MILAN – Luxury Travel Guide by

MILAN – Luxury Travel Guide by

Hi there! My name is Emil Anton and I’m
the founder of And today, we’re in Milan! *Epic Music* MILAN Essentials
by Milan is the fashion capital of the
world! I believe that everyone should visit Milan at least once in their lives, because frankly, you’ll never look at another city the same way after you’ve
visited Milan And ohh.. They make a pretty decent cup of coffee! Bongiorno! One thing to remember, when in Italy, is that locals drink their coffee standing up by the bar If you’re outside, that’s a clear sign you’re a tourist
and be prepared to pay extra. Now that we had our coffee, it’s time to
start exploring this incredible city and what better place to start with, then
with the Duomo itself! So what exactly are the best ways to enjoy the Duomo? Well..
You can look at it from the outside! You can explore it from the inside! You can sit on top of it! Or.. You can stand here and touch this leg! You know, for good luck! Jokes aside, this building took nearly 600 years to complete and even today it’s a little bit under construction It’s the type of thing you did back in the day to impress the Germans & the Austrians It’s the building with the most statues in the world right now! Once inside, make sure you walk all around the Duomo and enjoy the stained glass depicting Biblical scenes Fun to see and hard to miss
*Illuminati confirmed* are the incredibly huge harmonica and the replica of the golden statue called “Madonina” That sits on top of the Duomo. On your list should also be the most famous statue in the cathedral The one of St. Bartholomew holding his skin on his shoulders like a stole. Once you’re on top of the Duomo,
you get to enjoy the skyline of this incredible city and also you get to peek at the little people walking in front of it just to give you a sense of the scale of the thing. If you want to help with the rehabilitation of the place and have deep enough pockets to donate at least 100,000 EUR you get to adopt one of the statues on top of it! and in exchange, you get your name engraved at the bottom of it! Throughout the years,
various artists snuck statues that don’t belong there Challenge: Try to spot as many as possible! Like: the Boxers, the tennis rackets and a couple more that we can’t really show in this video because we still want it monetized! All that walking up and down the Duomo
got us hungry for a snack! But where do you snack in Milan? There’s: Panzerotti from Luini! Pizza from Spontini and a bunch of other places that you get to enjoy! But in the name of all that is heavenly:
Please do not go to McDonalds! Am I the only one getting mad Game of Thrones vibes off of this?! With that out of the way
it’s time to move to our second location and fortunately we don’t have to move very far
because we’re gonna visit the Galleria! Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is literally the first shopping mall in world Today it houses all the luxury brands!
You got Prada; You got Versace and all of them are here; making it one of
the most expensive pieces of real estate int he world! To be in the Galleria, the brands need to
follow strict rules For example: the logos need to be gold on black so they
don’t ruin the aesthetics of the place that combined with the marble floors and
the attention to detail makes this one of the most important pieces of
architecture in the world The Galleria is the central meeting point! So don’t panic when you see it filled with tourists. Unlike the Duomo, it only took 12 years to complete and the result.. is to die for!
At least the architect did.. On the marble floor, right by each exit You’ll find 4 mosaics depicting the main cities of Italy! The wolf is Rome. The lilly is Florence! the bull symbolizes Turin and the red
flag with a white cross is the representation of Milano! Speaking of the bull: They say that if you walk up to it,
place your heel on its testies, and rotate 3 times, you get a year filled with good luck!
So, you might want to give that a shot! A trip to Milan is never complete without visiting one of the most famous Opera houses in the world La Scala I’m currently in the Scala Opera House a must-see when in Milan! The acoustics of this place are incredible and it definitely deserves a visit The place was bombed to ruins in the
Second World War, but only three years it was rebuilt! It’s in booths like these where the Milanese elite, came to gather not to enjoy the opera, but to spend private time with their mistresses and to gamble away! The museum is also included in the price, It’s filled with dope things..
Like this tiny Mozart! Even if you’re not that much into the Opera, names like Verdi Puccini Paganini should ring the bell to you Well, this is the place where they grew their fame! You can’t leave Milan without enjoying a
gourmet Italian dish That’s why today, we’re going to the best of the best: SAVINI
in the Galleria. The prices are astronomically high, but the location is worth it and believe it or not the food tastes amazing! For starters, I went with
the octopus cooked a low temperature caramelized watermelon, lemon zest, smoked lemon cream and Taggiasca olives by far, one of the best tasting octopuses I’ve had in my life and, the Parma ham aged for 18 months with a pan brioche and cherry compote, you gotta try this When in Italy you gotta try the pasta!
We went with a macaroni fresh pasta with basil pesto tomato leaves and founded spring onion and when in Milan, you gotta try the
Milanese risotto! For the main course, we went with duck
breasts with cherry compote founded shallots and potatoes The duck, definitely lives up to the hype. And fish on a bed of mixed vegetables with white sauce For desert, we went with the raspberry mousse which was really good but the real Show-Stopper, was the flambe orange crepes Suzette Something everybody seems to notice when coming at Savini is that the waiters are very rude. The fun thing is, once they realized we’re from ALUX that our dinner will be recorded and posted on our channel They immediately replaced our arrogant waiter with a manager who looked sharp and was a lot friendlier. They went ALL-IN on these crapes, They put up a show and everything in order to make sure we have the best experience possible All in all, we had a great time at Savini The staff got to know us, we got to know the staff and Chef Giovanni Bon, did a phenomenal job.
The food was exquisite! Thank you for watching this special edition of
ALUX – Traveling the World I hope you enjoyed this experimental type of video we did right here Let us know what you thought in the comments
and please be kind! If you liked it, will do a few more! Click there to SUBSCRIBE! Click here to watch another video! and don’t forget, an Alux video is never over without a special treat for those of you watching ’till the end! So… check out this ALPACA GUY



