Johor Bahru Food And Attractions Including A Night Theme Park | Eatbook Overseas Guide | EP 4

Johor Bahru Food And Attractions Including A Night Theme Park | Eatbook Overseas Guide | EP 4

Hi! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. Today, I am going to bring you somewhere special. And from the title, I think you can guess who is coming along with me. It’s me! Steve! Guess who’s back! Back again! steve, have you been to JB before? Only as a transit to KL. But I am excited to see more. If you go JB right, it’s great when you have a limited number of leaves in a year, and you want to go on a budget. Let’s go! Let’s go! The train is not moving. Steve! Yes! The first thing that you should get when you arrive at JB is, some roti cani, which is also known as roti prata in Singapore. Have you had roti prata before? Ya, of course. Okay, the roti canai here right, is only RM1. Better than Daiso. They sell this at Daiso? No no no. So, they also have the egg version, which is RM2. Okay, it’s a bit of self-servicing here, you have to get your own chicken curry, and they also have beef rendang. Let’s try the kosong first. Oh, by the way, this place opens from 6.30am to 11am. So it’s only for you early birds out there. Nice little crispy bits everywhere. It’s a bit crispy on the outside and then inside is chewy. It’s like an asian version of a croissant. Oh my gosh, spot on. Ya, you can even see them making the roti canai Yeah, so appetizing when they make it But I think it will go best with curry, just add curry. It’s sooo much better with the curry. It makes the curry taste a bit more buttery and fragrant Let’s try the beef curry. Oooh, the consistency of this beef rendang is relatively thicker than usual. Surprisingly I prefer this to this. Cause it’s less spicy as you said. Some people might find that it’s a bit too gamey, but I think it’s quite a pleasant, beefy aroma. It’s got totally different personalities. This simple roti canai. During [my] teenage years, I added both sugar and curry. [Laughs] It’s good! You need to try it. Not too much! Not bad! Yeah, tastes like a sweet curry now. It’s good. And dials down the spice. If you need a bit more protein in your breakfast right, you should get the egg version. It’s got more bite to it than the roti canai. It’s quite cool how just adding one ingredient changes the whole flavour profile. It’s hearty but it feels light for a breakfast. You know… [noisy car sounds] Overall, what I really love about this place is how close it is from the customs. It’s like a four-minute walk. Yeah you can see it from here. It’s like a stone’s throw away. And the price point of this is like… RM1, RM2, Ya and the portions aren’t little or small or mini, it’s substantial! Yeah! Oh my goodness, it’s better than eating fast food breakfast at City Square. Don’t come too close my double chin is here to stay~ Next up, we’re gonna get even more food and they are still under RM2. Oooh. And you get to try a whole variety of dishes. Awesome! I wouldn’t tell you now but let’s go! So we’re here at our second place at JB. which is Kafe Eat and Repeat, which is a perfect name for exactly what we’re doing. Yeah, eat, repeat… Everything here goes for only RM1.90. So this place is good for people who love variety, like me. We don’t need to share food with anyone anymore because they serve food boat noodles style. So you get small portions but you can try a whole menu of items. It’s like a sampler. And there’s heaps on the menu, and we got them all. So my favourite, my number one pick, is the Nasi Ayam Paprik. Wowwww, you got it! Yeah, I’ve been practising. It’s their signature dish. And it lives up to the recommendation. Number two on my list is the soto. That potato deep fried ball. Bergedil. It’s good. And number three is Ayam Tandoori. Yeah I’ll pick this as my favourite as well because the seasoning of this chicken is not only in the batter, it’s also seasoned through the meat as well. Oh I really love their mee rebus. Because it tastes just like the ones you’d get in Singapore, It’s not one dimensional. And this is my favourite It’s the Mee Bandung. When you hear the name right, you’d think of the pink drink, but no. It’s typical yellow egg noodles, with some nutty sauce on top and chicken slices. After trying everything right, I find that the noodle dishes stood out more than the rice ones to me I think overall, all the dishes are really nice. Kafe Eat and Repeat is about a 17-minute drive from the customs. And you rarely ever get places that serves everything from head to toe with a single price. Eh why don’t we play Scissors Paper Stone. The loser will finish everything. No way… Okay half, half. [weird sounds from Chiara o_O] Scissors, Paper, Stone! YASSSSSSSSSSSSS What the f***! Okay so that was like a practise round. My heart is still pounding from the Rock Scissors Paper game. Mine also! After eating and repeating, eating and repeating, we’re here to do some exercising. We’re at Camp5. Yeah, you know, Camp5 is one of the biggest indoor rock climbing gyms in South Malaysia and Singapore. We’ll make sure you conquer your fear of heights… Oh my godddd Okok I’m gonna go dowwwwwnnnn It’s all because of you, you, and you!!! …and conquer this wall today. Let’s go get changed! Are you ready? Yes. [shakes head] Alright
