[KPOP IN PUBLIC] ITZY (있지) – ICY (아이씨) Dance Cover by Ahyon Unit

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] ITZY (있지) – ICY (아이씨) Dance Cover by Ahyon Unit

Yes, I saw it I didn’t respond Yeah, it looks a bit patchy Let’s see It’s open-ended It’s open-ended, it justs ends like “chu” Well, like the one you recommended, Kingdom I swear that I thought “I sound just like Yuya” [Imitating Yuya] Hello guys! Welcome to our channel, we’re Ahyon Unit (smooch) kisses! We have to dance Catallena With a giant ball of sushi up here Even bigger than your head And then you dance like this Hi guys, we’re going to Portal de l’Àngel, near Plaza Catalunya, because we were going to do it in Sagrada Família but we had some problems (whispering) with the police they told us that we can’t film there, just when we were about to start So we just thought of somewhere else and we left. We’re going to Portal de l’Àngel from Passeig de Gràcia, where we’ll film before our friend Yana goes to work we’re running a bit late, well, not really but these things happen These kinds of things can happen And you have to (snaps) Its the worst because you’re ready to go, everyone is in place and then the police come and then it’s just like “ok then” As we said it’s important to react fast instead of wasting your time complaining So, if you have to film something that’s very important you should try to get a license just in case, if not, you’ll end up like us, having to go somewhere else We’re going to introduce everyone doing this collab. Our *beautiful* friend who is going to Japan soon I’m going to Japan, “agur” everyone. she’s Yana You can find her Instagram in the box below And @marytix Marta @marytix When you’re doing these types of videos it’s important to always bring people to help you keep an eye on your bags and stuff and also help you out with the music. To watch over everything, you could be robbed! Don’t steal either!

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49 Replies to “[KPOP IN PUBLIC] ITZY (있지) – ICY (아이씨) Dance Cover by Ahyon Unit”

  1. ¡Hola chicos! Somos Ahyon Unit. Esta vez os traemos el formato definitivo de vídeos 'Kpop in Public' del canal. Queríamos diferenciarnos de otros canales mostrando no solo el resultado final sino que también pudiérais presenciar todo el magnífico trabajo que hace los miembros del equipo por detrás de las cámaras. Desde el maquillaje, peluquería, outfits y localizaciones os mostramos un poco del BTS de nuestra cover de "ITZY – ICY". A pesar de algunos contratriempos, pudimos terminar con suceso. Si no podéis esperar a ver el resultado, el cover empieza en el minuto 3:04 pero no dudéis en echar un vistazo al principio del vídeo.
    Muchas gracias por todo vuestro apoyo, dejadnos en los comentarios vuestra opinión y que decirnos que tipo contenido queréis ver en el futuro. ¡Nos vemos pronto en el próximo video!

  2. Me encantaria que hicierais un cover de la cancion de ailee room shaker.
    Arriba España 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  3. Finally i know her name: Martha!
    Her dance so gooood. I already watch her start from Cherry boom, Kard's song, rumor, etc.

    Good job girl!

  4. Don't mind those UNEDUCATED people in the back 🙄🙄 You guyss did absolutely great ! A lil' request here, Adios in public please? 👉👈

  5. @ girl with the blue/purple hair: whats the hair dye called that you used!??? ive been looking for that color, i need to know pls 😭

  6. amo la estética del canal, de sus videos y la buena onda que le ponen. son bailarinas increíbles, (además de que tienen buen gusto en las canciones que eligen jajjaja) tienen muy buena presencia, y hacen que los videos sean divertidos y entretenidos ✰
    ¿puedo recomendarles algunas canciones para que bailen?:
    uh oh de g-idle, favorite de loona, y boom de nct dream.
    ¡gracias por leer! <3

  7. You don’t know how badly I wanted someone to drag that disrespectful girl by her ponytail😂 other then that the dance was perfect as usual 🙂

  8. im forever waiting for the day when people realize it's rude and ugly to try to be "funny" in the bg smh🤡

    y'all did amazing 💗 good job

  9. lol that little girl thought she even had a CHANCE next to you guys, amazing cover!! It looked like you had a lot of fun filming it

  10. Yas!! The troll in the back was trying to copy you guys for fun at 4:54 but as soon as the chorus took off she couldn’t even pretend to keep up lol. Well done girls! Your looks were on point and I loved the hair styles.
    Marta your natural hair looks sooo good!! Yaaaasss!!
    Keep going you guys your doing great!

  11. The disrespectful idiot looks like such a clown, hes so far back you can't even see him for most of his foolishness because the amazing girls were dancing infront of him LMAO, pure clownnery! You all did amazing <3

  12. lmao those at the back couldnt even keep up with the dance, they look like chicken just get burnt, by the way you guys did amazing

  13. Guys you were absolutely amazing! And I feel sorry for the poor people in the background, but not everyone can appreciate the work of others.
    Keep doing what you love because you're all really talented. 🌻

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