Mexico City Street Food Tour What We Ate In A Day Of Walking Around || Glen & Friends Cooking

Mexico City Street Food Tour What We Ate In A Day Of Walking Around || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome to Mexico City
today we are going to attempt to eat a lot of street food and just snacks so
we’re not gonna do any tacos just Street food snacks so some of them we may have
had before probably but not in a street food situation because we live in
Toronto which is a great city but the street food scenario is awful the street
food sucks but here in Mexico City Street food is every word and of course
we don’t speak any Spanish so it’s going to be a bit awkward and weird at times
but we’ll manage because you just keep going you just keep pointing and
eventually everybody figures it out so come on along and we’re going to do a
street food journey through Mexico City so I think I see tapas to canasta okay I
see that time okay let’s go check it out chicharrón cheese cheddar one much
potato do not chicken green see I’m trying I’m talking with my mother
I’d read this every day Canada okay so photo bombers and we have the
project early-morning snacking so I snuck the bagging I’m not used to
drinking out of a bag that’s very tasty it’s very fresh cold yes so sweet it’s
very cool sweet slightly sour a little bit of an alcohol flavor it’s like it’s
so it’s fermented you have to grate sour beer but it’s it’s so refreshing okay
let’s continue yeah so he was lime chili in social part well
I guess we live with our chance actually the good salt on fruit is
really good it is really good but especially didn’t beverages we learned
it’s never it’s not I would at home I would never think to put salt on
watermelon but that’s fantastic okay let’s walk and even this morning
fine Hey
sitting taking a little bit of a break and one of our friends suggested we try
a boy so we’ve got the voova flavor Massa Ruth oh no I think this is
carbonated basically when I dropped it earlier yes I think it might be dropped
it boomed so I guess I just shook it a lot when I dropped yeah that’s quite
nice very great be like a Welch’s yeah like a Concord grape so you go it’s time
for juice we’re gonna take a break and take a break before we get back to
eating mayonnaise I don’t know please confirm or deny
whether that’s why it’s closed that’s what I needed right now perfect but I
also see some ice cream okay so Glen you’ve now had three or four bites yep
and you’ve discovered that it’s more than just a mocha ice cream there’s like
three different kinds of ice creams in here and there’s nuts and there’s just
like a mocha syrup on the outside this one I try it this you should try it okay
Oh dripping okay on your own oh the mocha
drip down there really good good they had like I said like 20 other flavors in
there and they’re cooler are you just go back day after day yes yeah okay I can’t believe it
Glenn is going in for the gelatin no no no no see Canadian lemon jello
with let’s say some see I don’t know what kind of seeds little nuts on top
mm-hmm and a walnut on top of that just quite nice
did you like that you feel like jello I think very freshman very good and I’m I
tell you it’s pretty fun today son aha I have it tortilla cooked in candy
ooh not exactly Street food but I think we
should go sit down and eat that somewhere yes that’s really good
a little bit more and then I’m done that’s done done for the day I don’t
think I could eat any more I think it’ll say so we can have some
later it see as always with thee so I think we need to break them sitting
resting put my sunglasses on maybe put my hat on just sit here by the fountain
yep sounds good yep that’s plan

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33 Replies to “Mexico City Street Food Tour What We Ate In A Day Of Walking Around || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Apparently because we don't specifically show you that we picked up the dropped fork, a bunch of you think that we left it behind. C'mon are you really that daft?
    Thanks for watching everyone! There will be 4 videos in this series – each with a slightly different food focus. Leave us a comment about your favourite street food on the planet.

  2. Did Mexico have bagged milk or just bagged daiquiris? Everyone I am related to has always sprinkled salt on watermelon. The taste is refreshing.

  3. Ok you guys are crazy!! 7:30 You bite your ice cream!!! Uggg Such a disappointment ! 😛 All jokes aside great video ! Always enjoy Glen and Friends

  4. Ha! I loved how many times you had to say "No!!!! Canadian!" Trump spies! 🤣 Whenever I travel abroad I'm Canadian … but the Red Sox cap usually buggers that! Everything looked amazing!

  5. That was very captivating. Couldn't wait to see what you tried next. You looked like you had a great trip and good weather. Everything except the corn looked delicious. I enjoy salt on both watermelon and apple slices.

  6. So the story about bagged drinks is that back in the day sodas weren't sold in pet bottles but rather in glass, and you had to pay extra for that glass when you buy a soda, so the grocery store owners always offered to give you the contents of the glass in a nylon bag and add a straw which is way cheaper. And yeah refresco kind of translates into a refresh and the word might have crafted in some regions of Mexico where due to high temperatures people needed a break from their activities to scape to a small grocery store and have a refresh.

  7. In New York City they have falafel trucks everywhere and I had to try one. I asked for the spicy sauce and then the cart owner smiled when I said no to a drink. That was the hottest thing I've eaten in a looong time! They don't make it like that in Utah.

  8. I love it. In my hometown. The people look so nice and the traditions around. I liked how you went without crew like Netflix food guys. You just did without speaking Spanish. Btw, tepache is an alcoholic drink from the Aztecs. Buñuelo is that sweet pastries invented during the colonial time by the spaniards.

  9. My grandparents always brought out the salt shaker for both watermelon and cantaloupe. Just a tiny sprinkle mind you.. but they always did it. It definitely adds a layer of flavor. I think that's why I often like a thinly-shaved piece of dry/salty cheese (parmesan) served with melon…

  10. I worked with a lot of Asians once and thought it was od that they all put salt on their apples. So my friend cut off a piece of her apple and put salt on it and it turns out it's good. Not something I normally do but once in a while I like it. I like the mangos with cinnamon and chillie.

  11. Glen, I'm sure you had a good time, but you didn't really explain to your viewers, half the time, what you were eating or what it tasted like.

  12. Salt on a dead ripe cantaloupe is awesome as well. Guys your videos don't need music. The natural background noise of the city would have been appropriate, TBH the flutes sucked. It sounded like a third grade class practicing on the recorder.

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