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  1. Hey Aluxers, we hope you enjoyed out MILAN Special video!
    What do you think? Where should we go next?

    Thank you all for the support you've shown so far! We're blessed to have such a great community behind the brand!

  2. Excellent!!! Well done!! Now if the waiters at Savini could all be like the manager that pulled out the stops…:)

  3. 10:00 WRONG: Milan is the red cross on white. The central white cross on red is the emblem of the House of Savoy, former kings of Italy. But thanks for the video.

  4. ….however the waiters are rude. Fuk that restaurant then. When you have money to enjoy but zero customer service, i rather eat else where.

  5. I lived in Milan for 42 years and I know it. Milan sucks, it is crap. The city is very dirt, people are rude unlike other italians, public transportation sucks, most of the city is messed up, there are few monuments compared to Rome or Florence, food is not so good . You should only go to Milan during discount periods ( January or July) to buy up fashion cloths in Armani Emporio or Versace etc, but you will find very long queues of customers like in Black Friday. In the end do not visit Milan, it is not worth. Go to Florence or Venice or Rome.

  6. Is there a way I can work with Alux? Especially with these kinds of videos even as a researcher? Please let me know. Im willing to send my CV!

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    @, Bullshit, I'm a local and many a time have a coffee sitting down outside.
    The problem with Italy is there are too many stuck up ponces like this "cazzone" who think that they are something special.
    Your shit smells just like ours, cazzone.

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  13. I love this experiment and the humour. Success! The next trip please bring the voice lady along too.

  14. Man, I am from Milano and I loved your video. I always say that Milano is like beer, the older you get, the more you like it. It is such a beautiful place that you have to explore and understand to love. Thanks for your video!

  15. This is exactly why I love my cisty and I love living here! But you forgot to include Via Montenapoleone….

  16. This is the reason I wanna ace my exam and work hard. This is the best channel to go when you're feeling down, u get to see your future self.

  17. I really think they should of just showed you the regular service. Not the treatment that a media company would get.

  18. I love the piece on Mila. You guys did a great job. Your channel is inspirational, and the woman with "The Voice" is also inspiring. Thank you for being informative, and if you ever need a classy guy with tour guide experience to bring in information with class and pizazz, send me a brief message.

  19. Excelent…But but but u just show us around Domo.Milan is to big and more beatiful plz make a detaild but short video about milan🙏🏻

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  22. your video caters for the elite, unfortunately they dont need your video they have the money to pay for the travel guide don't you think

  23. Your video:
    – arrived by plane in Milan you went by metro in Piazza Duomo
    – from Duomo to Galleria
    – from Galleria to Scala.
    That's not Milan man, that's not.
    That 'luxury' you describe is for tourists, and you're a fish

  24. Slick video and very well presented. Your coverage of the dining experience added a good swatch to the architectural exploration of Milan.

  25. Hi I really enjoyed your video. Was in Rome but never went to Milan as planned instead I headed to vienna. Surely Wil visit Milan on my next Europe tour in the summer of 2020.

  26. If the waiter is only polite when being recorded why would we want to go there? you serve food bitch! you have nothing to be arrogant about

  27. When in Milan, maybe scrap the fancy octopus & duck breast and go for an aperitivo on the Navigli. You get a cocktail + all-you-can-eat buffet, all for 11 euro. It's even cheaper in other, less touristy locations, but the views of the Navigli completely justify the small markup.

  28. I am a french citizen recently settled in Milan. How is it that when Italians are talking about Italy they look like sell men trying to make you buy a lung when you already got two 😅
    Apart from that, I would say the at least 75% of what is said in the video is right – and avoid McDonald's for sure, the Italian cuisine worth it

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