Inside Las Vegas’ 24-Hour Nail Salon | GET NAILED 24/7

Inside Las Vegas’ 24-Hour Nail Salon | GET NAILED 24/7

CUSTOMER: In 24 hours. CUSTOMER: It’s 24 hours. CUSTOMER: I’ve never heard of a 24/7 nail salon. MAN: I love it. I love that name, that’s
a Vegas day care. NYISHA GOODWIN: Tell me when you’re ready. INTERVIEWER: We’re ready.
NYISHA GOODWIN: Okay. NYISHA GOODWIN: My name is Nyisha Goodwin and I’m the co-owner of Get Nailed 24/7. NYISHA GOODWIN: I’m born and raised in Vegas. I’ve been here all my life. I love it. I thought of it because there was a need in Vegas, and it was something missing and so girls can come in all the time in the night
to get their nails done. CUSTOMER: I wish I would have come last week because I went to a, I went to a mermaid and unicorn party. CUSTOMER: I said I’m a slut because your son is a heroin addict, really? CUSTOMER: My sister is texting me right now.
She is with some guys on the strip, drunk and she is like, ‘I think I’m going to
get a tattoo.’ DANNY: Vegas, anything could happen. CUSTOMER: That’s what she was saying. She
was like, “Vegas, anything could happen”. NYISHA GOODWIN: My most employed right now, I think would be Diamond. Her personality
is different from day to night. She can pull anything out of the client. I’m like, ‘Oh
my god! I didn’t even know this person was doing this.’ So she is the best at having
the conversations with the customers. CUSTOMER: What do they say? Young-dumb and full of cum
CUSTOMER: As far as boys DIAMOND DELACIA EARL: And I love it, I love when people tell me like everything about
them because I’m just so nosy and they go how you living; they will tell you everything,
because some people don’t have anybody that they can go to, so a stranger and if you know
you click with them, you feel like you can trust them, I won’t tell your secrets, you
know. NYISHA: What happens in Get Nailed, stays in Get Nailed, okay. Stays in Get Nailed, stays
between us and we got you. CUSTOMER: Oh my god. NYISHA GOODWIN: And we have Ana-man…
LADY: Adeline NYISHA GOODWIN: Adeline, she has only been
here two days and she is driving me insane so don’t plan on probably seeing Adeline..
I don’t know her name right now. Who else do I have, oh Danny; Danny is probably my
smartest employee. He pays attention; he is very detailed and very skilled. I have Yosha
– she complains about everything. NYISHA GOODWIN: I’m like, “Well, bitch you know what, you need to work somewhere
else”. LADY: Oh okay. NYISHA GOODWIN: A complainer. And I don’t
have any employees left. I need to get some. Oh, Terry-Terry-Terry, oh the reason why I
forgot about Terry is because her ass hardly ever comes to work. And when she comes to
work, she do two people and she is tired and she need to go home. Yes, it’s very hard
to find reliable staff because Vegas is so transit, they might be here today, gone tomorrow. NYISHA GOODWIN: We have people that are transgender, we have people that are escorts, we have people that are cocktail waitresses; people that
just want to come to Vegas and have a good time. LADY: Your skin looks so good.
CUSTOMER: Thank you! LADY: And do you get treatment?
CUSTOMER: Would you believe that she is 73 years old.
CUSTOMER: I love that everything is 24 hour, case in point. NYISHA GOODWIN: Daytime is more you know,
tourists who want to see how Vegas could be, they are more like laid back. CUSTOMER: Like, he is paying for it so I feel
like I have to. No, you don’t. It’s a tattoo. It’s not a drink. NYISHA GOODWIN: But at nighttime, you know
the song ‘The Freaks Come Out At Night?’ The freaks come out at night. NYISHA GOODWIN: Well, let me tell you the
quirky, the freaky, the all of the above come out at night. So, it’s a big difference. MAN: You should go and get nailed. Get nailed all night long. MAN: I am not afraid of bright lights. I have been in front of bright lights my whole life. NYISHA GOODWIN: My day is always crazy because
running a 24 hours salon is not easy and anything can happen. MAN: I know that this is not going to kill
me. LADY: Oh, we want you to be healed.
MAN: I am the sugar daddy. LADY: Oh, you are the sugar daddy.
MAN: I am the sugar daddy. LADY: I could imagine that. MAN: Yeah, I was looking. Basically, I was
looking for a girl to hangout with. Let’s have romance, no commitment, you know, have
a great time. And Dana, like, responded and then I inboxed her, like, I had never met
her in my life. And I said that, ‘You want to go on a trip with me? You want to go to
Vegas?  I don’t really know you. We never met but do you want to go to Vegas, I will take
care of everything. I will pay for your flight. I will make sure you are taken care of.’
So, that was it. I mean, I just, I bought her a ticket and two days later, one day,
two days later she is in Vegas. NYISHA GOODWIN: We offer an experience. We don’t offer just nails. I mean if we just
offered nails we probably would be out of business. No I am just.. No, seriously we
offer an experience for them. Like, we are their ear, we are there listening, we are
like their families. Some people will come here and they will be here, we will be here
till 4 or 5’o clock in the morning talking about their love life, distress. We are like
their therapists. They pour so much on us, you know and they feel comfortable. This is
like a comfortable environment. CUSTOMER: It’s been a very rough week. LADY: Yeah.
CUSTOMER: Yeah, up until I got here it was really rough.
LADY: Oh… CUSTOMER: My best friend died last Monday.
LADY: Wow! CUSTOMER: And my daughter had to put our cat
down on Saturday but Friday, he had been sick for a week and a half. He was electrocuted. My cat was electrocuted. LADY: Wow!
CUSTOMER: I know. This is first time I have ever been to Vegas.
LADY: Oh, first time. CUSTOMER: I am very, very lucky to be here.
And it’s been amazing, like it’s more than I ever thought it could be. NYISHA GOODWIN: It’s fun. We have a lot
of energy. It’s quirky at times. MAN: Check it out, even guys get pedicures man. They don’t play games. Getting my shit
done bro. NYISHA GOODWIN: Because I am the owner, it can be frustrating at times. Things are always
breaking; I have to worry about employees. But what I love about it is that I own the
first 24 hours salon in Vegas, fully functioning and that has never been done before. So, that’s
what I love because I love being number one. CUSTOMER: And you can eat all you can eat sushi at 4 in the morning.
LADY: Yes, only in Vegas. CUSTOMER: It’s weird.
LADY: Okay, C’mon now babe. Only in Vergas. NYISHA GOODWIN: No, she don’t have shit to say. We going to cut it right there.



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