Let’s go! Oh send help. I’m scared! We’re all very proud of you Chiara! Wooo!! I h8 yall T^T Now that we’ve worked up an appetite, where are we? We’re at Restaurant Spiced MalaHotpot. So over here they have over 80 ingredients for you to choose from. Let’s check out what kind of ingredients they have. Octopus, squid, big juicy prawns! Yeah and it’s huge! Oh my goodness. Other than Maggi mee they even have flat noodles. I think I’ll just leave all the picking to the ma la queen. It looks like you know what you’re doing. Xian dan yi ban, zhong la yi ban
(Half salted egg, half medium spicy) Xie xie (thank you)! Did we over order? I think we over ordered. So our food’s here. It didn’t take long. Yeah it’s massive. And it’s so astonishing because it totalled up to only RM100. You know, in Singapore if you get this amount of food right, you’d probably have to pay at least S$50. Whoa. So we got the salted egg and the ma la. Zhong la. Yeah honestly, these are two of my most favourite flavours I guess we have to start with the salted egg one first. Wow you know I’m very surprised, and I love how they actually sliced up the fish. And deep fried it. Because in Singapore they just mix it with the vegetables and the meat and everything, and the fish just disappears. MmmmMmMmmmm I only wish the salted egg flavour was stronger. But I’m satisfied with it. Because it tastes like the typical zi char salted egg dish you’d get in Singapore. It’s not too sweet. So I actually really like it. They have this mini crab. Because you know, salted egg and crab they go well together. The flavour of the salted egg doesn’t overpower the flavour of the ingredients. So unlike the ma la dish, you can actually taste the ingredients in the salted egg. So if you’re a true lover and you just want salted egg packed on everything this might not be the dish for you, but if you want to really taste the salted egg You have some of the noodles! And then it’s a mouthful of salted egg. I think 3 Good Guys are probably the only people in Singapore doing this salted egg xiang guo thingy. So I think coming down to the Restaurant Spice MalaHotpot for this massive bowl is worth it. Ok, next one! Let’s reunite the ma la queen with her ma la. *angelic hymns* I think they have many unique ingredients that would totally pair well with ma la. In Singapore the variety of seafood they have is just prawn fishballs it’s very limited. I think the scallops really go well with ma la. The ma la tastes different to the one I had in Singapore. It’s not as salty. I think it’s way more spicy than it is numbing. I think this is more of a chilli hotpot. It’s like slowly killing me, but it’s so good. Killing me softly with this ma la. The amount of ingredients they have over there 80? We counted, so trust us it’s really 80. Because we didn’t trust them so we counted. They have like, mini octopus scallops cuttlefish large intestines It’s mind blowing. And we barely even tried everything. We finished dinner and we were on the way to our Airbnb. When we saw these bright lights Made an emergency stop. And now we’re at Danga World Theme Park! Each ride only costs around RM2 to RM10. Woah! And it closes at 12am. So the vibes here are super vintage. You can’t really find this in Singapore. Let’s go check this one out right now. This one? Let’s go! I cannot drive. *screams* Qing! QING~ Where are you going????? I’m drooling! QINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG *Screams* *groans* So Steve what was your favourite ride? My favourite ride was this bad boy! Made you feel like Jack Sparrow sailing the seven seas! Mine for sure will be the bumper car because it was so ghetto but so fun. I almost fell out of the seat and I drooled. From laughing. See you guys tomorrow! Morning! Today, we’re up bright and early to catch some ducks. Ducks? What do you mean ducks? We’re actually going to this place called Restoran Ya Wang Which is introduced by Suphon, An, and many of our Instagram followers. So we’ve caught the duck! And a pig! Yeah, cause when we saw the char siew shao rou (roast pork) outside, we just couldn’t not get it. I think we have to try the herbal duck first, because this is their signature dish. Whoa!
