you Know What They Say about innovation Right Innovation. You Said you wanted to do your’s last right. I wanted to do one mine last. SO BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP EZ Easy ya know what i am saying. Innovation. I have to go first innovation Innovation You know What They Say about innovation? Innovation Hey Guys welcome back to Innovation welcome back to this One fucking show that we do innovation Where like we’d probably Spend a lot more Money on Episode Than We Actually Get Entirely Through Revenue This show is innovation But Here we are again on this couch? Innovation if You Say Fucking Innovation One more time dude i swear to god i’m about To bring Out some innovation and give it to you right here and right Now can i have a present Have you been a good boy i’ve Been Moderate in music becomes faded Behavior oh What is this What What is it Stink Boss: for fresh shoes and Gear i could Definitely use some stink boss in my life What the Hell is this i assume i put my shoes Inside here Am i spelling that right i can’t i can’t look down and spell at the same time is there a plug or anything or is there a plug It’s on, is there a plug or something What do you do There’s an outlet or something Isn’t there? there’s no plug! What did you plug it into? there’s no plug! Right here. interesting I Mean This review right Here it takes care of Awful teen Boy shoe and slippery stink easily best Contraption Ever i i do Have Awfully Teen Boy shoes and Slippery Stink Chris Says This product Rocks i Need an outlet can Also Be Like This product Rocks Right Kill My Stink boom Can I get my thing now? You want to just like sit this here (unintelligible nonsense)? all right. This is a new, innovative item Because innovation is the key to brands’ success. it’s a product Called The Speech Ring. You slur your words a lot. I don’t fucking slur my words. you actually you do, and you have strokes very frequently. I fucking don’t! and One Way you can Get Rid of Those you.You slur your wor… This is a Cock ring Here it is hi i’m Where these shut Up watch the rings are handmade in los Angeles and come with Instructions for proper Placement or handmade Here a Tongue-Twister Card so you can practice Let’s try It Get The tongue Twister card take It out of the case Okay and When you’re gonna do put It in your mouth It may take a minute to adjust for proper placement Yeah But Really some guy he likes i can’t keep Doing this yeah Fuck i have a Gag Reflex See that Wouldn’t be a Good porn star What’s The tongue Twister Say Where’s The tongue Twister This is the twister did It’s this Right Here fucking He throws His steps at the bricks do you wanna Try It those what no No No you like bid at It yeah i was getting Anxious you have to do this he Throws his sticks? Against the Bricks Those Wiser Guys were in disguise She held double bells well You’d Better Go home alone and i left my Magic Speech Ring That’s a Fucking Stupid Button How you try do it Hey Guys no brick though You Know you’re not Doing oh yeah well you Hardly do it Listen Lauren Invented This fucking Product You have to enunciate Better for the audience You Do This Every day Just see the fucking sentence What Duff He throws his sticks against the bricks those Wiser Guys were in disguise She held double Bells well You’d Better Go home alone i love my Magic Speech Ring You didn’t Know Just break Lauren’s Magic Speech Ring Well the Good news is They are looking for Before-And-After testimonials so by all means we Give You permission to use this video for Before-And-After of His speech impediment and how your product Lauren has Saved This Man’s life he now knows How to speak in a Clear Monotone Voice he now knows How to enunciate Words That he never thought were possible before this before This day Thank you Lauren and Thank you for inventing the Amazing Shit i need it too i Got a Big box dude i Have a Big box i Have a Big box See that you wanna you and you went big this week unzipping of pants And You fall for a Big box this is Actually quite light no, no, no it’s pretty fucking Happy Actually See we’re back to the vehicles again That hasn’t Been a segment here in a While has It Been a Little bit What is this a Rear Steering Scooter a Rear Stealing Scooter Stealing Do you Need to put that fucking cock ring back in your mouth again you gotta talk Talk to me like That you’re gonna need a date first Jesus you Talking about This bike Scooter my dude Here you go man This is are not any sound on this It Works on the principle of Leaning to Turn and so you don’t Turn a Steer in Traditional sense you have to Lean Which isn’t That Pretty Natural When you’re riding in a car or something? Let’S take a Bike and skateboard and When boom to go see what happens and here it is it’s as Innovation That’s fine although This isn’t Supposed to be like That That part’s a Little Weird can’t Really Turn in it Fucking Thing Smells Dude yes Yay and Now a Word from our Sponsors Hey there bud don’t you hate It when you have to go outside to go shopping for new razors There’s Just so many to choose from and i can’t even tell the difference Between Half of them Will