Hatyai is a border city along Thailand and Malaysia, which has the best of both cultures. Eveything here is super cheap and you can think of it as a budget Bangkok of sorts. It’s as authentic as any Thai city gets. And the best part is, Scoot flies directly there. So today we are taking you guys along as we uncover this hidden gem. Okay, sup guys! It’s Jon from TSL, and I’ve just reached Hatyai, Thailand. Which is an hour and a half away from Singapore. And today I am here with these guys. Hello! Hi Jes! Yup, and we are going to be checking out a ton of cool places. We are going to be riding a horse on a beach, if I’m not wrong? And we are also going to be checking out like a waterfall and a bunch of cool stuff! So, we are taking you guys along! Lets go! Okay, so we are currently at the containers cafe. It’s quite near to the central area of Hatyai. I like the toast! The toast is very buttery and it is actually very crispy and you can dip it into the sauce. So that’s quite nice. Woahhh, its actually very nice Okay! So we are here at the Greenway Night Market. It’s like a night market with alot of stalls and everything. And we are going to check that out! But, our grab driver actually told us that the opposite side, there’s a new section of the market that he told us to check it out. Come, come, come. Worth it style! Worth it style! Expressions, Adria! Expressions! Unexpected feeding! Bring us to the waterfall buddy! Lets go lets go! Oh My God! This is way more impressive than I was expecting or anticipating. It’s damn nice eh! How is it? While on the way up to the waterfall, we thought that we wouldn’t be able to get near. But turns out right, it was a very easy trek and we came all the way up and we went all the way to the pit of the waterfall. So it’s like we are right below eh! And then we can do all the IGlife, take all the IG photos. Ya, and the view is super amazing! I mean this is the first waterfall I’ve seen in my entire life, but it was so good! And there are people actually swimming over there. So, you know what? Next time if you’re coming here right, bring your swimsuits along! Sawadee Kap! (Hello!) Kun Chi Arai? (What is your name?) Bom. Bom? Bom. Oh okay, I got his name! The sun is setting here at this beautiful beach called Samila Beach. It’s really really worth coming. It’s like , I think about like, close to an hour drive away from the city of Hatyai. There are ton of activities to do. And honestly right, the vibes here damn chill. And the weather! It’s really amazing. It’s really windy and not like humid and sticky, all that kind of stuff. So it’s very very nice. Okay! So, we are currently at Kim Yong Market. Which is the only day market in the entire Hatyai. And it’s not tourist-y at all. Like only locals know about this place. So we are going to go check it out! It’s so good! It’s a little bit sweet. Like honey-glazed. I think this is the best street food I’ve had, so far. And it’s very juicy right? And the flavour is really a lot (flavorful), you know. It’s super tender as well. Nice? Not bad. Have you eaten the Bangkok one? Ya, recently I went to Bangkok. Then I tried the Chatuchak’s coconut ice cream. They said it’s the best seller. But honestly, I think the one (coconut ice cream) in Hatyai right now, is so much better. Like it’s sweeter and there’s alot of ‘liao’ (toppings) How much is it? $1? $1 plus. Shiok! So right now we are headed to this island called Koyo Island. Apparently there’s some really good seafood there. Lets see if it’s true! We’re eating by the water and everything. We’re actually eating on the water. Oh yeah, on the water. We are at some seafood restaurant on the island of Koyo. And they are known for their seafood. Oh My God! This is damn nice! Really ah? Mmm Woah. Are you really impressed? Ya ya ya. So first things first, we got to settle breakfast. And right across the road is this famous dim sum place called… Chokdee Teh Dim Sum. The color doesn’t look like much, but it’s damn ‘gao’ (thick) eh! Try the tea also. Maybe the tea is equally mind-blowing. Normal. Eh wait wait! Oh it’s damn interesting! The aftertaste is like chinese tea eh. So this is like a teh peng but with chinese herbal tea, something like that. Okay, I don’t really eat Bak Kut Teh at all. I love Bak Kut Teh. Damn ‘gao’ (thick) sia. Okay, try the meat! I think I just converted eh. It’s damn good! The pork damn soft! Melt in your mouth eh. Oh My God! And the flavour is on point. The soup wasn’t like amazing amazing, but it’s good. It’s not like the black pepper kind where you get in singapore right? Just now we had the small Siew Mai? That one is normal Siew Mai. This one is premium Siew Mai. What do you think about it? I think the water chestnut flavour stands out a lot in this one. The salted egg adds a bit of texture and a bit of flavour. But it’s damn nice! Good thing is that everything here is damn hot. Like it’s freshly steamed. So, it’s damn shiok to eat ah. And apparently they open at 6am. They close at 12pm. A lot of people say that the queue very long right, but it’s actually not that bad. We came around 9am, and there’s no queue eh. So overall, how do you find this place? I think given the price, the variety of food that we get and also the taste of the food right, I’d really recommend this place. I also agree. I feel like this is one of the best place of this trip. Ya, really eh! I think it is eh. We are right now at Pruksa Wine Village. It is a place with a bunch of very cool buildings and they got sheep farm and bird enclosure. So we are here a little bit early, before everything fully open. And okay la, they are already feeding the sheeps. I never feed sheep before. Can I try? Is it scary? They are very friendly. What?! That sheep keep ‘zao sia’ (out of pitch). Can I feed that guy? So it’s our last night here and our driver actually recommended us to come to this place for Mookata. But it is not any normal mookata, okay. It’s a huge place. I think there’s like fresh live seafood. Lets go check it out! This place basically is like $11(SGD) all you can eat mookata buffet. The seafood selection is insane. I’m not a huge fan of seafood right, but the prawns are amazing. So that’s fantastic for people who loves seafood. You know what’s the best thing? They came with not one, but two charcoal grills. So one of it is actually a grill for you to put your seafood. And you know there is like a grill kind of taste. At the same time, they still give you this. For you to cook your food in the soup. And the soup is actually very tasty eh. 9 out of 10 will recommend! Ya! I think we are pretty much done with Hatyai! Woo! What was the highlight for you? The dim sum! I would come back for the dim sum. Woah! Ya! The dim sum damn good. How about you? What was the highlight for you? The Samila Beach! It was only an hour drive away from the city right, but the vibes there was totally different. You get to ride a horse eh! One random dude right, was just blowing bubbles so that a bunch of children can play. It’s like that chill! What do you think it’s the main attraction of this city? Now that you’ve been here. Okay, I really think its a cheaper version of Bangkok. You know a lot of people like to go Bangkok because it’s cheap. Right? And they have shopping all that. I feel that Hatyai is even better you know. It’s cheaper than Bangkok and nearer than Bangkok. Almost everything you can get from Bangkok market, I think you can get here also. One thing for me, is that it’s a lot less crowded than Bangkok. Oh ya, that’s true. So thanks guys for watching! And of course, thanks Scoot for making this happen. Thanks for sending us here! It was amazing. If you guys want more information about Scoot flights, prices and their flights to Hatyai or anywhere else, you can check out the link in the description box below. If not, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Check out our other videos over there, And we will see you, hopefully in another country soon. Yes! Yes! Okay, bye!

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    It's packed with tourists all year round and is the 3th largest city in Thailand

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