How To Find A Last Minute Cruise Deal Finding Cruise Vacation Bargains

How To Find A Last Minute Cruise Deal Finding Cruise Vacation Bargains

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today I’m gonna try to show you how to save money and be able to book a last
minute cruise 90 days or less if you’re interested in saving some serious money
on a cruise going last-minute sometimes is the way to go it’s exciting because
you’re not really sure where you gonna end up but I’ll tell ya it’s really
worth your while if you take a serious look at a last-minute cruise so we’re
gonna go in the internet together and I’m gonna show you how to find for
yourself some of the best last-minute cruises that are out there and you’ll be
your own travel agent alright here we go okay everybody welcome back I’m gonna
show you now what you want to do to find the best last-minute cruises that are
out there take a look at this vacations to go logo right up here this is the
site you want to go to Vacations To Go .com and when you get to the homepage
you’re gonna find this little green button right here it’s called a 90-day
tracker click on that and let’s see what kind of a cruise we can find okay
I’m gonna bring my cursor over here and somewhere I can bring it somewhere so
there it is I got my cursor let’s go hit it we’re going to see the 90-day cruises
or less alright here is the first the main page what I want to show you is
that these cruises run across the top here they are listed in US dollars
there’s the deal number of the cruise how many nights it is in this case these
are Africa Alaska they’re all broken down into regions in the world they show
you how many days the how many nights the cruise lasts the dates departure
point ending point the cruise line the name of the ship how many stars out of
six one to six star rating original brochure cost actual cost and
what kind of a unit you’re looking at now up here on this top
you can look at these cruises and US dollars Canadian dollars British
pounds Australian dollars or even euros very flexible okay so we’re I’ve shown
this page to you because it shows all the cruises I didn’t want to hold
anything back but this little button right over here where it says our starting
price right there I’m gonna click on that and by doing that it lists all the
prices of the cruises in order from lowest to highest okay now in the case
of Africa there are only two available but in the case of Alaska we’re down to
the last month or so of cruising in Alaska so if you are prepared to board a
cruise ship by you know the 10th of September this being the fifth by the
way it’s the 5th of September 2017 you’ve got five days here you’ve got 19
days notice here you’re running out of time but this is just an example of some
of these cruises from some of these different regions and this is Alaska but
take a look at this a seven-day cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage Holland
America you’re normally you’re paying forty six hundred bucks three hundred
ninety four dollars you can get up there you can get on that ship for cheap
here’s some other cruises a little more time for example September the 24th
it’s a six night cruise Seattle to Seattle I’m the region pearl normally
$2399.00 on sale $453.00 81 percent off let me tell you that is a pretty good
bargain for a six-day cruise that’s an unbelievable bargain for six-day cruise
now up here I want to show you this little feature up here I’m showing you
right now cheapest overall rates that means generally inside rooms I can break
the prices out to show you oceanview balcony or suite prices so let’s take a
look at the balcony cost because a lot of people like to have a balcony to kind
of look out over the sea when they’re traveling so right now all the cruises
are listed in balcony prices first I have clicked this button again to give
me the balcony cheapest balcony prices and here we go six night cruise
September the 24th the one we were just looking at six nights in the balcony 618
bucks versus five thousand dollars per person you’re saving
whats that… 4,400 each that’s $8,800 off not a bad last-minute cruise these are
all the Alaska cruises let me scroll down the next one is Asia we have Asia
cruises from Shanghai to Hong Kong for 12 nights or Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi Hong
Kong the Singapore they give you some costing ideas 12 nights
this one’s 1400 dollars versus 4500 dollars and then they go up in price
from here another region just below here Australia and New Zealand the next
region the Bahamas the next region of note with lots of choices
we’ve got baltic Bermuda Canada New England it’s fall this is September it’s
a little pricey though it’s still pricey nine nights out of Bayonne New Jersey
back to Bayonne on the Royal Caribbean anthem of the Seas regularly
twenty-eight hundred twelve hundred bucks savings 60% though so you’re
getting $1,200 cost for a balcony for nine nights here’s a ten
night or New York to New York $1,200 it’s 120 bucks a night normally $6599 you
can get a cheap airfare to New York City from almost anywhere really New York is
easy to get to easy to get out of look at that you spend a couple nights in New
York when you get there perhaps then you go on the cruise after the cruise is over
you spend a night or two in New York again if you want then fly home what a
wonderful two-week vacation you can put together that’s just not that region
here’s canary islands not too much there Caribbean the choices are starting to
come out because the ships are being transferred to the Caribbean as
hurricane season passes and the cold weather starts to kick in
here’s a seven-day cruise from Puerto Rico back to Puerto Rico and you’re
looking at $622 for seven nights in a balcony good deal anyway
down below the list all of them hundreds and hundreds of cruises are available to
you these are all the last-minute cruises from all the regions of the
world at your fingertips and they are updated daily every day the list gets
changed and you can check it for yourself here’s the last of the season
for the Mediterranean November cruises October cruises it’s still wonderful in
the Mediterranean in the Mediterranean area in October
it’s absolutely fantastic so you can get some really great deals 2,000 bucks
normally $829 man old man see Europe at the same time you gotta love it
here’s Mexico Central America here we go a bunch of those here’s the Middle East
here’s Northern Europe Pacific Northwest Panama Canal cruises on sale 15 day
cruise Miami to Santiago Chile regularly 7,000 bucks 980 dollars 15 nights 980
bucks I’ll tell ya a one-way flight home from Santiago isn’t that expensive when
you’re saving this kind of money on the cruise going in so there’s just a brief
quick little look for you some repositioning cruises this site is
absolutely dynamite when it comes to the last minutes here’s some transatlantic
cruises you gotta love it okay welcome back it wasn’t that something I hope I
didn’t overwhelm you with all of that this that’s just a taste of what you’re
looking at you can spend hours looking at this website and you may find that
you’re gonna start looking for 90 day cruises you know this week next week and
for like the next month or two and you won’t find one that suits your needs or
turns you on but then all of a sudden booyah you find one in a region you’ve
always wanted to go to you know you can get a good airfare deal from there and
back from wherever you are living whether you can even drive to a port you
know if you’re near a port to yourself and you’re gonna find a cruise that is
just a killer deal you call the 800 number on vacations to go calm the agents
we’ll help you book your cruise they’ll help you with transportation from the
airport to the ship and back they’ll even help you with hotel reservations
the night before or two if you want before the cruise or after the cruise
they can help you put it all together I’m not being paid by vacations to go
.com this is not a commercial endorsement I just use it myself
I’ve traveled on a number of cruises and a number of flights and I use this site
to find cruise deals and I invite you to do the same so there you go there’s your
90-day last-minute cruise tip on this video thanks for joining us I would love
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Traveling with Bruce see you next time

