Kenai Peninsula Alaska Travel and Fishing Vlog

Kenai Peninsula Alaska Travel and Fishing Vlog

What is going on everyone I thought I’d give this a try I got the new Mike thing for the GoPro So I thought I’d give it a try and see how it sounds I am off to meet the old ball-and-chain just kidding my wonderful wife at Some work function. I don’t know the girls go out after work or something like that, and I thought I’d meet them there This is the rode mic the little tiny one on a GoPro So, I don’t know how it’s gonna work out, but we’ll see so I just got finished with The Alaska trip, which I did a livestream and I posted some pictures on Facebook and Instagram of it It was very exciting. And this is the downside of going on a trip with friends and My son, especially I was more interested in the experience with them than I was actually focusing on my job Which was to make a good YouTube video, so I didn’t do much talking while I was there. I Filmed things and fished and then had some beer things like that. But um, yeah the Alaska trip, but it’s kind of jumbled I hope you guys enjoyed it. Ooh All right, Alaska’s tomorrow. So we’re going to Cabela’s for the first time. I’ve never been to Cabela’s I want to go the Bass Pro Shop, but I hear this one’s pretty good, too. It’s mean floor on our way 20 minutes later. Alright, so we did Cabela’s and dance was a little disappointed All right, so maybe as far as Anchorage it’s a 10 a.m. To 15 or 10:30 local time probably by now One thing we notice here that drinking starts early You Alaska is the type of place that no video can do it real justice so much of this state is untouched by development And it’s just wild you get this strange feeling of calm when you’re here least I did Our trip took us to the Kenai Peninsula and the town of Soldotna Soldotna is just upriver from the Cook Inlet And the city of Kenai Soldotna has just under forty seven hundred residents and Kenai only has about eight thousand resident the entire Population of the peninsula is only around sixty thousand so it’s not some like major metro area Like I was saying it’s kind of untouched the entire Kenai Peninsula Is more than double the size of Massachusetts and only has about 1% of the people that all changes during the salmon run the peninsula explodes with men and Fishing poles and their families sometimes the sports fishing and tourists industry are a major part of the economy for the whole Kenai, Peninsula Not just Soldotna or places like that You don’t want to be on YouTube So they also got some really good breweries on the peninsula. This one right here is the Kenai River Brewing Company. It was phenomenal They had great food some really great beer even a gummy bear beer. It was pretty cool. The waitresses were amazing Are they still called waitresses? remember how they used to be bartenders and then mixologist and then there was Stewardesses and then they’d be in flight attendants and you know, they kind of spice up their name what’s going on with waitresses? They haven’t changed their name a long time. Maybe we should change their name start calling them sustenance transporters or something 2,700 gummy bears. Is that what she told you really 2,700 gummy bears? One weird thing is they closed like at eight or nine o’clock. I don’t know what that’s all about Maybe they want to get you home before the bears come out or something Speaking of bears that’s a sign they put up when they’ve had bears In the area spot in the area. That’s put up by the Department of Fish and Game Alaska Department fish game they put it up there So, you know that there’s been a bear around here, you know You’re out there fishing on the river and you you get them all the time It doesn’t want to come on board dizzy All right, we are heading to Homer, Alaska We just left Kenai in a little while ago construction. We’re sitting here We are passing clam Gulch, which really sounds like a strip club if you ask me But we’re on our way there with a bunch of people that are half asleep There’s the middle finger I Don’t know what it is, but for some reason when my son goes on these road trips, he quit speaking What? It’s like poetry But yeah So the grand Alaskan adventure continues I was gonna make one video But I think I got enough footage to make three so we’ll have to go for that So it is off – where’s our first stop anchor point? Anchor point is I’m going to get the tattoo of an anchor there This is a terribly sketchy bridge I was I was making a joke and then I realized holy shit. That’s one Yeah, we got to stop with that thing on the way back free barbecue Weird Homer Alaska on what they called the spit if you look at it from map, I’ll show you right here. Okay So this is the end of the spit as they call it here in Homer Alaska, which is basically it’s not even a peninsula It’s like this Somewhat manmade just stretch a land out into the middle of the bay back. There is pretty much Homer across the bay is Pretty much untouched wilderness. I’m sure people go over there, but you know what? I mean? There’s no real cities or towns or anything for all that distance I Hope you guys can see it as good as this is showing good looks but it’s pretty neat. They actually sell condos down here Which I mean probably an amazing view, but you’re a little four. You’re a little far away from everything Yes, you’re a little far away from everything – but you’re a little far away from everything thora. How’s your day going so far? Maybe beulas want to get a beer Alright the salty dog Old weathered Oh I know. I just don’t know if I want him This building here is the land end resort I’ve never stayed there So I can’t really tell you how it is. But I imagine it’s hard to suck as a hotel with that as your view. I want to stay here just so I can wake up one morning and look out and see that I was looking at their website and Apparently Orca are out here all the time. Just swimming around on the bay amazing You

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  1. I've been to the Cabela's in Hamburg PA, their largest location. Only been there once and I liked it. They used to be an independent company but now it's a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops

  2. We're totally jealous you get to go to Alaska man. Hopefully we can film the Trucking ice roads some time and you can use some of it.

  3. Really great video. What I saw seemed beautiful but sparse. Thanks for uploading. Good job. p.s. nice music at the end of your video.

  4. I love watching these nature videos. I had 2 sisters and a brother who lived in Alaska for a while, everyone in my family had gone up there except me. I can't afford or able to travel and seeing these pictures makes me feel like I am there. Almost lol

  5. I went on a cruise in Alaska once— we went to Denali National Park and then headed down the shore and went to like Ketchikan and stuff. This video and cinematography reminds me of that trip — Well Done!

  6. The video is still at 360p. Give it about an hour if you want to see it in 4k. It takes a while to process all the formats.

  7. My home state!! We just left there two weeks ago. Hope the smoke wasn't too bad for you. I know I'll miss some things about Alaska, but I'm sure as hell happy that I don't live there anymore!

  8. To Short….! To many beers stop blabing…😁 …✔👍 if I get half a chance I am moving there.. Period ! Why Cabelas not good? not enough variety, please explain next post. Did you visit Fairbanks, North Pole, Valdez.? Beautiful place Alaska that is… 👍☺👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💚👌✔ Ps. Nice Family. God Bless.!!

  9. Great scenery. I’ve been to Alaska only once and saw the Panhandle, from Ketchikan to Skagway. Would love to visit Alaska again, and the Kenai and Kodiak would be great places to visit. Would visit during the end of August for a chance at seeing the Northern Lights.

  10. Clam Gulch, sounds like a strip club 🤣🤣LOL LOL🤣🤣. My parents have property there and they’re going to retire there ….I’m gonna have to tell them that 😂😂👍👍LOL

  11. You did an amazing job choreographing this video. Loved the music and the way it tied into the video. One of your best videos. Keep up the good work. Truly enjoyable.

  12. My sister spent a couple of years living near Homer and running a float plane and boat fueling station. She was single at the time. I asked her how the social life was. She laughed and said the women have a saying about dating up in Alaska, "The odds are good. But the goods are odd."
    She came back here to the lower 48, still single.

  13. What a beautifully shot video. Would love to watch more like this. I think you said there will be three videos altogether? Possibly my favourite thing you've done.

  14. that boy is sullen…if this is a bonding holiday it prob didn't We have got to the point we have g/kids like him..pmsl…Yep keep him beered up,best way eh..

  15. Nice, I just moved to Salem and I’m trying to find some good fishing spots. Do you have a top 10 fishing or camping spots here in Oregon?

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