NAGANO JAPAN Travel Guide in 4K (2020) | Japan Winter | Happy Trip

NAGANO JAPAN Travel Guide in 4K (2020) | Japan Winter | Happy Trip

Nagano is located in central Japan and is popular for its beautiful temples,
relaxing hot springs, the Jigokudani Monkey Park and awesome ski resorts. You can get to Nagano by taking an hour and a half bullet train, known as the Shinkansen from Tokyo. As a foreign tourist, you may purchase the Japan Rail Pass, which is one of the most cost efficient ways to travel to various
cities around the country. The Jigokudani Monkey Park is home to
Japanese Macaques, also known as Snow Monkeys. Many years ago, the monkeys were
able to observe people soak in natural hot spring, known as onsen and eventually
mimicked this practice. The park was established in 1964 as a conservation
area to protect their natural habitat. It’s important to note that Jigokudani
Monkey Park is not a zoo. There are no cages to contain the monkeys and they
are able to come and go as they please. The monkeys live in the mountains and
will occasionally spend their day bathing in the onsen. Therefore, visitors must understand that they are not always present at the park. The monkeys are wild animals and visitors must strictly follow the rules
for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. You can get to the Snow Monkey Park by
taking the Express bus from Nagano station. We recommend purchasing the Snow
Monkey Pass, which will give you a two day unlimited use of the Nagaden
Express bus and Nagano Dentetsu train, as well as free admission to the Snow
Monkey Park. You can rent winter gear at the
information and gift shop located at the trail entrance. The park itself is
located away from villages inhabited by people, so visitors must prepared to walk
for about 30 to 40 minutes from the Snow Monkey Park bus stop. Shiga Kogen is the largest combined ski
area in Japan and was the venue of several events during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. It is made up of 18 interconnected ski resorts with a large
variety of snowboard and ski terrain. There are over a hundred hotels with
choices between Japanese or western-style rooms. Ski season usually starts
around the second half of November and ends around the first week of May. During this time, visitors are able to take advantage of the free shuttle bus the
travels between the various resorts. There are also buses that travel to and
from Yudanaka and Nagano station. Zenkoji is a Buddhist temple built in
the seventh century. The city of Nagano started as a town built around this important temple. It houses the very first Buddhist statue brought into Japan. No one has ever been allowed to see the original statue since the time it was
completely hidden in the year 654. A replica is shown to the public every six
years. The main hall contains an inner chamber, where visitors can take a closer
look at the main altar. From the inner chamber, a narrow passage leads down to a completely dark corridor, where visitors can search for a key hanging on a wall, believed to grant salvation and enlightenment to whoever touches it. You will find numerous cafes and souvenir shops leading to the main hall. Nagano is famous for its numerous towns with onsen or natural hot spring such as Yudanaka. You can conveniently
experience using onsen by staying in traditional Japanese inns called Ryokan. During your visit to Japan, we strongly recommend staying for a night or two at
a Ryokan. Complete with tatami flooring, common bath areas and futon beds, this is a great way to experience the traditional Japan lifestyle while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. Meals usually feature delicious local
specialties and are meticulously presented. Soaking in a Japanese onsen is
an absolute must and guests will find it both relaxing and therapeutic. We encourage guests to be aware of the basic etiquette for a worry-free
experience. Some ryokans offer private use of the onsen for
couples or groups who wish to bathe together.

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