Google Assistant: Show Me… (Awkwafina)

Google Assistant: Show Me… (Awkwafina)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Hey, Google. SPEAKER 2: Show me a
15-minute taco recipe. SPEAKER 3: Show
me the front door. [DOORBELL RING] SPEAKER 4: Show me directions
to the nearest salon. SPEAKER 1: Show me my calendar. [GASPS] Boy, I got to go. SPEAKER 5: A little
help you can see. Google Assistant, now
on smart displays.

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62 Replies to “Google Assistant: Show Me… (Awkwafina)”

  1. 0:15 – שניות בלבד – של פרסום באתר הגוגל פלוס – 10 עשר
    בהחלט שמגיע לכם חברים יקרים – כל הכבוד לכם חברים טובים ויקרים …!!

  2. i suggest you to make an app that provides TV channels,specifically football,if you is a good idea 😉

  3. ENOUGH OF GOOGLE!!! Google pulls out of DoD contracts, while aiding China in the internment of its citizens:

  4. Best commercial on TV…that girl eating barbecue and asking for her schedule is so funny I had to rewind and watch it 3 times..freakin hilarious

  5. You said will support over 30 language end of year 2018, but now only 2 month left and u just add too few new language on google assistant. Please keep ur word

  6. The hey google think activates when playing a video and in the video the persob says hey google, can you fix this, please

  7. You know what is an unfair Google assistant is only for newer versions and it is unfair other people who have guard versions of the android can not have Google assistant please make a Google assistant for older versions, for example on the Samsung Galaxy grand neo Plus and other older models

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