London’s Top 10 Attractions with The London Pass

pip pip, Joolz Guides here. Now one of the best things about london is
that a lot of the galleries and museums are free but if you want to see some of the popular
places like tower of London and Tower Bridge then you can end up spending a lot of money. So our friends at The London Pass have sent
us two days worth of free entry. So we’re going to see how many attractions
we can see in 48 hours. The London Pass will get you into over 70
London Attractions free of charge and it will even give you some discounts on travel and
also discounts in some of the gift shops. Now it varies depending on your age but to
get a general idea a one day adult pass is about 62 pounds and for two days it’s 85 pounds
so you’re definitely going to save money and time. So the first attraction on our list is Westminster
Abbey which is the biggest church in England. This was built in 1050 by Edward the Confessor. A minster means a big important church so
this is West minster Abbey because it’s west of the main city of London. Excuse me one moment. Let’s head in. Carry that mate. Cheers Julian, say a prayer for me won’t you? This is excellent, they’ve got the tombs of
Edward the Confessor, Queen Elizabeth the first…it’s amazing. John Dryden, Chaucer, Charles Dickens as well. So many famous people. This is the coronation chair where every monarch
has been crowned since the 1300s! So many people in there who had their heads
chopped off by other people who are also buried inside. It’s amazing all these poets and famous people. I mean that really is a very good place to
visit. This is basically where Churchill and his
cabinet conducted the war from. These rooms were in use non stop for the whole
of the war so the lights stayed on down here for like six years. Churchill’s cabinet met here a hundred and
fifteen times between 1939 and 1945. I just love seeing all the films and the old
footage of the times and these funny uniforms, they’re excellent. There’s even a pair of what looks like Churchill’s
pyjamas in here. Just so that you know, that queue there constitutes
about half an hour’s waiting. Useful to know. The Tower of London built in something like
1070 by William the Bastard. That was his name, I didn’t make it up. His parents weren’t married and he was called
William the Bastard or William the Conqueror. Now you see that fellow over there, he’s called
a yeoman warder but some people call them beefeaters. I think it’s from the French, they used to
call us Les Rosbif, something to do with us easting roast beef or something like that. Anyway it’s their job to look after prisoners
in the tower and also to make sure the ravens don’t fly away. If the ravens fly away apparently the tower
falls. Will this tower ever fall? No! It’s also their job to look after the crown
jewels which includes the largest clean cut diamond in the world and a stone worn my Henry
V at the battle of Agincourt. They were small in those days. I think just over there is where Anne Boleyn
was executed. Chop. So you see those two walkways at the top those
used to be open to the public but they had to close them in 1911 because too many pickpockets
and prostitutes were walking along there and frequenting the area. I’m not quite sure why anyone would go all
the way up there just to cross the bridge. I suppose there’s a nice view but yeah it’s
much easier just to walk across the bottom bit. It was opened in 1894 but in the 1950s there
was this incident where a packed double decker bus was half way across when the bridge opened
up and he actually had to jump the gap. He was regarded as quite a hero actually. As you can imagine it’s one of London’s most
popular bridges, but with the London Pass you can fast track straight to the front of
the queue. So we’re going to do here, tower of London,
then we’re going to hop on the bus and check out all the hot spots. 100 feet above street level. I’m scared. Are you not scared? Are you not getting on? No, my grand daughter did but not me. I can’t believe I’ve never done this. I’ve never been up hre before. Lived here all my life. Excellent, there’s another place I’ve never
been in. I mean Idid a film about this, this is the
banqueting house which is the only part of the old palace of Whitehall which is still
standing. The palace of Whitehall burnt down in 1698
or something. Did you know that? That’s is where King Charles had his head
chopped off. King Charles the first. You’re kidding! No, they weren’t either. He stepped out of a first floor window there
onto a scaffold. Look you can see his head. If you look over there actually, the clock
up there actually two o’clock there’s a black mark and some people say that’s to commemorate
the time of day when King Charles had his head chopped off. He was supposed to have it chopped of in the
morning but there was some sort of delay, it was cold he wanted a new shirt. Admittedly there’s not a great deal to see
inside except for an amazing ceiling by painted by Rubens but you might as well pop in. It was actually commissioned by King Charles
i to celebrate the wisdom of Stewart Kings but getting your head chopped off doesn’t
seem very wise to me. Come on Simon. Chop chop. Now this will only actually get you into the
Queens Gallery which is round the side which is like an art gallery and it’s the perfect
place if you like Canaletto because Inotice there’s a lot of canaletto in there. Now you see on top of the palace there’s the
union flag flying. That means that the queen is not at home because
if she was at home it would have the royal standard flying. But one day she was at home in 1982 when a
fellow by the name of Michael Fagan broke in and she called security but she had to
sit there for about half an hour whilst the police arrived sat there on the bed having
a chat with him. but there are other ways to get into royal
