Everyone welcome back to the kitchen today. We are revisiting an old classic my favorite Cocktail sauce recipe we’ve done this in the past and it’s been about eight years and it’s time for an upgrade on the video because that old one is just hard on the eyes So let’s go make some Cocktail sauce because it’s perfect for the holiday season coming up and I can’t wait to show you how this all comes together Ok today we’re going to be making my cocktail sauce recipe this a cocktail sauce recipe that I’ve used for years It’s one that my mom used for years and it’s just delicious You’re gonna start off with a 12 ounce bottle of chilli sauce. It doesn’t matter what brand you use I just poured it from the bottle into this cup and that’s how much there is an equal part of good quality ketchup We like Heinz organic. So that’s what we use the juice of one lemon about this size lemon So this is a large lemon when I bought them at the store, that’s what it said large lemon 2 teaspoons of plain Tabasco sauce you can use whatever hot sauce you like if you like sriracha or something else like Texas Pete go ahead and use that 1 tbsp of prepared horseradish and 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce That’s all there is and it’s so simple You’re really just gonna mix this all up together in the bowl goes our chili sauce our ketchup our lemon juice Tabasco Worcestershire and our horseradish everything goes in the bowl We give it a gentle stir because this is you’re mixing like a juice and a very viscous Material like the chili sauce in the ketchup. Now the chili sauce is gonna have a little Flavor added into it that got different Combination of spices and things I wanted to let you guys know that you can adjust the heat level here if you don’t like horseradish Just add a teaspoon, but don’t leave it out because it really it really does make a difference now my dad would really love it if I just mixed ketchup and Lemon juice and maybe some werster sure, but not a whole lot My dad would not does not enjoy it with the Tabasco or with the horseradish or any of that I Hate to say about my dad that even oatmeal is too spicy for him and he will admit that when you put too much cinnamon In it. It is too spicy for him so You totally need to adjust this to your own comfort zone If you like it a little more tart You can add a little more lemon juice but in the end cocktail sauce is supposed to be a very specific flavor This is how we enjoy ours. That’s how easy it is to make cocktail sauce you can serve this with shrimp cocktail crab legs with I’m Put this on top of a crab dip that we’re gonna be sharing with you soon in another video I’m gonna be back in just a second and I’ll show you what it looks like. There you have it That is my cocktail sauce recipe I have just tossed it in a little dish so that you can get an idea for service This is perfect set out with a platter of steamed shrimp Perfect with a fish fry perfect If you’re gonna put it on a crab dip Which is what I’m gonna be doing any number of things that you enjoy cocktail sauce. This is perfect and appropriate So I hope you give it a try and I hope that you love it and I hope that your holiday season is Absolutely amazing. So until next time I’ll see ya

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  1. I was just thinking about this type of sauce the other day. I was a waitress at a family owned seafood restaurant on the east coast back in the mid 80’s. They had the best house-made cocktail and tartar sauce. I recall your other video for this, but I just hadn’t had a chance to look it up yet.
    Thank you for the remake- although, I do love revisiting your OG videos, I enjoy EVERY video you post,

  2. YUM! Perfect!!!
    I would put all those ingredients in together in a cocktail sauce including this amount in proportion, Now where is the shrimp. LOL!

  3. Noreen's getting me in the holiday spirit. I can eat a lunch plate platter of shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce – yummy!!! Now I need to hunt for sugar free cocktail sauce & catsup.

  4. Now I'm craving shrimp cocktail! Always makes me happy when the holiday graphics and theme music go up. Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!

  5. Noreen – your video says 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, but your recipe says 1 teaspoon? Also I can't get the print process to work. Have used it before but not working for the last 2 days.

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