Mind. Blowing. Sauce! It’s so robustly flavoured. It gives this kind of electrical feeling in my jaw. Just one sip of the sauce and I feel like I’m getting some energy back. Yeah yeah yeah! It can be a bit salty, and you can really taste the duck juices dripping into this. MmmmMmmm The flavour goes through throughout the meat, so it’s sweet from the herbal sauce, and the flavour of the duck comes afterwards. It’s a nice sequence of flavours. It’s really juicy from the meat to the skin itself. And the skin is still crispy, you know. This is the first time I ate something with so much sauce, but the skin still has that really crispy texture. Yeah and the fatty bite into it is like a extra burst of juice. Alright let’s try the pork. The skin’s super crispy. I think my favourite part of this is that it has way more meat in proportion to the fat. I love how salty and crisp the crackling is. Try the char siew. I think for me, I love the sauce of the char siew more than the char siew itself. The char siew in Singapore usually is a bit more red than brown. This one has a nice char. The sauce is saltier than in Singapore. Like in Singapore, the meat really stands out more than the sauce. But I think for here, at Ya Wang, the sauce stands out more than the meat. Overall, I’m really just floored by how good the herbal duck is. Restoran Ya Wang is really close to the checkpoint. Easy to visit and definitely worth a visit. The second stop is Warung Saga. And I’m going to let you try something that is uniquely JB. You can’t really find this anywhere else. The ones that we are more familiar with in Singapore is just called ‘lontong’ and this is the dry version. It’s called lontong kering. It has peanut sauce, sambal, and the typical ketupat. Oh it also has vegetables and chicken on top, which is rare because the typical lontong that you get elsewhere or soto, is just the ketupat, a different broth, and some garnishes So this place is hidden and kind of hard to find, but you know you’re in the right place when you see walls full of photos. But here’s a heads up They open at 6:30am till midnight, but this lontong kering might be sold out by 11am. So get a bit of that ketupat rice Yeah and the rice looks really interesting, it’s so dense. How do they make it? Good question. So they wrap rice into nicely folded palm leaves and then they steam it. Do you like satay? Oh yeah, I love satay. Like the things on a stick? Cause they use the same satay peanut sauce. It’s just that they douse it with sambal chilli. So it’s like a plated satay dish. I really love how the rice cake is sweet, and then the sauce is spicy. so it kinda tempers the spice a little. And really interestingly, they also have a bit of bee hoon in the mix. On to the next, we have nasi lemak, look at their rice, it’s not just plain white rice. They have things like egg bits, and if i’m not wrong, mung beans or yellow beans in it. Heyyyy where’s the chicken? Ahhh. You’re too spoilt by the nasi lemak in Singapore. Here in Malaysia right, their nasi lemak focus is really on the rice and the sambal that’s it. It’s like any coconut rice, but it has a tint of ginger. The flavour of the rice is really well-rounded. Again, this taste really different. It has a very roasted taste to it. It’s not just sweet or spicy. I would have this for breakfast any day. You have the rice with the sambal, all the textures comes from the other ingredients, I don’t miss the chicken! Overall, Warung Saga is really different. From the ambience to the food, even to the rice, you have little mung beans to ginger in your nasi lemak. That’s a first for me. We’re now at the world’s first glass temple. Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple Yes. Because they are all made of glass right, every little sparkle gets reflected elsewhere. So for members of the public, you can come in but you have to pay a small token of RM10 when you’re here. There’s even tiles all over the ceiling. There isn’t one spot of the ceiling that isn’t covered in tiles. So we’re at Todak Seafood Restoran, we’ve got some mangoes from the aunty and uncle at the front. Ya and we are going to have seafood tonight, because there is no JB trip without any seafood. So we’re going to eat the seafood while looking at the sea. And, that’s just awesome. You guys think that going on shoots, AHHHHHHH! Oh, it landed on my hand. But this is what we do all the time, 1 2 3 Action! We asked for a crab cracker,
