Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places

Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places

in this video I’m gonna share with you guys my top three street food spots in Tokyo so over the last year we’ve gone to so many street food spots that I wanted to share with you guys like some of my favorites and Michael and I have like different opinions so definitely I wanted to get her in this so we’re gonna go through our top three but before that definitely check out my Japan hoodie merch I’ll leave a link in the description and also if you guys want to see what I’m doing on a daily basis or what I’m doing when I’m filming these videos definitely check out my Instagram account and before we start I wanted to say like ceg is probably on our top street food places because it’s like so many places to go I feel like it’s like the one place that you have to go if you’re in Tokyo so yeah that’s what we’re gonna exclude we’re gonna talk about the secondary options right yeah and the thing is like Michael and I we don’t always like agree on the same thing when it comes to food talking about this video we actually didn’t agree on some of the spots as like our number one spots she has her number one spot I have my number one spot and then we also have one that we like definitely agree on so I think generally you like junky oily junky stuff in general like delicious food and I like more Japanese how do you say like list bland you like you really Japanese Japanese food I like Japanese sweets I like my oily stuff I have elegant taste so I think a lot of people who agree with me a lot of people agree with him have more of like like a man’s kind of so what’s your favorite spot so I like Asakusa as my Street food spot because as a success a success is it a circus that Asakusa Asakusa the comments always say I suck so you pronounce it sucks I think I say that because I start with Japanese done and I finish this English done so but you can say it both ways you say anyway okay anyways I like the socks up it’s code it every day uh-huh but I love it goes to food it’s just on top of it I really like the taiyaki please shut up good it’s so crispy and like it’s just like a perfect everything’s just perfect and I left the pancake place the bed needs to do I think it’s super fluffy you can never forget about the paste yeah I guess the place is kind of far huh yeah well that’s kind of a plug for download our Maps Michael draws all of them yeah it’ll help you navigate through the busy area so you can like skip some of the streets that are like really super busy and it’s cute so it sucks though I mean I do agree with you like the food is actually good there and one of my favorites is the fried chicken oh yeah that’s like one of my favorite spots in Tokyo to get like some fried chicken one because they have really good fried chicken but they also have a spicy version of fried chicken that’s just amazing it’s a ten delicious that’s what I like to say what else did you like really like about I liked the meat good one what’s that name sake your neck said you know I’ve had it like so many times it’s just always good it’s like it’s Teddy super good and more than that I still like nothing Issei yeah let me see that’s a lot of good shots yeah the thing I don’t like about Becca me says it’s like so crowded this is that it’s just never do the shopping there right because thank you so much yeah I still like that I get mind you that place it’s just so good it’s sunny duh but like not everything on the list like you like all the time like one of my things that I like is the Minji cuts ooh but you found you found yeah but that’s the thing right actually really likes kind of the bland food mommy another nice thing about that place is that not only can you have street food but there’s just so much other stuff to do oh like yes I mean there’s like historical there’s also you know I noticed the other day I actually took Ryan there he’s like here’s the user friend I was visiting here and they do have an EGD song putz ooh how about that I mentioned in my other videos then they also have another few cuts of place at that location same name because they have like it’s different you cuts of ground actually know it’s a different name but it’s like the same kind of style I think the one thing the reason why this is like wasn’t on my top list is just because it’s so crowded there’s just so many people like you can go there on a weekday and it’s still super crowded I mean the weekends like just forget about it there’s just way too many people so overall like I like a sucks uh the one thing is just the crowds and if I had to choose like tell my friend to go to a street food spots I wouldn’t recommend that place just because it just gets so crowded as Japanese I like that place because you can still feel that you know like Japanese atmosphere like traditional like you went back in time kind of thing like Japanese like that you know cuz we live in a modern like city Shibuya you know yeah so that’s one of the reason why I like it and the food is amazing mmm okay number two one of the street food spots that I love the most is a place called cinema Chee and the reason I love that place the most is because no one knows about it it’s just a so on a back street we went there on a weekend right only weekend and there was like no childhood just like local people and it has some of the best street food in Tokyo oh and the little in the last station yeah I was kinshicho and then we have to take a bus there and wait for the bus and then that bus took another like maybe 10 minutes to get to that area and then we like landed on the back street and then like the front street of cinema tea but like all that aside if you can make it there that it’s like a pretty awesome experience because you don’t have crowds of people which I just really really have like a hard time dealing with sometimes there was still a crowd it’s just less crowd compared to a Sox our hard to go to booyah like less tourists