Google Fi Review Update 📱 Is Google Fi International the Best Option for Travelers?

Google Fi Review Update 📱 Is Google Fi International the Best Option for Travelers?

So about six months ago I did a
review of Google Fi and it’s been my most popular video by far it gets
multiple views every single day I think I’m up to like 25,000 views which is
more than double any of my other videos on this channel so I figured I would do
an update to that review since I’ve been traveling internationally using Google Fi
for about 4 months now. If you want to know why I chose Google Fi in the first
place I’ll go ahead and link my original review somewhere up here so what do I
think about Google Fi after traveling internationally for the last four months.
I absolutely loved it for one simple reason: IT JUST WORKS. During the last
four months I’ve lived in four different countries. I’ve lived in Peru Colombia
Chile and where I’m at now Mexico and as soon as my flight touched
down in each country I’d get a little message from Google Fi saying welcome
to Peru, welcome to Colombia, welcome to Chile. Give us a few moments to set up
your phone service and then a few minutes later my phone would just work.
It’s that simple I don’t have to worry about getting a SIM card phone or data
costs or setting up some kind of international service with my phone
company my plan is my plan no matter where I am in the world
Google Fi $20 a month plus $10 for each gig of data I use up to six gigs
and then after six gigs you’re not charged for data so the most my phone
bill can be is $80 a month when you’re traveling internationally phone calls
cost you 20 cents a minute but if you have a Google Fi phone like I do I
have the Pixel 3 you can call on Wi-Fi for free I’ve never paid for an
international phone call I spent most of my time in cities in the different
countries I lived in I was in Lima Peru Santiago Chile Medi in Colombia and
Mexico City Mexico now and in each one of those countries I’ve been on 4G 95%
of the time and the other 5% of the time I’ll be on H+ which i think is like 3G
but that’s really rare I also visited many rural places in those countries and
surprisingly my phone worked in a lot of those places for instance I hiked the
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and I was on 4G or 3G most of the time while I was
hiking I posted on Instagram a bunch of including a photo when I was at Machu
Picchu in Colombia I want wakeboarding in the more rural area of Guatape and
I had 4G almost the entire time I was there as well the only place I had some
trouble was in Patagonia in Chile I rarely had phone service in Patagonia
but if you know anything about Patagonia it’s like in the middle of nowhere and
so that wasn’t surprising when I was in the main cities near Patagonia puerto
natales and Punta Arenas I had 4G LTE so it was no issue in the cities in
Patagonia but when I was out hiking and in Torres de Paine National Park, I
did have some issues every now and again I’d have like 3G but it was very rare I
was actually pretty surprised that I had any service at all in Patagonia to be
completely honest with you so far I’ve been really happy with Google Phi it’s
exactly as advertised and it’s exactly what I was looking for something that
was really convenient I don’t have to do anything my phone just works when I
travel internationally in about two weeks I’m headed over to Southeast Asia
I’ll be in Vietnam Malaysia Japan and Thailand so I’ll do an update video
after I visit those four countries and let you know if I’m still happy with the
service but so far I can’t recommend this service enough if you’re an
international traveler if you enjoyed this video please hit the thumbs up it
helps more people find it and if this is your first time to the channel my name
is Kevin I spent 20 years in the military I retired I went to law school
I became a corporate lawyer I got tired of that grind so I quit my job to travel
full time and that’s what I do I travel full time making these videos
to hopefully inspire you to do something similar if that’s what you want to do so
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25 Replies to “Google Fi Review Update 📱 Is Google Fi International the Best Option for Travelers?”

  1. This is so helpful! Reluctant to give up on iPhones but this service sounds ideal for traveling. Do you know if you can create a hotspot with an equally strong signal for your computer?

  2. Thanks for this info! I'm leaving for RY at the end of August and trying to figure out my phone plan. Like you, I am reluctant to give up the iPhone that has become so familiar to me. Do you know if by now iPhones are completely compatible with Google Fi or is it still recommended to go with the Pixel to get all the benefits/make the service more streamlined?

  3. Great! Update & Update for upcoming trips if the network works. As I said I randomly travel. $80 is not bad for monthly……
    Thank you

  4. Google Fi is fantastic, I use the Pixel 3 as my main line and then teather my iPhone to it so I can still get iMessages!

  5. I bought a Pixel 3xl last fall with an e-sim and Google Fi and I couldn't be happier with it. I live in Philadelphia Pa., and although the farthest I have traveled with my phone has been to Los Angles Ca., I am very happy with Fi. I think your travels to other countries have shown that the service works as advertised. Glad you have tested it out for me and others!

  6. I used to have t-mobile and was paying $70-$100 p/ month while living abroad. It worked everywhere but data slowed down considerably over the years. I find I’m much better off now just buying a new SIM as soon as I land at the airport of each new country I’m living in. In Bali I’m paying just $6 a month for 10GB of data!

  7. I wish I was someone who traveled like you do but I just use google fi because it’s cheap, I live in California and have great service with my Pixel 3a. Switched from horrible sprint and now I’m paying nothing for what’s essentially t mobile service.

  8. You make honest review videos!
    Yes I found your first Google Fi video by searching "Google Fi Travel".
    Good 6-month update review!
    Please do an update video of you going to Asia

  9. I am a heavy data user ( this is why I m sketish of leaving att! Should I be worried about data( usual ? 50 gb in USA and 50 gb in Canada ( approx ) at 480 p

  10. Bravo Zulu, Master Chief ! Sub'd … (S-3 Viking sub hunters, VS-28, USS AMERICA, '75-'76) I'm an international business jet captain and just got GFi for my iPhone Xs. I'll let you know how it works for me … ^v^

  11. New subbie thanks to your interview with Amber over at StoryChasing! And thank you sharing the Remote Year program – something worth doing 🙋🏻💕⛰

  12. God bless you.. How are you able to travel international? What type of job or business are you doing? Thank you for making this video.. I pray you have a relationship with Jesus…

  13. Hey brother,

    I subscribed, I was researching google fi and found your videos. Thank you for your service, I’ll be retired in December 2019 (22 years) and will be spending some time in south east Asia. I was curious if I can keep the phone bill down using this service. I’ll have two phones and right now the both of us together using around 10 GB of data. I think I’ll give it a try though, try to keep the data down. Is it true that there is no activation fee?

  14. Great vlog. Subscribed! Does Google fi allow you to receive phone calls from other countries without using an app? I would like to receive phone calls from the UK when abroad without the caller having to provide a country specific dialling code. Also will the caller be paying a premium to make that call? Reason is I would like to travel whilst looking for a UK based job and be able to receive calls from prospective employers.

  15. Great video. Exactly what I was looking for. Now I’m going to see if you did that update video from Asia because that’s where I’m headed. Keep up the good work

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