How to Visit the World’s Best Vacation Spots While You Trade Stocks

How to Visit the World’s Best Vacation Spots While You Trade Stocks

– What’s up, Tim Sykes here in Kenya, feeding this giraffe through this window which is, just extraordinary. This has been on my bucket
list for years, if not decades. I think I saw a picture of
this on Instagram or something, now that you’re seeing this,
hopefully you get inspired and, my question to you
is what can you do today? What can you do tomorrow? What can you do this week,
this month, this year to get to places like this. Okay, I’m here on what,
what’s today Val, a Wednesday? I don’t even know. You can talk Val, it’s cool. We’re keeping it casual. Is today Wednesday? – [Val] I think it’s a Wednesday. – Today’s Wednesday, so I have
a live webinar later today, the stock market is actually
open at 4:30 in the afternoon. So right now I’m just eating breakfast, feeding my buddy Geoffrey here, and I’m just so motivated because a lot of you guys think, first of all that feeding a giraffe through
a window is impossible. Or that becoming successful and becoming a millionaire is impossible. I know that it’s tough, okay,
it’s not gonna be a given. If everybody were a millionaire, it wouldn’t be the richest one percent. But, with enough hard
work, with dedication, with patience, and with a
mentor you can get there. This is why I dedicate my
life, not just to traveling, but to teaching. I have so many thousands of video lessons, DVDs, live webinars. I try to show you
everything that I’ve learned over the past 20 years. My team actually does this too. I have five millionaire students. They give live webinars too. So, we have this great little
community of stock traders, just trying to show you how
to do this, how to get here. Because frankly, jobs suck. Working for somebody else sucks. Actually 75 percent of
people hate their jobs. So you have three quarters of the world hating what they’re doing the
vast majority of their life, the vast majority of their time. That’s messed up. I want you to love your life. I want you to come to
beautiful places like this. So, that’s why I created
the Millionaire Challenge. If you’ll actually click the link just below this video, you
can apply for my challenge. We don’t accept everybody,
there’s actually a whole interview process. My team will see if
you have the right fit, you know if you just
want to get rich quick, if you just want hot stock picks, right away, please don’t apply. If you’re lazy, please don’t apply. I’m looking for dedicated students. I now have thousands of students, in over a hundred countries. But, you still have to study hard. You can learn from anywhere,
you can work from anywhere. I’m actually trading
stocks, where’s my laptop? My laptop’s over here, sorry
this place is a little mess. My friends and I had breakfast. Now I’m giving this guy breakfast. And I’m giving you information, because it’s not enough
just for me to be here. Okay, I challenge myself
to create one millionaire. I challenge myself to
create several millionaires, and now I have, and I want more. And it’s not just about the money, it’s about becoming self-sufficient. That’s what I’m most proud
of with all my top students. They don’t need me anymore. They don’t need me to feed them like this giraffe needs
me to feed him, right? Actually, the analogy works. All my top students can trade
whatever stock they want, they can make money wherever
they want, whenever they want. Not every time though. Nothing is guaranteed. A lot of you guys are thinking oh, this seems too good to be true. Well, you’re still gonna have to put in a lot of time and effort. I’m not just gonna feed
you hot stock picks like I’m feeding this giraffe. I’m gonna teach you the ins and the outs, everything that I’ve learned
over the past 20 years. And I know this seems a little ridiculous, but my life is a little ridiculous. I’m from a small town in Connecticut, and now I’ve traveled all over the world, I have all the toys
that I could ever want, and what really pumps me up these days, is not anything that I do for myself, but what I do for others. I have my charity, the
Timothy Sykes Foundation. Fantastic, we’ve donated
4.7 million dollars to building schools and helping animals, and helping kids all over the world. But now I want to teach you. And I know that you
probably have some doubters, some haters saying oh,
you’re capable of this, you’re not capable of that. You’re capable of anything, okay? I know this because I’m not that smart, I’m not that good at math. None of my top students are geniuses, we just put in the time and effort, and you have the right mindset. That’s why I make videos like this, to get you having the right mindset, to want to study, to want to learn, to want to have the best life possible. You have one life, okay? You don’t get all these
chances to just say oh, let me just be lazy this life and I’ll make it up next one. We have one life. So how badly do you want success? How badly do you want freedom? I’m just feeding this guy the entire time that I’m filming this video with you. This is actually pretty amazing. I want you to get to places like this, with your family, with your friends. I want you to be able to
treat your friends and family. I just bought my parents their
own place in Miami Beach. I moved them down from Connecticut. Connecticut’s a cold place,
Miami Beach is beautiful. So, dreams do come true, and this is your daily reminder,
this is a visual reminder that what you seem to
think might be impossible, it is possible with enough hard work. That’s what I’m going to teach
you throughout this, okay? I can’t make you a millionaire overnight, but I can speed up your
journey, my team can. And it’s very beautiful
that we have this community so I’m not alone, so I can feed giraffes while somebody else is
giving a live webinar. My top student started with
just 15 hundred dollars, so don’t feel like you have to start with like 10,000 dollars
or 50,000 dollars. You can start with a few thousand dollars. It’s cool, but what can you do right now to actually be successful
and be free in several years? Start planning, start
working, start grinding, and get in my challenge if
you want to be guided, okay? That’s what it comes down to. Click the link just below this video. I’ve gotta get going, life is beautiful. Work hard, let me know if you
want me to change your life. I will.

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  1. OMG this is fantastic! this is our dream Tim… travel and trade! Come on, at some point you started getting worried you were gonna run out of food for him..

  2. This is cool no doubt, but it would be even cooler if a super model was feeding the giraffe and Tim was kicking back sipping champagne while he gave his pitch.

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  4. OMG!!!!!! WHAT AM I SEEEING!!!! I MEAN wait the first 3 min had no idea what he was saying just looking at "jeffery" OMG im totally sold.

  5. OMG this lucky guy feeding a giraffe through a window in the living room and I'm here in an ugly white room with no windows … I cry

  6. WARNING!!!!! Courses are terrible don't BUY them, u can download them for free on pirate bay. If u feel the info is worth it go ahead and pay.

  7. THAT IS AMAZING! WOW what a beautiful Giraffe!!!! I want one LOL. YES PLEASE I would love to learn from you. I submitted my application I bought one of your smaller courses I am very interested. I am the hardest worker you will ever find! I have had my own businesses all my life and they may be small but they are mine!! I am now a self published author of Meant to Be among several other books. I am excited to be a new author. I want more to be able to give and help others!!! I have the heart for the homeless and those less fortunate and I want to change the world! I AM READY!! Would also like to take care of our parents both my husbands and mine! And I love the video of yours where you gave your mom a stack of cash! Priceless. I would love to do that. I told my husband I will be HIS sugar mama and he can quit his crappy job and come work with me in the stock market. I am still researching before I start spending but I am so excited!!!! Please contact me. I also messaged you on facebook but Im sure you are busy… I mean you are feeding a giraffe that is WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!! Talk soon I hope!!! Thanks for all you do! -Becka

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