deflate
chorizo that’s our it’s really good tender that
my wife is going to have a steak if at the Long Room which is the filet mignon
someone is going to have a state matter of vasile it’s a cut from this part of
the cow you know like at the flank I’m gonna have a sausage and we’re gonna
have a french fries and mixed salad I can with eggs complete and we have a
nice MODOK wine yeah we’re having a extremely good Malbec baking Kimura and
we’re gonna order a cheaper wine but the waitress told Sam well if you order that
cheap wine I’m going to slap you up so it’s a lot of meat though you don’t need
the big enough for it is here we’ve dug right in so already
what you see on our plates is a fraction of what initially arrived here but it is
so good I got the beef or the Lomo look at this so juicy at my 17 you honestly
don’t even need any chimichurri for it it’s so flavorful on its own I just put
a tiny bit of salt a very pleasant surprise we’re stopped
there how’s yours mine just look at that look at that behemoth yeah and I already
I have already taken a piece out of it yeah half of it is gone Ava’s gone but
the quality of this meat here is number one the flavor is an equal anywhere in
the world if you want real good meat Argentina Uruguay you cannot get
anything better than that is the way the cows are raised here and the the grasses
they eat in the Pampas it’s a special type of grass that gives the the the
meat that that specific flavor you know it only has a little bit of salt and
that’s all you need ready yes after all that meat we’re just sitting here
sweating from the effort to consume all of beef
so what we did and what can we tell you the words are not enough to describe the
quality of this meal you people have to come over try it and then you tell me
and decide for yourself that’s the best we can do we are cooling down with some
ice cream this masterpiece right here this is a waffle
cone with the classic blue salinity and coconut with dulce de leche which it’s
the coconut one that’s the flavor that three of us have ordered I’m not so good it’s very creamy
it’s made from coconut from the Philippines and yeah you’ve got just
like a layers of percentage and mixed into that it’s really good and for mine I also got
the coconut with Lucilla chip and on the side I have raspberries from Patagonia
so that should be quite refreshing all right you two it is our last evening
or loss in window situs in the capital I mean we’ve had pretty much an incredible
three days uh-huh Oh food we’ve had has been fantastic that’s a really good site
seen some surprisingly nice weather like yeah it was scheduled for thunderstorms
and we had nothing but Sun uh-huh it worked out well and for dinner we are
having one last begala this has kind of been the
tradition these past few days so yeah Santa Anna say vino Tinto
prevent dosa and a red wine from Mendoza and yes it’s like a table one but it’s
really quite good very affordable can’t member how much we paid but I think what
70 so like less than two US dollars be definite wow it’s pretty good deal okay
the journey continues importable yep tomorrow we fly to go to the web our
flights at 7:30 in the morning so we’ll be up bright and early and we’ll see you
guys tomorrow new province new destination okay you’ll adventure



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