gestures and I just like none of the reason why I like that place why I recommend you guys to go there is because one you don’t feel like that tourist vibe there you feel like local but it also has like a wide selection and variety of street food come on it has there’s a lot of young eatery and one of the things I love is Jackie – I love chicken on skewers the thing is you don’t find a lot of yakitori shops in Street food areas and so that was I was so surprised and as I look at all this jacket OD spots and so that’s like I fell in love with the place the one place I really clearly remember that was good as a mochi place that look place yeah that was good that’s good right it’s just so soft it just tasted how can a mochi be tasty yeah it was really good like I’m not a huge mochi fan like that’s not my favorite snack to the world but yeah that was a pretty good mochi yeah don’t want to travel that far but I get at least somebody bought it from me bring it to me this should be but also there’s like Chinese food right yeah that’s very good it’s like it’s unique yeah that was really good and babe did it really well we’ve been to so many street food spots and I haven’t seen one spot there so so another thing that was unique to that place was that we could he mm-hmm which is eel on a stick right like you these don’t see this in any other Street foods but at least I haven’t do all the places you’ve been to who know could eat it’s like the small what’s the name of the shop and they have that was it actually the name I think there’s no Nakota yeah yeah yeah I think so well if not then we’ll just edit it out and we’ll put the name the name is right here it’s like bytes I see you don’t like it filled up so you can try other Street food also also what I really liked was a shaved ice like a little shop cute small shop boy a married couple does yeah I know is that goes really good it wasn’t like super hot it was kind of cold we did it like in March or something yeah eating something outside my house so cold look but then you had shaved ice yeah and even though it was cold outside it was still pretty good that’s good yeah and then many was good too right it’s like fancy like they having mascarpone um just summed up place up it’s just a very local spot that has awesome variety and if you’re done for meat on sticks and just like a little bit of like variety that’s my recommended spot might be a little bit hard to get to so again we’ll leave like a link to all of these places will leave a link to all of these like the videos it has all the Google links in the description of those actual videos so you’ll be able to find it yourself don’t worry all right so number one number one do you want to notice it no you go ahead since Iowa first no I exactly okay so number one so you actually both agreed on a spot it’s a mix between a tourist spot and a local spot like it’s very local in the sense that like it has its own like eclectic kind of hipster vibe yeah in that area so you get a lot of just like hipsters like hanging around that area and there’s local people but you do get tourists because they like they have heard of this spot so they like also go there the location is good too a couple minutes from Shibuya mmm-hmm so it’s really easy to get to I really like the stores like all the shops are trendy is a place is known for vintage clothing shops yeah but it’s like a mix of vintage shops and like a trendy food store food stores yeah so you get like a bit of both worlds it’s really cool to hang out yes I mean you could definitely spend an afternoon there if not if you’re doing some shopping you could probably spend a day there the curry shops are really good they’re like I’ve really known for curry but we didn’t focus out on the video like what was your favorite and the ramp you like the gram I love the gram it’s not Japanese but it’s just good it’s Korean right I’ve never had anything like that before it’s just the texture and the style it looks cute what do you mean textures Oreo cookies shaved ice it’s like uh wasn’t shaved ice it was a shaved ice whose ice cream it’s shaped milk Isis oh yeah it’s like different texture that we would ever have I feel like they had like Cheerios or Rice Krispies or something also like inside of it like a funky and you got bees yeah you can customize yeah this that’s actually pretty cool yeah I liked it or no time ago – that’s always gonna be number one oh for you for me yeah too young so time with the pudding expertise yeah that was like yeah I mean puddings pudding right oh good I mean it’s good delicious in the sense that for it in the category of pudding what did I like from that place everything a lot of times like a lot of things in the top tens like it’s usually Paulo stop Stan but this place I literally like everything my favorite was the curry Panda it’s good it’s like see over always like I can never be bad it’s like it’s fried it’s hurry it’s delicious it makes my mouth water yes that’s succulent piece of fried the donuts are pretty good I like the donuts I like that one too captain’s donut feels good it’s like look at that see the coolest cut thought I asked you wanted to have it as just only Donuts I don’t mind traveling to shimazo and just pick up the dough doesn’t come back yeah I guess to sum it all up I think all of these places are good like either of us it feels like it this is actually pretty good based on all the places we’ve been to in Tokyo um thus far we have more videos to come more see free video so definitely watch in the coming future like oh you can include the video so that concludes my video if you like my video hit that thumbs up if you wanna if you don’t know what I’m doing on a daily basis check out my Instagram I checked out Paulo’s Instagram I go to the venture in Japan or Tokyo if you’re interested in my adventures yeah or something like that subscribe and see you guys in the next one see you guys later I heard it so many times I still remember

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