Justice Holiday Heroes Ep 3 – Noe Runs πŸ’— Ft. Jessalyn Grace

Justice Holiday Heroes Ep 3 – Noe Runs πŸ’— Ft. Jessalyn Grace

Hi, everybody. I’m Jessalyn Grace and I’m
traveling around the country to visit with Girls With Heart who are challenging themselves and you to put their super powers to work with Nationwide Children’s
Hospital and become Holiday Heroes in the making. So for my challenge, I chose to do a 5k because I want to challenge
myself mentally and physically. If you guys didn’t know, running is kind of a struggle for me. I have asthma and when I run, I get this, I get asthma and it’s
hard for me to breathe, so long distance running
has been very hard for me and I think that I’m
being pushed right now and I’m glad that I’m doing new limits and trying new things. Hey, everyone! Today, we’re going to
check on Noe and see how she’s challenging herself for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I’m so excited. Let’s go. So what are you going to be
doing for your fundraiser after our visit to the
Nationwide Children’s Hospital with Cailee Rae? So, I decided to do a 5k because I want to challenge myself
physically and mentally and I want to inspire other
girls to do that as well. And what made you want to run for, you know, your fundraiser? So 5k is one mile further
than I’ve ever run before. So I’ve only run two miles before and it was a real big challenge to go from two miles to three miles. And I think I just want
to inspire other girls to go donate to Nationwide
children’s Hospital and I also want to challenge
them physically and mentally. So, Chase, my running coach has been a great teacher all along and he has just been helping me push my running limits and I
think that he’s just amazing. On Thursday, I’ve ran a lot faster than the first time. My breathing was getting accelerated but I still pushed through and
ran the one and a half miles. I was so proud of myself. So I was really excited that I was already pushing limits for this. On Thursday, we ran two miles. I had a little bit of
a struggle with this. My breathing kind of accelerated but, I ran one point seven
miles without stopping. So today’s going to be a very cold run. But here I am. So I just finished my run and we ran three miles, which
I’m super proud of myself. Today, I will be going to the radio station in my town to be interviewed for what I am doing, my 5k and why I’m raising money for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. So I am really nervous but I’m excited because I just want to inspire
people to donate to the Girls With Heart GoFundMe account. Good morning, Noe, how are you? Good morning. Alright, and as I understand it, you suffer from asthma? Yes, I have asthma. And so, running a 3k– or a 5k is really hard for me because my asthma gets in the way sometimes. You know, people who have asthma don’t usually run long distance runs. No. So right now, I’m really
nervous about meeting my promise for the sponsors. I think you’ll do great, Noe. And remember our super powers? Yes. Mine was inspiring other girls to just be themselves and have fun. And mine was spreading positivity. I applied the stuff I learned
in the Live Justice Workshop when I asked for sponsors on Friday because I had to work
things up on the spot and just be confident in
myself and what I’m saying. Hey, Jess. Hey, happy Friday, Noe. How are you doing today? Good. Hey, Kevin. Hey. What’s going on, Noe? How you doing? Good. Hey, Miss Rose. How you doing? Hi, Noe. Hi, Dr. Fairfax. What brings you here today? Well, I have a project I’m working on. Me and Justice are helping out Nationwide
Children’s Hospital. And Justice challenged me to do a fundraiser for
Nationwide Children’s Hospital. So I challenged myself to do a 5k, farther than I’ve ever run before. And I was wondering if
you could sponsor for me. And I was wondering if you
could sponsor me on this? And I was wondering if you could sponsor me on this run? I’m more than pleased to. Congratulations.
Thank you. Best of luck to you. I would love to support you. I would certainly love to, to support your project and to help you with this fundraiser. Yeah, no doubt. We definitely want to support you. You’re doing great things
and so we want to sponsor you for this, for this run. Thank you. Absolutely. So today is my last
practice before the big run. I’m really excited, but
nervous at the same time. So Chase’ll be here in a minute, but for right now, I’m going
to take my asthma pump first and then put on my gear and I’ll be ready. Ready to do this? Yes. Le’s do it. Three, two, one. Actually running a… Let’s get a good jog going. Got to push yourself. This’ll be our last one. That’s good. Good pace. So, I’m super tired after the run but I ran three miles. It was really hard for me to
keep my breathing in check and, but I’m really proud because
I’m raising money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. So, I’m really nervous because I’ve never run three miles before. It’s one mile further
than I’ve ever run before. Well, I think I can help with that. There’s someone who wants to talk to you. Hi, Cailee. Hi! You girls looks so cute. [Noe And Jessalyn] Thank you. I’m a little bit nervous for my run tomorrow. I’m running a 5k. Oh my gosh, no. To be honest, they’re all rooting for you, we’re all rooting for you. You’ve trained for this. You just have to like, believe in yourself and the
second that you start running, just forget about why you’re
doing it and who’s watching and just run like you would any
other day, you know? I was really surprised that
Cailee Rae called me because I was nervous about my run and Jessalyn Grace brought her up and she called me and
she just motivated me to do this run. [Jessalyn] Oh my gosh, are you ready? Yes. I’m so happy for you. Thank you.
Best of luck. And I think you’re going to do great. Okay, ready, set, go! I’ll meet you at your finish line! Are you okay? One second, I got to cramp too. I had to pause for a moment
during my run because I got a little cramped up in my knee and it was getting a little stiff so I just had to stop for
a second and let it rest. My knee’s gotten a little stiff. So we had to stop but I’m going to keep walking and then start up my speed again. When I paused, I just didn’t know if I could keep going. What went through my mind was like, I just really don’t
want to let people down and I want to do this for the hospital. I’m supposed to run three miles, but I’m super tired, my body hurts. But, I’m going to push through
because I want to donate to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. You alright, kiddo? Yeah. Keep going? Yeah. Okay, I’m going to keep going and I’m going to start on my run again. My breathing’s just getting a little heavy on me. I have a message for girls that want to find their super power. Find something that you love to do and that you just have
a big passion for and put it to use. Thank you for watching my run. Now I challenge you to
find your super power and help out Nationwide
Children’s Hospital. You can donate at

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