Noisey Atlanta – Trouble with the ATL Twins – Episode 4

Noisey Atlanta – Trouble with the ATL Twins – Episode 4

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100 Replies to “Noisey Atlanta – Trouble with the ATL Twins – Episode 4”

  1. These are the type of boys that stain the reputation of American Manhood across the globe. Seriously, all the media shows is these type dirtbags and thugs . Those kids who view this are led astray and quit proper development into manhood. Hood rats will be hood rats but when that start to influence and infest the rest of America it becomes a crisis.

  2. Build a prison the size of a ATL in the four corners of the nations for all these fools who think thuggish behavior is acceptable. Lock em away.

  3. I heard a lot of southern skaters have sex with mothers even their own. It's funny, how gross people from the south are, and don't even know how it's not weird. Incest is bad, but it could be cool to skateboarders I guess. I know how extreme skateboard lifestyle is like, never really liked the thought of being obligated to be super-hard tho. I hope no baby's were born from incest-brotherhoods.

  4. Gucci mane what the fuck is wrong with you. You fuck up the money. You would had more views if the video was nice, cool adult life not this stupid shit. You fucking up money.

  5. How the hell can they be paralegals when they're openly involved in drugs ? They act like gangstas. They're affiliated with gangs / criminals.

  6. Historic, no Man's land- projects in New Orleans were also gentrified.

    I dropped a friend off at the Fisher projects once, he told me under no circumstances should I ever go up in there by myself, being white.

    I was born in the Knoxville TN projects myself, and grew up around areas like that, long enough to know if he said it's that bad, I'm to take his word for it, and not tempt fate. I never went up in that motherfucka, either. Lol..

    It was 2 really tall buildings, on both sides of the same street. So it looked intimidating as hell to everyone that didn't live there.

    NOPD wouldn't go up in there without SWAT.

    A 20 minute ride down interstate 10, in Slidell, Louisiana,..there they had those cul-de-sac streets, and dead-end streets- both the same, one way in, and that same way being the only way out.

    And my oldest sister drug me up in there with her when I was just a little kid, cuz she was strung out on crack. And she decided to rip the dealer off.

    We were definitely TRAPPED. She couldn't have ever turned the car around in time to get us out, had her decided to empty his gun inside our car..

    He pulled his gun, then looked at me, and told her she's lucky and had youngsters in the car, that it's the only thing saving her that day, and that she was cut off. To leave & never come back.

    Slidell is also filled with those extended stay, cheap ass hotels, filled with dealers & addicts

  7. Females got to be desperate to date those “I don’t know what to call them” coke heads 😂🤣😂🤣 are they being serious?!?

  8. Hey said people come to hang out, some stay longer then others. Lol
    Dude had no clue what he was talking about…

  9. This the 2019 Atlanta version of Malibus most wanted! These boys wana be Gucci mane Sooo badly. But that part about the word Trap is 💯 every1 say theyre in the trap but dont know what a trap is for real. They think the trap where they play xbox n smoke blunts at they friends house 😂

  10. These dudes aint doin shit but chillin in there childhood neighborhood with guns.. And these whitepeople got issues…. Im done.

  11. If you ever start feeling bad about your life, just watch these pathetic humans and things will seem much brighter.

  12. General. Buttnaked and the Cannibal gens..make these kids look like they are tonka toy playin motherfuckas ..they will eat your godamn body after they kill you….one of them dudes had a dried out cut pussy for a wallet….LIBERIA

  13. This dude been on Middle East warzone
    I’m sure he ain’t scared this
    I’m white guy too,from age 6 been true Yugoslavia war
    I’d lot be afraid being there

  14. You struggle so hard to make it in life and then when you finally do you throw it all the way by doing drugs what a waste of talent.

  15. I was hammered and at my friend's neighbor's house. They were all black and it was North Carolina so they had a crazy accent and just totally different from my yankee ass, but pretty nice. I was totally trashed and they all started dancing doing the same moves to Mary J Blige. It made me extra dizzy and i was puking off the back porch for a long time.

    This video reminds me of that time since i was the lone white guy and didn't know what they were saying.

  16. I can tell by the way he talkin bout "trap" lmao, "It's an Atlanta concept" FUCK OUTTA HERE BITCH!!!! I'd Straight PUNK yo bitch ass!! Come to Camden!!! BITCH MUFUCKA

  17. True, people don't know what trap means. I grew up in the ATL and been to and through several traps picking up our various bags – pit stop at the projects, apartment complexes, etc.

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