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  2. It's called the "90 Day TICKER."

    Those are "brochure" prices…meaning completely meaningless because nobody ever pays those prices…basically full retail prices. Also, I have found that you can find the same prices that are listed on the Vacations To Go website at the websites of the respective cruise companies. And I would rather book direct than with some sketchy consolidator.

  3. Hi, Bruce. I like to import Vacations To Go's results page into an Excel spreadsheet. That allows me to sort multiple collums and get results that are good for me quickly. The Fast deal Number hyperlinks on the left of the line still work in Excel. Above and beyond using collumn sort inExcel, I like to use SQL to do an even more thorough search.

  4. Omg someone get this guy a cookie. I’ve been on the site before but I never used the 90 day Ticker. It came in real handy. Thanks for making this video!

  5. $17,500 = $899 …. 95% off! $2999 = $899 …. 66% off. $1899 = $899…. 55% off…. its the same boat on a different day going the same amount of days to the same stops…. 55%-95% off! but always $899 for the same room on the same boat regardless if it says a higher %

  6. I agree with some of the other comments I've seen – need more info on cut average true cost of cruises try Stiklind Budget Cruise Fixer (do a google search)? our brother in law suggested it amazing

  7. Hi Bruce,
    Need to Know the Trick to Cruise cheapest way as a Single!….(backpackerstyle….😂)
    Any ideas?
    Have a nice day
    From new zealand. …

  8. I booked this past March a 22 night B2B Royal Caribbean Cruise for $1700 per person with the first week in an Interior Guarantee and the remaining 15 nights in an Oceanview. The first cruise on the Brillance is around the Med from Barcelona and the 2nd one goes to Tampa with amazing ports. I am a Travel Consultant and book my own trips!

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