How To Make Snowball Almond Cookies – Classic Holiday Recipe

How To Make Snowball Almond Cookies  – Classic Holiday Recipe

Hey everyone, its Natasha of Today we’re baking almonds snowball cookies that just melt in your
mouth. You’ll make these again and again.
Preheat your oven to 400˚F, then in a large mixing bowl
combine two sticks or half a pound of softened unsalted butter with half a cup
of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Beat that together until
it’s creamy and smooth. Gradually add two cups of all-purpose
flour, beating between each addition, then add half a teaspoon of sea salt and
one cup of almond meal. Mix just until your cookie dough forms then add the
zest from one whole medium orange. The orange zest really takes these up a
notch. It adds incredible flavor and makes these smells so festive.
Also, when you’re zesting, make sure you only get the orange colored outer layer
of the peel. Fold your cookie batter until that zest is fully incorporated.
The cookie dough will be moist but shouldn’t stick to your fingertips. I’m
using a large 3/4 baking sheet, lined with parchment paper and a small cookie
scoop. This scoop makes the dough so easy to portion and the cookies are all
exactly the same size so they’ll bake up evenly. Once you have 35 to 40 cookies,
roll them between your hands gently into a ball. Keep the cookies about an inch
apart and bake at 400˚F for 11 to 13 minutes or until they’re
just lightly golden at the edges. Transfer them to a wire rack and let
them cool for about 5 minutes. Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar
and roll each cookie in the sugar while its still warm, not hot, just warm. Then
transfer them back onto the wire rack and let them cool completely to room
temperature. Once they’re cool to the touch,
roll them one more time in powdered sugar and that’s all there is to it. All
right, I better get this taste test going because my little girl keeps blazing
through the kitchen and every time she comes out, she’s got powdered sugar all
over it she’s probably eaten a few too many of these already.
They’re so good, kids love them. All right, here we go – the taste test. Wow! These completely melt in your mouth
they’re buttery, soft, crumbly. These are delicious you can really taste the
almond in there and the little bits of orange zest take these over the top.
These are so good, totally easy to make, perfect for your
Christmas cookie platters. I mean look at this,
it’s just irresistible, beautiful; who wouldn’t want that for Christmas. I
personally love edible gifts so if you guys enjoyed this video give me a great
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you’ll never miss one. Thanks for joining me in my kitchen and we’ll see you later. Too much powdered sugar… didn’t work out!
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71 Replies to “How To Make Snowball Almond Cookies – Classic Holiday Recipe”

  1. Thank you, Natasha. From my childhood in Germany, the aroma of orange zest brings Christmas to mind. Beautiful cookies! (:

  2. Wow…Something which I can make…I luv ur videos Natasha but im a vegetarian so hv to wait fr a vegetarian recipe to be uploaded by you……Here is one😋
    And itooks really delicious….😍😋
    Will surely make these yummiee cookies…😘

  3. Lovely recipe. One quick question, can I substitute powdered stevia for the powdered sugar?( In the recipe, not for rolling in)

  4. Yumm these look good and i will be making them but ill probably skip the step when you rolled them in your hand because they looked like they came out the same shape as when you released them from the cookie scoop lol

  5. I love these cookies. Also, I like these shorter humorous cooking videos vs. the longer professional style videos. Thanks so much for the humor! Honestly, I love watching cooking videos but must confess I like eating more than cooking. Great job Natasha!

  6. Made these yesterday with my sister, could not stop eating them! Sooooo good!!! Thank you for the great recipe 🙂 I️ love your website and videos! Always using it for my cooking and baking, never disappointed! Thank you 💕

  7. I have to admit I wasn't too sure about this one. This is a lot different cookie than I had ever tried to make. But you're right they are absolutely great🤗. Next time I have to try to make them a little smaller though I only got about 26 from the batch.

  8. These cοme from my country, Greece. You should mention that! Don't you think dear? It is a custom in Greece to make them every Christmas. They are called κουραμπιεδες.
    Of course in Greece we make them even better! This is not the authentic recipe.
    If you are going to make any other recipies from my country, please mention that. Because people deserve to know. 😊😊

  9. Hi Natasha, I made the snowball cookies for Christmas & making them again this weekend. They were a hit, easy and delicious 😋
    Thank you 🙏 💕💐

  10. Iam from Greece. Here we make a variation of this cookie. We insert rose water instead vanilla. Specifically in Aegean sea islands.

  11. I was surprised to hear wheat flour in these almond cookies—with only a small amount of ground almonds. I was expecting you to use almond flour. Does anyone know how that would work?

  12. Love this recipe, thx! By the way can this recipe use for sugar cookies? Like I buy from coffee stands with pick sugar frosting on top?

  13. So glad I found you! Beautiful recipe. I'm gonna make these for my neighbors this Christmas season. One thing, Natasha, when you're saying the ingredients, you talk so fast, that I have to keep rewinding to catch everything. Any way you can slow down when you're saying the ingredients? Happy Holidays to you and your family Natasha!

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