How to Attract High End Weddings: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

How to Attract High End Weddings: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

Want to know how to find out, the, want to find some high-end clients that’ll pay you what you’re worth? Watch this? I want to shoot high-end weddings, hi end, this, high-end that, here’s the truth, you don’t have to look at multi-million dollar weddings and think, that’s what I have to shoot, you just want to shoot for a client that’s a little bit higher than the one you have right now. Right, we just want to be going up, looking for more, doing better. So here are six ways that you can attract a higher end clientele. No.1: you’ve got to dress the part. Now I would never wear this to client meeting ripped Def Leppard shirts do not scream high-end weddings. I wear things that are particular to my brand. I actually match my website in a way. When people walk in they say wow, you look like you, and that sounds silly of course. I look like m,e but what they mean is I look like the persona, the brand that I am trying to convey on social media, and on my website. So make sure you dress the part. If you want to attract high-end luxury clients, then you have to be a luxury business. What does that mean don’t nickel and dime people. High-end clients are not used to getting nickel and dime. They just want to pay one price, how much…and give it to me. That’s it Okay you know it, it’s like you feel cheap doing it, and you know what you look cheap doing it too. So over-deliver.. give them more than what they asked for! You know target, great store, wonderful brand. It’s not high-end, why because you go there you get what you want, you leave with what you paid for it. That’s it but if you go to Louis Vuitton or Dior or some kind of a luxury store, you go in you get greeted they give you champagne, they help you shop, it’s an experience. You want to have luxury clients, be a luxury studio, create an experience, and that sounds so flaky, but it’s true, when they walk in think of what they smell. Think of what they see, what they hear, what they taste. Yes.. what they taste! I know you’re a photographer but put something in their mouths, make them drink something, eat something. Hopefully chocolate or wine! Here’s something I’m going to admit that you probably wont like. It is about who.. you know why? All of us wedding professionals, we like working with who we like working with. You have to get out there you have to make friends. You have to be in a relationship with your wedding planners, you want high-end clients go to where they hang out. Go online, go on social media, look at the high-end wedding venue in your area, and look who’s posting in that location, and then interact with them. In fact if you want to learn more about social media and ways that you can find clients, high end, low end, whatever it is that you want… Click the link in the description below to watch a webinar, all about social media and how you can be successful in finding and booking clients there. Like what you see in join us here, and hit subscribe on that button below so you don’t miss a thing on AdoramaTV, and with my show Breathe your Passion, and leave some comments leave some love. I want to know if you’re listening, I want to know what you want to hear, and please don’t be negative. Well.. you’re going to be negative anyway. Come below! BE negative… it boosts my algorithms every time! You internet troll you!

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23 Replies to “How to Attract High End Weddings: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy”

  1. 1 way of showing you only care about the money: Make a video about it and share it on youtube. How vain can you really be…

  2. The light bulb went off when you mentioned engaging/interacting with wedding planners on high-end social media channels. It's such an obvious thing, but I didn't even think about it until you mentioned it.

  3. Vanessa, I like listening to you. I am sorry I cannot be your client. And why leave a negative comment? Your videos are always informative.

  4. Ha ha so not an internet troll!
    I love these videos. I need to really step up my games in so many ways and this helped jumpstart my brain a little (and reconfirm things I already know too). It’s time to uplevel my wardrobe (at least what I wear for meetings), my studio/meeting area setup (its functional but messy and isn’t on brand at all), and make sure I’m investing time in my relationships with colleagues in the wedding industry as well as past and present clients.
    Please keep these videos coming – I love learning from you!

  5. this is a link to my work can u see how u have influenced me

  6. You hit it on the nail – it’s not high end clients we want it’s higher than what we have right now!!! It’s a growth in process. 😊 Thank you

  7. High-end clienteles are not what I am going for, but learned so much from this video.
    It seems that's how to do business in general and yes that is why I'm working out hard these days to slim down and better present myself

  8. You the best, Exactly what I suggest to my customer, although about the price I think it really depends on how you present it to your client.

  9. My bridal gallery have packages which caters for premium wedding dress and including ala carte, therefore, the walk in customers (which are mostly youngsters) which weren't that successful in life yet(perhaps they will soon) do not have the budget for dramatic action pre wedding photography and they are expecting something like that. How do I go about them?Straight forward or reject them in a nice way? If I would to help the couples with them low budget photography, then the next walk in or their friends would start be asking for the same thing.This has happened several times. Does action like this degrades our reputation? Or shall I treat these customers as a "practise makes perfect a.k.a Breathe The Passion" kinda thing?Sorry ya,,,it is not an insult,, so dun eat Ice Cream… just need your suggestion so that I would have a lead in this career…. cos you are always the best… Thanks, it's me Delon in your Instagram

  10. Good video good energy. Rencently graduated from destination wedding planning course of Rivera Maya Mexico and im aiming high end custumers. Thanks again ♥️

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