Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Our cozy morning routine we’re currently staying at Max’s cousins place the apartment is cute and tiny this is the fourth apartment that we have lived in together we’ve been together since December 31st 2017 our relationship has definitely been a journey we don’t always make the bed because we’re lazy boys but we always try to on our day off I don’t drink coffee but Max drinks it like water caffeine affects my body dramatically so I avoid it being rewarded cos I’m a sweet husband masculine energy intensifies we have not done our groceries for the week we only have eggs but I love eggs max is clearly french, look at all that butter he insists on cooking it like this today I like my scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese we eat together like this almost every morning we take turns cooking or sometimes we eat leftovers my favorite breakfast so far is from the diner near our place called “Chez Claudette” I do my makeup everyday sometimes it looks like crap I put on makeup not for anyone else but myself I love that it gives me confidence to face the world and take on new experiences like this youtube channel Max asks me to put makeup on him when we go out I just do a light amount of concealer on him I started doing him make up the first week we started dating and he hasn’t done his own makeup since Max takes his time to get ready you can find him fussing with his hair in the morning that’s pretty much what we do every morning short and sweet don’t forget to like and subscribe

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  1. Kak Yos aku suka bnget liat kakak pake baju putih yang agak longgar sma celana trening gtu.. keliatan santai, dan sederhana. Bagus aja kliatan kak.. oh ya semangat dan sehat selalu ya kak,.. dan juga semoga selalu bahagia ya kak🙏😆💞

  2. This videos makes me feel alone and i really want to get out from Indonesia and have a life that i want… 😭

  3. Buat kak yos, semangat untuk menjalani hidup, kadang memang kita harus berkorban demi apa yang ingin kita capai, aku baru liat smua konten kak yos malam pagi ini, emang gak salah sih kalau gay karena smua org punya haknya sendiri, intinya semangat untuk menjalani hidup, jgn dengerin kata orang, god bless u 😚

  4. Not going to lie I hate you and your cuteness overload 😍❤️😘😘❤️😍😍❤️ lol jk love your love

  5. Sangat manis, senang melihatnya, aku harap kalian selalu bahagia selamanyaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ kami mendukung muu ❤️❤️❤️

  6. gw fujo tpi agak geli sih lihat gay di kehidupan nyata , apa lg ini ank dri indo 😌 jdi rada gmna gtu

  7. Kaka ini orang Indonesia kan apa bukan? Aku mau ngomong boleh kaka ko kaya orang korea cara putihin badan gimana sih tapi aku engga hitam ya 😁😊kasih tau dong biar muka aku so cute kaya orang korea?

  8. Jarang bgt ada orang indo kyk gini, aq jadi sering mampir ke channel nih, kalian sungguh beruntung sekali🥰

  9. Эх, ребят, вы очень милые)
    Я думаю, я у вас всё будет хорошо, удачи вам, а я подпишусь🤭💕✨

  10. Aww
    You two looks so beautiful together.little guy looks like a doll with bigger eyes.
    I wish I have one like that bigger guy

  11. Este video me mató de amor, son lo más bello del mundo <3 mis felicidades para que tengan muchos años más juntos

  12. Suka benget sama kebersamaan kalian, sehat selalu ya ,aku bukan pendukung gay, dan juga bukan penghalang gay, yaaaa aku biasa aja sih. Bawa santay aja😅

  13. Hy kak aku dari Indonesia dan udah pernah nonton video pengakuan kakak dan aku hanya berdo'a semoga kakak mendapat hidayah or mukjizat.


  14. So beautiful.. simple, clearly there is a lot of love between you two, and I can only hope your love lasts a lifetime. Cheers and blessings to you both! ❤️❤️❤️ #loveislove #lovewins

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