Iloilo City – What to Do and Where to Go?

Iloilo City – What to Do and Where to Go?

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my channel! I’m your Ilonggo Dad and i’m proud of my city iloilo This is where to go and what to do in Iloilo City A Guide For Tourists Keep in mind this is only within the city limits of Iloilo and these will not include other municipalities of Iloilo Province Hopefully this video will help Local and International Tourists especially the First Timers in iloilo City I spent a lot of time making this video so give me Love by hitting the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content like this Okay, first things first WHERE TO STAY in Iloilo If you want Luxury and World Class Hospitality stay at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo It’s the most Luxurious Hotel to date it’s located in Iloilo Business Park and the cheapest room would be around One Hundred Dollars Of course there are cheaper options and that would be Injap Hotel or Go Hotel They have the basic amenities for half the price of Richmonde Hotel Now, If you are Backpacking or just want a clean room with a clean bed and bathroom You can stay at Ong Bun Pension House for only Ten Dollars you already have a bed to crash for the night Next Where to go to get your needs Iloilo City is a city with a lot of Malls wherever you are in Iloilo City there’s a mall nearby and if you need something or want something done just go to a major mall in Iloilo City Ilonggos are mall goers and most businesses are done in malls The largest and most popular mall is SM CITY It is located along the Benigno Aquino Road Now, if you are staying downtown ROBINSON’s MALL is your best bet Now for your Transportation needs If you have no one to drive you around or accompany you the safest approach is to get Taxi service from one of the three Major Taxi Companies of the city These are: Light of Glory GDR and Forbes Of course a trip is never complete without experiencing the local culinary culture So if you are in Iloilo City you have to try these local delicacies and restaurants First and foremost try the Lapaz Batchoy it can be found anywhere in Iloilo but the best place to eat Lapaz Batchoy is where else, of course LAPAZ you can try batchoy either from Ted’s Netong’s or Deco’s there’s a couple of iconic restaurants you should go to Roberto’s and Tatoy’s Roberto’s is a Filipino-Chinese Food Place and it is a popular joint since the 70’s It is said, that they serve the best Siopao in Western Visayas Tatoy’s on the other hand is a restaurant near the beach of Villa, Iloilo City They offer delicious Seafood and Chicken dishes If Coffee is your thing you can try the local coffee at Madge’s place..also in LaPaz Now that you’re not hungry Here are some sights to see and places to visit Iloilo City is known as the city of the Old and the New as progressive and urbanized as it may look today the ancient structures of the past preserved and pretty much celebrated there are plenty of ancestral houses Heritage Mansions and buildings still standing in Iloilo If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the Old Commercial District Immerse yourself in CALLE REAL The popular Historic Street located in the old downtown district you will see plenty of heritage buildings there standing Old but Proud as for Ancestral houses and Mansions Iloilo also has lots of them most are just a sight to see from the outside but there are few that welcome people to lounge around and tour the interior In Fact some of this old houses functions as specialty museums with a restaurant or a culture souvenir shops CAMIÑA BALAY nga BATO in Villa, Arevalo District is one of those houses Apart from the interesting you’re going to see there CAMIÑA BALAY nga BATO serves Filipino Food with an Ilonggo twist from locally produced ingredients another heritage House you can actually visit is the YUSAY-CONSING Mansion more popularly known as the MOLO MANSION It was recently transformed into a heritage museum with a shop for Ilonggo Delicacies and other native Arts and Crafts While you are in Molo make sure to stop by the plaza and Molo Church Molo Plaza is dubbed as the “Athens of the Philippines” due to the statues of the Greek Godesses found there Molo Church on the otherhand is remarkable mainly due to its age and Neo-Gothic architectural design Jaro Cathedral is also a popular church in iloilo City across the cathedral you will see the Old Jaro Belfry It is said, that the Belfry was damaged by earthquakes in three separate ocassions and soon reconstructed and reinforced after every disaster Now, let’s go to the new stuff the latest urban developments of Iloilo City Firstly, marvel the ongoing progress of Iloilo Business Park developed by Megaworld, Iloilo Business Park is considered as a Township A place where you can live, Work and Play and Shop and Learn and Almost Everything It has residential Condos a huge Mall, Restaurants, Parks, Hotels Recreational Hubs and a lot more Just a few hundred meters away another impressive development is also in progress The Atria Park District It is mainly an Ayala project which is located at San Rafael in Mandurriao it has what they call The Shops A lifestyle hub with different commercial establishments such as Restaurants, Cafe and Boutiques another huge urban development called The Iloilo Center should also be mentioned even though categorically it is not yet operational at the time this video is being made The Iloilo Esplanade Is also one of the places that you need to visit It is a beautifully developed promenade alongside the newly rehabilitated Iloilo River It has Coffee Shops, Restos, kiddie Rides and playgrounds It is also a great place for jogging and brisk walking Night Life in Iloilo City The urban developments mentioned have some good bars and pubs where you can spend the night of leisurely fun Establishment around major malls are also good night spots Nevertheless a huge concentration of Iloilo City nightlife is at Smallville Commercial Complex in Mandurriao Smallville and it’s neighboring development called The Riverside Boardwalk has a huge collection of good bars, night restos and karaoke pubs These joints are fun yet Peaceful Thanks to good POLICE Visibility If you want to catch Iloilo City at its most exciting and frenetic form plan your trip in time for Dinagyang Festival It is a week long celebration with highlights on the weekend It is a World Class Festival of Street Dancing Eating and lots of Partying Souvenirs and native delicacy Shops are everywhere in Iloilo City Perhaps, the most popular is The Biscocho Haus People on the last leg of their Iloilo Vacation or Tour would usually buy local delicacies from Biscocho Haus So, That’s it! Iloilo City is basically a small piece of urban paradise Touring it is not as tedious as you might think In fact, you can do a thorugh tour of the city within a couple of days Nevertheless the real fun starts when you want to travel the rest of the province I’ll make videos about them but maybe some other time So, if you’ve been to Iloilo Tell me, what do you like most about the city? comment it below Captioned by: Teacherrific Fritz

