Martha Stewart Brings Delicious Holiday Cheer To The Late Show

Martha Stewart Brings Delicious Holiday Cheer To The Late Show

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Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

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100 Replies to “Martha Stewart Brings Delicious Holiday Cheer To The Late Show”

  1. How many of you have tried her recipes? I for one think you need to be drunk to enjoy them. Her version of lifestyle is drinking at 10am.

  2. This woman is so WEIRD!! Why the hell is she wearing a red overcoat in the studio?
    That studio is famous for being kept chilly, but this is waaaay too much, Martha.

  3. He gave more time to an ex jailbird than he did on his opening monologue – Stephen are your getting tired or lazy at the end of 2019?

  4. So glad he gave Martha a chance to appear.
    She was set to build an empire and our world would be so much different if she had. I always enjoy watching her. Wish she would do more!

  5. Dear Ms. Stewart, As I respect you and your cooking. I am unable to cook in my ripped up kitchen for the past 2 years or so after purchasing your Sharkey Grey Home depot products refacing for a new kitchen look for cabinents.i think they ysed elmers school glue , lol. Home Depot installers measured wrong, my drawers are so small i cant put the smallest silverware thingy in the drawers. The paper product placed on the cabinents for a refacing, pealed an bubbled so severly. The workers removed counters sinks, faucets an old back splash. They cut the pipe under the sink to remove a garbage disposal an left it like that. I had to use a orange home depot bucket after six months of not haveing s sink an faucet my daughter jimmy rigged a sink an faucet, so i could water my dog and do a few dishes ,instead of going upstairs to use bathroom sink. The drain into a home depot bucket lssted a year or more slipping falling outside on deck to empty old water. I am these workers from home depot wete a disgrace, the woild not come an fix the problem but one of the reps came in and said this was the worst job he had ever seen. The workes were told not to take anything just put everything on side of house. The took my counter tops, they took boxes of floor tiles, cut pipes left old garbage disposal whete i had to drian water into a home depot bucket, cabinent doors drawers, tiles, sinks faucet, peeling an bubbling products. I was left running to all local homedepots reporting this. Im so depressed an full of anxiety over this. I just wanted to let you know, im still with out a kitchen doors are still off, a friend fixed the pipe but the bubbled, pealling martha stewart product , no floors, no counter tops, my appliances are ruined , all my kitchen stuff wont fit an in livingvroom in boxes. in my living room.
    Im a disabled 60 yr old woman who once was a registered nurse an i cant fix this. My family an friends wont come here for christmas because..well just because the friends will talk about my living situation,
    Im so embarrased, but i wanted to let you know how home depot has treated your martha stewart installations.

  6. I believe she did make thousands of cookies because of all the burns on her arm. There is a difference in care between 1 batch of cookies and trying to do 20 at once 😀

  7. The original Puerto Rican Coquito does not include Coffee. Though I know ppl that add their own touch…( Ice cream, coffee, vanella extract, raisins and so on). What ever way, it's a very exotic and delicious drink. And just a FYI… Piña Colada also originated in Puerto Rico.

  8. I want to be like Martha –BOSS!
    She went to jail, lost a lot of quid and is still worth over 600 MIL–2020 resolutions commence!

  9. Traditional coquito doesn't have coffee 🤨 Yeah people make their own variations (pistachio, Nutella, turrón) but I've never seen a coffee one.
    Traditional Recipe
    1 (12 oz) can evaporated milk
    1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
    2 cups (1 15 oz can) cream of coconut (like coco lopez)
    1/4 tsp cinnamon
    1/8 tsp nutmeg
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 1/2 cup white rum
    cinnamon sticks for garnish (optional)

  10. Cultural appropriation at its fullest!!!! That is a boricua tradition. She has zero boricua in her. For the record coffee is not part of a coquito!!!!!

  11. Even tho she missed some ingredients and added the instant coffee I like how Martha pays tribute to Puertoricans Coquito….

  12. What is up with all the angry comments about coffe? Good additional ingredient..Sending love to that OG drunk shady deluxe old bitch..would like to get drunk as skunk with her

  13. Sounds gooood. But, can they please stop calling Coquito, Puertorrican Eggnog? Ponche is Puertorican eggnog! just saying.
    And also, the original recipee is not with coffee…
    Sorry but this is not the original coquito.
    Coquito is made with
    Coconut milk, cream of coconut, evaporated milk, condensed milk, cinnamon stick, and rum.

  14. Seeing this after seeing Martha Stewart on the old Conan Late Night show and there is like no difference in her face.

    edit: lmao nevermind so much plastic surgery. I literally wrote my comment after seeing 1 second of video and pausing it. She can't even talk through those lips.

  15. ¡Y la estadounidense sabe lo que muchos puertorriqueños no saben – que el coquito NO tiene huevos! Y para esa gente que se está quejando del café, deja el show, que el coquito no tiene fresas, ni chocolate, ni Nutella ni ná, pero todos sabemos que en Puerto Rico se hacen coquitos con una variedad de sabores además del original. ¡Felicidades y felices fiestas!

  16. Wait a moment … Who gave the white people permission to share a fast food version of our Christmas drink and make money from it?

  17. Not a coffe drink, but we puertorrican🇵🇷 love coffee too😍☕, next time I make my coquito🥥🥥 I'm gonna try with my coffee🇵🇷

  18. Coquito de Puerto Rico
    1. Leche evaporada
    2. Leche condensada
    3. Leche de Coco
    4. Vainilla
    5. Canela
    6. Ron si desea
    7. Almendras, café, botella….lo que quiera añadirle, solo mezcle bien en la licuadora…Feliz Navidad🎄✨🎆🍬🥁🎺

  19. She missed the coconut cream 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Also, we don’t use coffee at all on the Coquito… that’s some extra s**t 😂
    Cheers from PR 🙂

  20. Isn't it incredible that the shortest Apprentice host is doing this on the same day that the longest Apprentice host in America gets impeached by the House? I mean, what did Donald say about Martha going to jail years ago for lying under oath? Keep in mind that he can't tell the truth in court. #KarmaRocks

  21. OMG! This Cohito drink is so good you'll want to ditch the coffee, the glass and drink it straight from the blender 😋

  22. 4:27 Stephen: “There are kids watching!” Dang Martha savage since prison. What’s she gonna say next, there’s no Santa?

  23. As a Puerto Rican I can safely say we don’t put coffee in our traditional coquito, ever. And we usually chill it overnight so no ice cubes either.

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