How CHEAP is it to LIVE IN MEXICO?!?

Welcome back Tangerine Tagalongs! I’m
Jordan and I’m Maddie and we are Tangerine Travels. So, yesterday we asked
you in a pinned comment what video you would like next, and the winner actually
was, “How we make money while traveling in Mexico.” This morning we tried our
darndest to make that video, but what actually happened was we found out that
it is a way more complex topic than we thought it was. So we’re going to have to
postpone that video so that we can gather our thoughts and put them more concisely
for you guys. to really do that video justice. And that’s going to be our 100th
video tomorrow. So we thought that was more fitting anyway. We’ve been traveling
through Mexico for three months now and we’ve been staying at an Airbnb every
single night, but we just moved into our first long-term rental. So excited! So we thought
it’d be a great time to do a tour of our new place, living expenses, and give you
an idea of the cost of living in Mexico. So first we’re gonna do the tour, and the
place that we’re staying right now for the next two months is in a really great
neighborhood. It’s just a few minutes walking distance from a ton of
restaurants, including the very sought after Avenida Chapultepec, where
there’s even more restaurants, and bars, and fun things to do. Without further
delay, first we’re gonna show you here, we have this nice area where Laska can run
around. Over here we have covered parking for our car and it is inside gates as you
can see behind me. Whese are the garage gates. And then we come right this way,
here we have the entrance to our place, unlock, and then we come up this spiral
staircase. AHHH, it’s a wolf! We have a wolf, there’s a wolf. So we come up here this
is a nice living area that we have which looks out on the private balcony, that
overlooks her yard. They’re still doing some gardening back here. She’s working
on planting some things. We come back in here, and then over this way
is the kitchenette. Before we moved in none of this existed, but now we have
a stove, a sink, a refrigerator, some cabinets. And then if we walk up these
stairs this comes right into our bedroom. On the
left here we have a private bathroom that’s attached to it, and it has a
shower here. We have this window which actually opens up to the roof but it
allows nice air flow to come in, so it keeps it nice considering there is no
a/c in this place, just like most rentals in Guadalajara. A nice large bed and it
is incredibly comfy. As you can see, we’ve got another window here so a lot of
light gets let in, and it is incredibly spacious. Before we moved in she was
doing a lot of remodeling in here so the floors are new, it has been repainted.
There’s a lot of really cute details that Ana put into this place, as you
probably noticed, this place has furniture in it. None of that is ours.
This place is completely furnished and all of that is included in the rent
which we’ll be talking about later in the video. Make sure you stick around,
well give you the full cost of everything that we have to buy here in
Mexico. From owning a car and the type of permits that we need. Gas prices here.
What it costs for entertainment things like going to the movies. Rent costs. What
type of phone plan we have. What we’re doing for water. Using Uber, Food,
cocktails, those are all the things that we’re going to be going over. Since we
brought a car here that’s not registered in Mexico, we had to get a Temporary
Vehicle Import Permit or referred to as a TIP, and that was about $460 dollars, it’s good for six months, approximately 400 of
that is refundable whenever we take our car out of the country. That’s going to
vary slightly just depending on the exchange rate. The next
thing that we had to purchase when coming into Mexico was a tourist visa. It
is 500 pesos each and that is good for six months in Mexico. If you’re taking a
car to Mexico you actually need to have two insurance policies, one in the US, and
one in Mexico. We got the highest coverage possible in Mexico and a
12-month plan just because it was the best value, and it costs $439 US dollars for that year. I kept my same policy that I had in the US
with Geico and the lowest coverage you could possibly get which is $60 US
dollars. I’m not actually sure why you need to have two insurances or why you
need to have u.s. insurance if you are in Mexico, and just driving in Mexico, but
them’s the rules and you gotta follow them. Filling up our car. Gas costs about 17 to
19 pesos per liter, which depending on the exchange rate, is about four bucks
per gallon. Thankfully we have a Toyota Prius which gets really good gas mileage.
For us, it’s about 50 to 70 miles to the gallon. So that means we’re not spending a whole
lot on gas. What we do spend a lot on on the road between places is the toll
roads. Depending on where you’re driving, in our experience it’s been between 16
pesos for a toll road and upwards of 250. We encounter toll roads when we’re
driving from city to city, not driving within a city itself. So coming up we are
going to be talking about how much our rent costs in this apartment. Make sure
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time we put out a new video. Let’s get back to it. Next on the list is water.