(Wah! Scare me!) and we got this massive crab annihilator. You know what is special about Todak Seafood Restoran, is that they don’t have a fixed menu. So what you do is that you just pick whatever seafood you want, and you just tell them i want to eat this in this style, I want to eat this in that style. And then, you get what you want. So for example, for the crab right, We’ve got one with the golden sand and one with the chilli crab. And then, this one is the Indonesia prawn, this is a claypot tofu and then we got sambal kang kong and last but not least, man tou to go along the chilli crab So I noticed over there they have all these live seafood, So you just get to pick and choose super fresh what you want to eat, all alive and swimming 15 minutes ago, and now on your dinner plate. Ahhh… you can see right, it’s only 7.15pm now, but this place is getting packed. So make sure to give Todak Seafood Restoran a call to reserve. if not you will miss out on the good view. And it got like awesome outdoor sitting so you can, really enjoy the sea breeze while you enjoy your seafood. Okay, let’s start with the crab first, I want to use this bad boy. Okay, let’s grab one piece. yo9u know golden sands right,usually you will associate it with salted egg yolk. but this one however doesn’t seem very salted eggyolk-ish. the garlic totally overpowers the salted taste. Taste more like a garlic crab. But that being said, I love the fragrance of the garlic. the name of the dish might be a little wrong, but the flavour is spot on What do you reckon of the crab meat? It’s so thick and juicy and succulent But there’s still that briny crustacean taste to it. You can tell that it’s fresh, it really holds it’s shape. It got some chew to it. You know, I don’t know about you but I prefer my crab filled to the brim with sauce. The sauce that they use in this chilli crab, the chilli just goes straight to the back of your throat. it’s kind of sweet but it’s delicious. you say the spice hits the back of your throat? Yeah… *cough* WEAK! Because I don’t think it’s spicy at all. As compared to the chilli crab I have in Singapore, this one is totally a sweet version. Oh wait wait wait wait wait, we can’t go without the mantou. As comapred to the ones in Sinagpore, this is actually huge you know. the mantou here might be bigger but they have lesser flavour. They just taste like a loaf of bread kind of thing. But hey, it’s only RM1 so why not! Shall we move on to the prawns? Yes! Oh my goodness. I was really damn excited for this one, We’ve got Indonesia prawns, and I’ve never heard of a dish like that. A bit like a laksa don’t you think? It’s like so much sweeter, so much more fragrant. I don’t know, I don’t know what ingredients they have inside, but it tastes so good. And the spice they use is very similar to the chilli crab. Mmmm. So it goes straight to the back of your throat, it’s not too hot but it got that kick to it. I feel like i can even drink it with a ladle. Mmmmm. It’s so good. Let’s try the claypot tofu. It;s brimming with ingredients. this really tastes like that hotplate tofu that you get in zi char places. And the taste of the sauce is really creamy. To me, the claypot tofu tastes exactly the same as the ones you can find in Singapore. But the generous portion and pricesjust makes it so much better. And the last one is, kang kong. if you can’t handle your spice, yeah, this one it goes down well. As compared to Singapore right, this one is no kick at all. I think the hae bee taste is much stronger than the sambal chilli, which is rare. you can actually give them your budget, And the aunties are very kind, they help you and introduce youwhat kind of food to get. For all of this for SGD$50, how do you beat that man and, they all taste really good. You buy this and they throw in the view for free. So I think a 2 oily thumbs up for me! 2 more! Do you remember how to say I love this dish in Malay? I am stupid. So you love this dish right? I am stupid, yeah. I am stupid. You are stupid. So we tired to go to the gym, but the gym at this airbnb, closes at 10pn. So we are going to… Guys… I’m hungry. Man, i was thinking the exact same thing. Oh, I remember