Worry no Longer with dollar shave Club You can leave The lowers of razor shopping Behind you for a Limited Time New members can Get Dollar Shave Club’s its (poo but in no no words) Shower shave Starter set for Just $5 in the starter set You will receive the executive razor Which includes a Premium Weighty Handle and full cassette of Cartridges? After The first Box replacement Cartridges are sent for Only a Few bucks a Month and They’re High-Quality Razors offer The best shave of Your entire life that’s a great shave you got there also enclosed in the (poo but in no no words ) shower shave starter kit Three trial size versions of Their Popular Shave Butter Body wash and one Wipe Charlies butt Wipes Dollar Shave Club Will Have You covered from Your face Cheeks to your butt Cheeks This offer is Exclusively available at Catch Up That’s Slash cow Chop Thank you dollar shave Club for Sponsoring Us ohhhhhhhhh (inhale) (in tears) I brooke myyy charm braceleeeeet myy mom gsve me thaaaat (faint) dog yowl (faint) alekz I feel ive felllll sad moan tears Why tears ANGARY JAMES I Hurt Myself on Your item Why are we trying to get all crazy do do you think we’re some Type of fucking Extreme Chandler She Broke my Bracelet My mom gave me that Give me my fucking Shoes back it’s only Been 14 Minutes They smell worse now They’re Really Warm Let’s Turn it off oh What’s This it’s another innovative item What innovation What this is the actual item here? Read it Is a Noogler You lose ain’t That right There is some innovative ink it’s used To write Messages to people in the underworld Aliens Because Only Certain People in Certain Eyes can See It illegal Aliens Invisible Ink Only Those with the special eye can see It and i gave you three different Instruments Here it’s like if i Load It up and i set Up i set a little Place aside so it Can Enhance Our Vision to the point where we can see it? So Go ahead and Load One of These Bad Boys Up i’ll get you some some fucking hop here You some Pay pop Here there’s i mean We Load it up I Broke This One Already What How did you break It Already i know dude it took Up the wrong Thing i think i don’t know how to do this how Do i load it in there do you guys Just like Fucking Do It Like You Would anything else Load It up what Does that Mean You know what it means You It’s a fuck did you Just eat think you return It i honestly don’t know how to use this There’s something in this one Don’t don’t Don’t Don’t don’t you motherfucker Need alright Just use your finger Use your finger to write your message is it toxic Though Don’t fucking Worry about it It’s burning my Hand come on Man you might Need more ink for That Good no not good come on Ma’am we have to go? Don’t let Him come in here yet? Hey do you have your Messages yeah alright Get Your Messages and Come in so we can take a Look for the normal eye All right are You Ready yes What you’re gonna see in here it up you know the normal People can’t Normally see this You Only get to see it because of the adjustment to your eyes Within the Room All Right Is it from getting Splashed you bitch Can The World See can the world See What there Certain Laws can They see can they see can they see That’s your message to the to the underworld That’s gonna be it Didn’t you have another one? Fucking Kidding me Right Now CONTEMPLATING MURDER INTENSIFIES are you fucking This is what you get a Gift and this is What you fucking do you get a Gift and this is What you fucking use I’m standing by my message I WILL NOT BE OPRESSED agonizing pain sploosh AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHA REEEEEEEEEAD THE MESSAGE Hey Guys Thank you for watching this episode of primetime we hope You enjoyed This video if You did give it a Hoopty Doopty Thumbs Up make sure to check out other videos over here and Hit that subscribe Button We Got some Merch on sale Who would have thunk We also have a Patreon Where you can Support us Directly because in Ads as They’re Just not coming back and Neither is my Dignity RAPE FACE


  1. I know I'm too late for the ride but could you bois tell me what that sick accordion tune is at the start?

  2. Is Aleks retarded? Unless his uvula is right behind his front teeth, his gag reflex should have no fucking reaction to that ring.

  3. I feel like I am getting acid flashbacks when the editor starts fucking with and warping their faces all around

  4. Is it just me or is it rrally adorable that James freaked out about his charm bracelet broke that his mom gave him

    Nova cares so much about his momma

  5. "I donn fuccin slur murwerds" – Alex not sliding his words views circa 2019, astonishingly enough tho one came to his birthday party.

  6. How the hell can this kid survive if he can't even keep a cock ring in his mouth? Aleks' will die of a stoke soon enough.

  7. so far in all the videos I've seen James fall, he's fallen on the same exact side as he did when he dislocated his shoulder and broke his ankle. R.I.P Papa James.

  8. I love how they demonize pewdiepie for making edgy jokes but these guys can straight up draw swastikas and its chill

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