Jenny’s Stuck in Miami Traffic and Abuela Saves the Day // TECLA AWARDS

Jenny’s Stuck in Miami Traffic and Abuela Saves the Day // TECLA AWARDS

What is the hold up?! Use your blinker! [HONKS MULTIPLE TIMES] Carajo! What did I tell you?! Are you the best vlogger? Are you the best travel content creator? Are you the best creator? What are you looking at? Yeah, okay, hide behind your little tints. They’re illegal! Illegal tints! I need to save my voice. I need to save my voice. You know what award you’re gonna get?
The come ***** award! I might as well go mimir up in here. Look, I’m putting it in park. GO, BRO! Siri, call Abuela. Hey, my girl! You there?
Because the show is about to start! [PHONE RINGS] Oigo! Abuela… Yenny, where are you? I’m stuck in traffic. Yeah? In traffic? Yes, on the Palmetto. I warned you… You should’ve taken a
shower in the morning… -But you didn’t listen to me.
-Look, can you please… -So now you’re…
-Abuela, Abuela! …screwed in traffic. So you know where my dressing room is, right? Yes, I’m right in front of your dressing room! It has your name and everything… J. Lo. What do you mean they put J.Lo, Abuela? Is that not your name, girl? Jenny Lorenzo? J.Lo? I am not J.Lo! My last name isn’t even Lopez! Well, that doesn’t matter. Look… I passed by the store… I brought some extra. Just in case. Oh my god, how embarrassing. Just like that. I love you, Abuela, but why? Look, I brought you some things… I’m gonna be so late. Your brush. Where do you think you’re going, bro? I also brought you some perfume. Vivaporu. Pantyhose. Abuela, you took my dress, right? Yes, yes, I brought your dress from your quinces. My quinceanera dress?! Abuela, but I… Well, you told me to pick the nicest dress
from your closet! Oh my God! And here it is! SHUT UP! HEY! No! Not to you, Abuela, no. Do you see any of my friends there? Do you see the Chonga Girls or Mexican Gueys
or Eddie G? Anybody? Who are they? ‘Wela, Eddie G is the guy who plays Tiburcio… And Mimi and Laura do The Chonga Girls. Girl, I don’t recognize a single person here. For me, everyone’s a Fulana or Fulano. There’s a guy making eggs and rice on the
top of his car! Jenny’s on in 2 minutes! 2 minutes! Girl, did you hear that? Two minutes, please! Can you? How do you say? Can you stall? Can you stall for me? Well… I have an idea… Abuela, don’t do anything crazy. Abuela! Abuela?

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100 Replies to “Jenny’s Stuck in Miami Traffic and Abuela Saves the Day // TECLA AWARDS”

  1. Just to clarify, this video was the intro to the 2018 Tecla Awards for Hispanicize. So what happens after this video is that Abuela runs on stage to cover Jenny's ass as host. HAHA! Glad you're all enjoying it!

  2. Sigue la serie quiero muchos capítulos,esa abuela es tremenda👍😀,,,saludos jenny 🌺😘

  3. Aww! I wanted it to continue. It was getting good. I wanted to see what locura abuela was going to do.
    Can u/Abuela do a part 2 of this video? This video was awesome but I want a part 2 to this. I love ur Abuela videos!

  4. Also: as a newly starting Spanish class taking student (yr 2 now) I find this channel AMAZING! It’s hard to find funny and entertaining Hispanic shows that I can quickly watch and intake my daily “exposure” to Hispanic culture and language, so I that can get better at it. Thank you sooo much! 🙂 your channel is so relatable, and I just love ABUELA!

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE .. can't wait to see what happens when ABUELA goes on stage😂.. THANK YOU FOR YOU!!!!

  6. I love the part where Jenny has Chongalicious playing and said "the come merdia award" as well the part where she goes "I might as well go Mimi all up in here." #LoveYou Jenny

  7. "Abuela, don't do anything crazy!" Have you met ABUELA?! Even I would not say such a locura thing to ABUELA!!

  8. I guess miamians have the same attitude about traffic like us New Yorkers. Oye tú! el de la barba si tu jodido or judío sal del crosswalk.

  9. Oh my, sooooo very funny! My favorite part of …get note on the poster Hollywood Star on her name so cute!

  10. abuela: " but you told me to pick the nicest dress form your closet !"

    tsc tsc, Jenny, you knew better than to say that….

  11. Omg it's true , unless you leave earlier, you will get hit with traffic everytime in palmetto.
    There is always a crash , or someone car broke down in the middle of the damn street , and my favorite bitches be driving 40 on a high way . Or they fking texting now 😐😐😐😠😠.And Palmetto is still in construction ever since I was 18 "mind you i am 27 now" it's ridiculous. I hate miami traffic no on uses there fking blinkers either . Like really mofo.

  12. "To me eveyone is a fulana and fulano"
    -Once said by abuela(Also by my abuela when she visits the U.S.) XD

  13. "Abuela don't do anything crazy" Now you know full and well abuelas will do the craziest shit to cover for their grandkids.

  14. Good luck to the Turkish lady that owns me a pizza, because she starts summer school tommrow and has to drive in Miami traffic.

  15. I know chika! Pero it will be so bueno que hicieras una continuación para el you tube, que es que de verdad me haces reír con la abuela, se parece a mi abuela luz que está en PR.Paso por por un momento tan doloroso y aveces no sonrío y cuando lo hago es forzada y veo esto y me meooo de la risa así terminé llorando, por cierto abuela tienen nombre? Mucho éxito que Dios te llene de gracia.

  16. Ahhhhhhhhh! We need a part two!! What happens next?? 😉. I love this video so I just had to subscribe! 🙂♥️

  17. Así mismito se comporta mi abuela en la calle, las calles en gringolandia son básicamente iguales a las de Panamá😐😅

  18. This is great, Jenny. For your videos, who usually does the music? (Is there a way I can find the credits music anywhere?)

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