Suphon saying that we could buy the whole truck with just SGD$10. Shall we test it out? Yes! Suphon truck, we’re coming! Oh, you guys are here already. Right now, we’re at Fa Ge Lok Lok. woah… Alright, we came out for a super spontaneous post workout meal. So for lok lok right, we can choose from heaps of ingredients, and then, you can choose to deep fry, to boil or to grill it. When you’re done with eating right, they will charge you base on the colour of the stick so the prices range from RM1.50 to RM4.50. the selection that they have, blows your mind. So how you eat lok lok is that you can choose your own sauces by mixing them all up, or tasting them individually. okay, now let’s try the grilled stuff, I’m going to try the pork belly because I love pork. I love it. You know it’s flavourful like bacon but the texture is like sio bak (roast pork). It’s crispy, juicy. And I would say right, just skip the boiling,go for the grilled and deep fried stuff. Save the healthy stuff for earlier in the day, Satisfy yourself. And go for the extra tasty grilled and deep fried stuff. Today marks the end of JB trip. So sad! And we are here at Salahuddin Bakery, this bakery is really old, it’s open since 1937. Older than… That’s almost as old as you! NO! They’re still using a wood fire baking oven to bake their cakes and bread and everything. So we got! These! Okay, let’s start with the kaya bun, Growing up right, a lot of bakeries in Singapore,do have buns like these. So they sell it in little squares that combines with each other. You kno what these look like? they look like hot cross buns that we eat for Easter. I think it smells like wholewheat bread to me. Ah, it’s sweet! Slightly sweet. It’s definitely more dense than the ones we are more used to in Singapore. It’s creamy but it still got a rough texture to it. Like a very pasty texture right, this one has a bit stronger pandan taste instead, you can’t taste the egginess at all. It makes like a really good snack. Next, we are trying their sugar puff. at first glance, I thought it would be very crispyand flaky, but it’s soft. Look at the amount of sugar they pump on it. Come let’s share this. Heart broken. It’s made of layers. Smells like the lau po bing, No, I know what it smells like already. Tai Yang Bing! Weirdly, it also reminds me of the roti canai we ate on day 1. Nicely balanced, it’s not overly sugary. I think this would go really well with black coffee. Last one, we got the Bengali Karipap, so this is one of their classic. We got both the chicken and potato, But I don’t know which is which so play… Lucky Dip. I hope I get the potato one. I can’t tell. Mine is chicken, ohhh! So basically, regardless whether you got sardine or chicken, the chicken they just add like minced chicken in it. So, I got the extra ingredients. Man, they don’t skimp on the ingredients. It’s like full. Steve: It’s like really smoky
Chiara: Interesting Ya, it’s as if they smoked it through. Again, this is another taste that Johor really surprise me. It’s something I’ve never tried before. It got a slight spice to it. even to the potato filling, it’s really different from other curry puffsI’ve tried before. this one has a really strong earthy spice flavour to it. So I think if you’re going to choose between the 2, go for the chicken one. you get a 2 in 1. You know I would totally come back to Salahuddin Bakery again when I am here, because it’s so close to the customs. So Steve, What are your favourite spots in JB so far? Todak Seafood. Damn it. I was going to say that. Well… I said it first! Okay fine. It’s like a bargain,It’s a hidden gem, and you get to eat under the stars, Oh, and the value for money is insane. Like $60, for all of us at the table and we got 2 crabs. That’s awesome. My second favourite would be Warung Saga, because I love how they have the twist of the classic lontong dish, which is so unique and different. Something you will never get in Singapore. And the ambience! So cool. We really enjoyed showing you around JB, so if you have other places you want us to visit at, comment in the comment section down below! But wait! It’s not over yet. In the next episode, we’re going to travel a little further out from JB customs and explore new areas of JB. Stay tune!



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