palaces so I’m off to Kensington Palace where Prince William lives. Hopefully he won’t call the police on me. Although I wouldn’t be at all surprised. This first became a royal palace when King
william iii moved here in the 17th century and he actually died after breaking his collar
bone falling off a horse. He didn’t die of the collar bone fracture,
he died of a chill because someone left a window open whilst he was recovering. Pretty careless if you ask me. Then the mad king george iii decided to move
to Buckingham House which later became buckingham palace so he was obviously pretty mad because
I’d much rather live in Kensington palace. Far more beautiful surroundings. And it was in these very rooms that queen
victoria discovered she was to be queen aged just 18. Now this is more like it, this feels like
a proper palace now. Wonderful. This is where king george ii used to entertain
his guests. The state rooms. I could really imagine giving my masked ball
in here i think. In fact I believe this statue of queen victoria
outside was carved by her daughter princess louise. Pretty good actually. You can also take a canal boat cruise and
it’s rather wonderful because it goes past London Zoo which you can also get into. This is the reptile house where harry potter
talks to the snake in the film the philosopher’s stone. I must say even though quite often I can’t
seem to see some of the animals because they’re always hiding, it’s still a really pleasant
experience coming around in London Zoo. Nice and serene and relaxing, except for that
police siren. During the war the camel house was bombed
by the luftwaffe. But no animals were injured. It did give us the hump though so next I’m
off to see a world war ii battleship. Yes HMS Belfast, this was built in Belfast
which is I think where they also built the Titanic. This saw active service. In the second world war this was at D-Day,
the D-day landings in Normandy. So these guns behind me are 6 inch guns and
they could deliver shells which weigh about as much as a bag of coal or something. And they are aimed at Scratchwood service
station on the M1. Some people say they should shoot them. It saw it’s fair share of action and was actually
out of service for a couple of years in the war when it hit a German mine, but then old
Blighty went over to the cupboard and took out the naughty stick and gave Fritz a damned
good thrashing! So our next stop is St Pauls Cathedral and
it’s quite exciting because I’ve lived in London all my life and yet I’ve never been
up to the top of st pauls cathedral, because it costs so much! The Romans built a temple there originally
in honour of Diana which is appropriate really because Princess Diana and Prince Charles
got married there in 1981. I remember it. I’ll see when I get out, Simon. I’ll tell you what I’ll feed the birds. Excellent, over here’s Lord Nelson’s tomb. After he died at the battle of trafalgar they
had to preserve his body so they pickled him in rum or brandy or something. When they were bringing him back some of the
sailors were sipping some of the brandy that he was pickled in on the way back. that’s where we get the expression “Tapping
the admiral”. I am boiling. It’s a long way up. This isn’t a good place for someone that’s
scared of heights. The important thing to remember is if you
want to go to the top try to arrive by 3 o’clock because it gets really busy and you might
not get let in. I am more tired than a one-legged man in an
arse kicking contest. That was so..don’t ask me how many steps that
was. Did you enjoy it Simon? Oh yeah, I loved it mate, yeah. And did I mention that you can also use it
for a free guided tour of London on Golden tour buses You can listen to the guided tour on the bus
here but if you’ve got joolz guides you don’t need to of course because it’s all on my website. This is the monument that commemorates the
fire of London. It’s exactly the same height as it is the
distance from the base to the baker’s shop in Pudding Lane where the great fire of London
started in 1666. Here we go again. You don’t look very tired. Not at all. He said it was 311 steps and then another
311 steps. I’m not even sure if you’re half way yet. Oh I prefer the view from here than from St
Pauls, you can actually see stuff. When it was first built this column was the
highest view point in London. Just after the great fire of 1666. They had to install this thing, the cage,
because too many people were committing suicide. See, I reckon there’s room for an elevator
down the middle there. Here’s your certificate Sir. Oh goodness, a certificate. Congratulations on 311 stairs. Thank you very much. It made the decade worthwhile. Look at that, a beautiful certificate for
having climbed the monument. It’s rather splendid. Now say you’re going to the London Bridge
experience using your London pass, as soon as they scan you in it should trigger something
on my app on my phone. Yeah there we go, London Bridge experience. It immediately triggers it and gives you all
sorts of information which I’m sure will fill you with joy. My favourite thing about it is you can use
it for a boat tour with City Cruises. Now London is huge and a lot of the attractions
are pretty far apart like Greenwich and Hampton Court Palace so I didn’t manage to make it
to all of those in my 48 hours. But I would say to make it worthwhile make
sure you plan your itinerary really well. or as my friend Ted says, you don’t plan to
fail, you fail to plan. I’m exhausted. If you enjoy my videos please hit the subscribe
button and if you’re interested in buying a London Pass I definitely recommend it if
you’re seeing a lot of attractions in London. There are links in the text description below,
and if you want a private jolly old guided tour with moi then just contact me on my website Did you enjoy that Simon? Yeah, I loved waiting outside all the lovely
attractions. Sorry Simon come on I’ll buy you a pint come
on. Tally ho.

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