My Dad Went To Las Vegas And Came Back Married

My Dad Went To Las Vegas And Came Back Married

Hi! My name is Mark. We all know how alcohol can harm the human
body and mind. But very few know that several extra shots
can lead to… a new wife. This is what my story is about. Of course I am not the main character of this
story – I’m only 17 years old. The main character of the story is my father. You see… oh, it’s going to be a very sad
story. I had a happy family once: my father, my mother,
my little sister Jenny, and me. Jenny is still a little kid, she’s only 6
years old. But when Jenny was just learning how to walk,
our mother died. It was just… she got seriously ill after
she gave birth and she never fully recovered. I don’t want to talk about that any more,
if that’s okay? My father was… empty. He loved our mother so much, and now he had
to learn how to live without her. In fact, all of us had to. Five years passed, and life went on. Together my father and I were raising our
little princess Jenny. And things were getting better. The only thing was that my father decided
that he wasn’t going to look for a new wife. He decided to dedicate his life to his kids
and his work, in order to give Jenny and me a decent life. I was pretty skeptical about it, but every
year my father’s odds of meeting a good woman faded. Well, you see, Dad was never a handsome man
and as he grew older, it became more and more obvious that he was short, wide, and that
less and less hair was left on his head. How lucky am I that I resemble my mom more
than him? My father was living a closed-off life, from
home to work, from work to home, with rare visits to the mall. Not much action, right? It would have gone on further if not for the
anniversary of the company where he worked. The owners decided to celebrate it in a big
way, throwing a party in Las Vegas. A fashionable hotel with bright and exciting
shows, a casino, slot machines, noisy bars… I think you know what I mean. I don’t because I’m under age, but it sounds
really cool. Apparently my father would have liked to avoid
all these festivities, but since he wasn’t the only person in the company, both of his
bosses and the people who reported to him would have looked at him suspiciously. So he had to go. Also, I had absolutely no objection to my
father relaxing a little and I volunteered to look after Jenny for the whole weekend. I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary
from this weekend and was totally unprepared for any surprises on Monday. The surprise’s name was Lola. And she was a fresh, newly discovered step-mother
for Jenny and I. Yep, you heard me. The new wife of my humble and quiet father. Sound crazy? Trust me, that was exactly how I felt on that
early Monday morning, when I woke up from my deep sleep on the sofa in the living room
to a terrible… well, maybe I should say, to a high-pitched voice. I opened my eyes and… What was I seeing? Lola looked… striking! So striking, that at the beginning, I did
not even notice that my father was also in the room. It seemed like she was taller than him. Lola was in her forties, but obviously trying
to look younger. She wore a lot of make-up, long bleached hair
and tight clothes, emphasizing her curves. And, hmmm, there were curves to emphasize. So, while I was sleepily listening to her
chirping, the only thing I could think of at first was: where did she get all the money
for her plastic surgery from? As I learned before I even got up, Lola was
a waitress at one the bars in Las Vegas. At the same bar where a big part of my father’s
company anniversary celebration was held. “About five minutes after we first met, this
woman was suddenly grabbing my cheek with her long-nailed hand and starting to pinch
it, saying something like: “Oh, my poor boy, now your new Mommy will take care of
you! After that the “new Mommy” got all excited
about “where our little Jenny” was and without waiting for an answer, she ran upstairs
looking for the toddler’s room. My father understood from my big, round eyes
and open mouth, that it would be better if he explained everything right away. Unfortunately, the part about our “new mother”
was true – my father had really married Lola on the night of the celebration, after
he drank way too much – and he was not used to drinking at all. And according to the laws of the state of
Nevada, this marriage was legal. Absolutely legal. In addition, my father could not send Lola
back to her bar, because of his honesty, his conscience, and his memory…. he blacked
out. He had been so drunk that night that he couldn’t
honestly say that it was not HIM who insisted on the marriage. May be it’s not that bad,” he said timidly
to justify his deeds. – “In any case we need a woman to look
after Jenny?” I just rolled my eyes, saying nothing. I honestly tried to visualize Lola as a part
of our family. Jenny also stopped being scared of “this
wild woman” which, for her, looked like a witch from one of her cartoons. I was trying hard but Lola did not make it
easier for us. She was always calling me and my sister “her
poor kids,” promising to bring order to our life and our home. All of this ended up with us moving the furniture
around to the way Lola liked it and freeing up a separate room for our “Mommy’s” walk-in
closet. Lola did not do any housekeeping. She told our father that he earned enough
for us to order take-out and to pay for a maid to do the cleaning. My father did not really want to waste money
like this, so we continued to share the housework like we used to do before Lola appeared. …I understood why my father did not want
to ask for a divorce, and so I tried not to argue with Lola, especially bearing in mind
that at any sign of a conflict she would clap her lashes together, pretending that she did
not understand what was going on. But soon Lola decided to start making money. How should I put this… using Jenny. My sister is very pretty and looks like a
little doll – must be our mother’s genes. Lola could not help but notice that and she
got the idea to make Jenny an Instagram account. Little girl models are very popular now and
Lola saw a lot of potential in Jenny. Neither my father nor I liked this idea, but
we did not interfere because Jenny liked to get dressed up and pretend to be a model. At least in the beginning. Apart from the pictures, Lola also started
to stream the stories about how Jenny, nicely dressed, with pretty hair, was doing something…
and during one of these streams my sister passed out. I learned about what happened from my school
friend who was one of Jenny’s subscribers. Of course, Lola denied everything, but my
father and I brought Jenny to the doctor who confirmed that Jenny was very tired, and actually,
was physically exhausted! Lola dressed Jenny up, put the make up on
her, and did her hair, but she never monitored how Jenny ate and whether she got enough rest! As you might have guessed, that was the last
straw for my father. Lola had to choose – fast and simple, divorce
or my father would talk to the police. Lola was not stupid, so she quickly moved
her artificial backside back to Las Vegas and we returned to the life we were used to. Except now my father has finally started dating
women. For Jenny’s sake, of course. Have your parents ever done anything strange
or silly? Please share your stories in the comments
and do not forget to like my story.



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  1. Have your parents ever done anything strange or silly? Please share your stories in the comments and do not forget to like this story.

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    His little sis is Jenny and the other story about “my boyfriend hates me just because I’m not pregnant” is that her?
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    Dad:goes on trip
    Me :BRING Back a gift for me and make it a surprise
    Dad:comes home married 😂😂

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    Fudge I was sad and I messed up
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