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  1. A good introduction to Iloilo. Maybe not easy to capture on video but what I always enjoy about Iloilo is the friendliness and happy nature of the people. I visit twice a year and am watching this to prepare myself for my trip there next week. I would encourage people to visit Madge Cafe and also stay for coffee outside Molo mansion in Jaro

  2. My girlfriend was from ilo ilo. She was so loving to me. And she was beautiful too. Till this day, I love her and want her to come back in my life again. These all happened while I was in Dubai. And we had our relationship for long time. I miss u babyko. And I want to visit your mum in ilo ilo. Please take me there so I can meet your families.

  3. Very informative, and now I am decided to go to iloilo…I'm thinking of Cebu, dumaguete or Bacolod but now it's iloilo…I'll spend my Christmas there…:-)

  4. You made no mention of the famous Central Philippine University (CPU) which is located there. I am a Cameroonian studying in South Africa and interested in visiting and studying there. Great video nonetheless. Loved it!



  7. Salamat Gid. In 2017 I rented an apartment in Ledesco Village, Jaro for 9 months and had a great time. Iloilo has everything you could want, without the overcrowding of other larger cities in the Philippines. The best part for me was the people. So friendly to a foreigner, even if I am very shy with strangers. It is my plan to retire early and move there permanently in 2019. Now, if only I could find the courage to approach an Ilongga 🙂

  8. Yung mga basher sa progress ng Iloilo City, mga inggit. Kasi kung hindi ka inggit, matutuwa ka sa progress ng ibang provinces. Siguro threatened, kaya ganun. Hinay hinay lang. Baka atakihin sa puso. <3 <3 <3

  9. Hello dad kamusta ka? nakaduaw ako diri sa balay mo da best mga vids mo dad tinira ko na dayon ang lingganay sang balay mo.. tani makabuylo kaman diri sa balay ko bag o lang abi ginkonstrak.. tani mapiktusan mo man dad ang lingganay sang balay ko lipay nako sina dad.. ikaw lang sina bahala maghangop ah. God bless you

  10. Last time I visited the city about 16 yrs ago. But When I was a kid i visit Iloilo during school vacation coz i got relatives in the city. One of my aunts works at CPU and her house just located outside the University.

  11. its good nga may ilongo man , ilongo ako peru ari ko sa w,a, gaistar nami gid pamatian ang ilongo kay malambing mag hambal bisan mangakig na lambing parin ang sabat ,god bless sa inyo mga kababayan ,

  12. please Subscribe po kayo sa channel ko… comment nlng po if done na..
    susubscribe back po ako! promise😊
    magtulongan po tayo😊
    God bless po!!

  13. Proud Ilongga here residing in Manila , Iloilo is a place you'll want to stay if you' re a retiree ,wonderfull beaches ,fine dining restaurants ,5 stars hotels that you can emagine you're still in other còuntries, & so much more 👍

  14. I’m from iloilo but now I’m in Canada.My favourite place in iloilo is mega world,SM city mall Iloilo and the oldest church in Iloilo which is the
    Miag-ao church….I’m from Santa Barbara iloilo and miag-ao iloilo and also my favourite food is aroscaldo and bachoy

  15. im pure ilongga… we have lots of beaches and island that u will enjoy… im excited to go home.. a peaceful place that u will love to stay… proud ilongga…

  16. Thanks for the sharing this video,, I'll go there next year,, I can't wait to travel there… 😊😊✈️✈️ From Malaysian

  17. I've always been a fan of Iloilo City ever since I came to work in Panay for a few months. My wish is for the city to retain its character by preserving and highlighting its architectural heritage. Culinary-wise I believe they offer some of the best food in the Philippines! ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Thank you, been browsing videos about Ilo-Ilo for a future visit and this is the most informative video I've watched. Appreciate it . All the best!

  19. I am sorry po, i like your video and appreciate your video, but 100 dollars is crazy.
    I am a foreigner and i cant even afford that.
    I agree Bachoy can nit me missed. I love it at Wet Market – Lapaz, in Netongs

  20. I went back to iloilo recently, I was really surprised from the new infrastructure. I was actually quite disappointed, since I remembered iloilo having a lot of trees and the old airport was very green with kids playing in the grass I wish they turned it into a park instead. Overall glad that the city is booming so people don't have to go all the way to manila to find work, I just hope that this "progress" is only limited to iloilo city and not influence the whole province

  21. Watch the updated video (What to Do and Where to Go 2019-2020). Go here:

  22. It's diversion Road… Hearing benigno panot aquino makes me angry… But the video is amazing I love it. Very helpful…

  23. Ganda ng Megaworld Business park, sila din behind Venice Grand Canal mall in BGC, pls make exclusive & updated vlog on it, Sir. Also ganda nun River nyu, malapit na maging ganyan yun Pasig River. There should be revival of City infrastructures, unting pintura at linis lang ng old buildings, it will look beautiful, the will power for change will be started by town leaders & Mayors. But still, Philippines need alternative for those messy electrical wirings that destroys the City views & facade.

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