Here’s the Best Places to Buy Cheap Tools on a Budget

Here’s the Best Places to Buy Cheap Tools on a Budget

rev up your engines, today I’m
continuing my never-ending search for ways you can save money fixing your car,
by showing you how to save money buying car repair tools, now I’ve been fixing
cars for the last 50 years and if I had bought all the tools I got crammed under
this garage brand-new, I’d have over a quarter of a million dollars of money
out of my pocket, but yes, Scotty is cheap I didn’t spend but a fraction of that
money buying these tools, because I got a lot of them used, I didn’t have much
money when I was a young mechanic, heck people were making a dollar 25 cents an
hour back, then so I bought a lot of used tools, and that found out one thing about
tools very early, brand-new tools can cost an awful lot of money, but if you’re
hard for cash and need some quick money and try to sell your tools, most tools
have very low resale value, so take advantage of that yourself, and here’s a
perfect example of it lurking in the back of my garage, my old air compressor
I paid $90 for this used from a pawn shop over 35 years ago, hey it still works like a charm, it’s a
professional-grade compressor, 35 years I’ve had it still works great, and say
you don’t want to buy a used compressor you can get a new one pretty cheap these
days, now I bought this backup compressor for about one hundred and twenty dollars
on sale brand-new from harbor freight tools, granted it’s not the quality of my
compressor that’s the professional one that I bought in a pawn shop years ago,
it’s my backup, and if you’re not a professional mechanic like me and just
doing your own stuff, one of those compressors can be perfectly good for
one guy running air tools, but really my old professional one it’s so good even
though I bought it used and had it for 35 years, I never had to use the back of
one yet when I was working, because the old one hasn’t broken yet, so taking a trip
to the local pawn shop, hey that can save you a bunch of money, they have many
tools, you can pick through them, and realize one thing about pawn shops,
bartering still exists in that world just because it’s got a price of a
hundred bucks, you can barter them down in almost every single case, because
you’re paying cash generally and cash rules, sure sometimes you got to walk out
of the store and then they’ll say, oh come back we’ll sell to you for this
much less, but it’s kind of a fun thing to do I like bartering when it comes to
buying stuff myself, learned it from a grandfather,
but here’s one warning when you go to a pawn shop, if you see tools that are
actually brand new tools, you want to check out what the make is, do little
research on their quality, because a lot of them these days just buy the really
cheap Asian tools and then sell them they’re not a pawn shop deal, they’re
just being a seller of cheap tools there nobody pawned the cheap tools, they just
bought them from China and are trying to sell them, and believe me you don’t want
to buy the cheapest tools possible in terms of quality, my knuckles are still
in good shape, because I buy quality hand tools, I don’t want them breaking when
I’m pulling on stuff, so be really leery about cheap brand new tools in a package,
a lot of times they’re just poorly made you don’t want to buy those, I used to
buy Sears Craftsman tools, they were decent tools,
this ratchet it had a lifetime guarantee this is like the eighth one I’ve had in
the last 45 years, they just kept replacing them, but unfortunately the
store used to go too is gone now, they shut it down, so maybe craftsman isn’t
such a good idea anymore, in that case you might switch to Duralast tools from
autozone, look at that guaranteed for life, they got the same thing and it
doesn’t look like the Auto Zones are going to be disappearing anytime soon,
and it’s always good idea to have a store somewhere near you that sells tools that
you use all the time in case you either break tools or lose it in the middle of
a job, so you can just zoom down a street get another one to come back and fix it,
rather than wait weeks for it to come in the mail, now you really can’t fix any
modern car without a decent scan tool, so I’m going to show you how you can save
money buying a scan tool, now there’s zillions of scan tools out there, but you
have to decide how much money you want to spend, and how far you want to go
analyzing stuff, for example this creator, hey it’s less than 50 bucks, it
does live data, it does trouble codes or erasing stuff, it does some pretty basic
stuff and for 50 bucks that does a decent job, but if you’re really serious
about fixing your car, this Actron auto scanner Plus does a really good job, now
I paid 250 bucks for this one it was new and I use it all the time as a
professional mechanic, because it’s so fast it’s much faster than my giant
machines that have to be set up, and I can often fix the problem with this tiny
little thing, so if you can find one used great or even better get together with
your friends. say you got five friends you eat you only have to fork out 50
bucks. and you get one of these top-notch scan tools. hey since they fit every car
sold in the United States since 1996. you can use them on all kinds of cars. you’re
not a professional mechanic. you don’t need it all the time. so you can share it
amongst friends. now if you’re going to work on your car you need a good jack, but
don’t try to say too much money just buying a cheap little Jack, I mean
this little Jack was like $40 at a discount auto parts store, but I bought
this gigantic one at Harbor Freight tools and it cost me 69 bucks when it
was on sale, and I know people are going to say, Oh Scotty you buy tools at Harbor Freight tools, they sell a lot of junky tools, well
yeah some of their tools are junky and cheap, I’m not going to argue with that, but
some of them are reasonable quality, as with any tool you want to do a little
research, for example I bought a cheap electric saw from harbor freight tools,
the thing broke within a year, it was a pile of junk, so I went to a pawn shop
I bought a Dewalt, I did some research good tools, it worked great, saved money
buying it used but I bought a quality one, I didn’t buy another new cheap one
because the new cheap ones are exactly that they’re new but they’re cheap, so there’s
actually lots of ways you can save money buying tools to fix your car, but what
the heck, why not start your search at a pawn shop, and since this is mechanic
Monday, I’ll be giving away some tools I bought at a pawn shop, to have a chance
to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube comments below,
and a winner will be chosen randomly by computer to win some free tools, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

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  2. Harbor Freight has some decent stuff! I got an awesome 3 ton low profile rapid jack and some jack stands there at half of what the local parts store was offering. Got some great ramps there too. Yard sales and flea markets are a great place to get tools from as well. Especially any that have lifetime warrenties. Look hard enough and you can even find tool truck tools for pennies to the dollar. Ask your local mechanic shop when the dealer comes, and ask nicely if they'll exchange them for you, or just show up yourself. Most tool dealers have cards and may even do it at your house.

  3. I would sure love to win some of those free tools I love your videos Scotty they're very informative I tried to do a lot of work on my own car I'm legally blind but I love the thrill of fixing my own car

  4. I ran a pawn shop for years and got many super cheap tools including all the big names like Snap On. Even met many cheap but good women. Lol.

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