This is something people often ask, and we were worried about before we came. Is
the water in Mexico safe? We didn’t want to take any chances so we got this
product. A water filtration doohickey this little robot called the Berkey, so
that no matter what the rental we were in, where we were at in Mexico, we never
had to worry about it. All we do is grab water from the tap, or from a pond,
or anywhere else. From the toilet if you’re desperate. Pour it in the top here. We also add
a few drops of black walnut and wormwood tincture to kill any bacteria or
parasites. You just put a few drops of that in the top as well. It filters out
everything except for bacteria. And then what you have after it works it’s magical
magic is clean water that comes out. It filters out everything from heavy metals
to fluoride. We’ll put a link to this product down below in the description in
case you would like to buy one for your travels as well. We use, love, and trust
this Berkey. As is the case with a lot of things, when it comes to food your cost
is going to vary a lot on your tastes. If we’re buying groceries we might spend
twenty dollars buying a bunch of produce, and that’s going to last us about a week.
But if you’re one who wants to buy specific brands that you find in the US,
like fruit loops or something, then you might be paying more than that. So for
going out to restaurants for the two of us we almost never pay more than two
hundred pesos for a meal. As far as cocktails go, for the majority of the
time, we are paying between 10 to 80 pesos per drink. And it’s going to be
cheaper than the restaurants, if we’re eating street food, we might be able to
have a full meal for a dollar or two each. and here in Guadalajara specifically,
most of our drinks are in the 30 peso range. Next on the list is
entertainment. To give you an example, last night it was a Friday night, we went
out to the movies. We got two tickets at prime time,
the biggest popcorn we could get, and a large bottle of water, and we paid $13 US
dollars total. Next on our list is Uber and although we do have a car, we like to
park it, and not drive anywhere within the city. For the month of April Uber
cost us $939 pesos, and that was for 22 rides. This was probably the most Uber rides
we’ve ever taken in a single month. Definitely, we walk most place we go.
That comes out to I believe 43 pesos per ride. Next on the list is our cell phone
plan. We had a lot of questions about that before coming here. We use t-mobile
and it’s unlimited text, calling, and data. And for two lines it’s a hundred bucks a
month. But, they won’t let you do that forever,
so, we are nearing the time where we are going to have to buy a Mexican cell
phone plan. From our research, it appears that a comparable plan with Telcel would
be between 200 to 500 pesos per month. We’re not experts on this yet because we
obviously have not made the switch, but as soon as we do, we will post another
video updating you on exactly what the process is like. But please let us know
what your experience is with Mexican carriers. Who do you use? How much do you
pay? And what do you get? Comment below, let us know. You’ve got
mail. Once we decided to come to Mexico, that meant we would no longer have a
u.s. mailing address, so we pay $15 a month for a mail forwarding service
which receives our mail, scans it, and allows us to view everything we get
online. Alrighty, we are getting down to the juicy deets here. Until we decided to stay in
Guadalajara, we were renting Airbnbs per night. The lowest we have ever paid
while here in Mexico for an Airbnb is $7.00 per night. The highest we’ve ever
paid is $66 per night. But on average with weekly discounts, we were usually
paying between $15 to $20 per night and that is per month
between 450 and $600. The last and final thing, what everyone wants to know, how
much we are paying for this new apartment? So this is a one-bedroom
apartment, but it is two levels with a very large living area, kitchen, one
bathroom. It’s definitely the biggest one-bedroom that we have ever seen. So
included in the rent price is water, sewer, trash, gas, electricity, internet,
covered parking, safe neighborhood, close to lots of restaurants, awesome landlord.
We really did get so fortunate with this place. And as we mentioned before, it is
newly remodeled, and fully furnished like we mentioned before.
We kind of got a special deal with this place. We negotiated a different rate
because we were going to be paying for two months, upfront, in cash. And this is
renting from the same landlord that we rented an Airbnb from. Right downstairs. And she is
awesome, so we felt super comfortable renting from her. We are paying 6,000 pesos per month. Before you go, we’d like to ask you a quick favor. If
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video about our travels here in Mexico. AHHH! We’ll see in the next one. So obviously we can’t cover everything in this video,
but in general, here in Guadalajara, we pay about a third of the price for
everything that we would have paid for in Phoenix. So for going out to a
restaurant, it will be about a third of the cost. Movies, third of the cost. Rent, third.
Just about everything is a third if you’re in doubt.

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