Hey guys, it’s Ro. it’s the holiday season and I’m hanging out with Cookie So you may see a little nugget over here. She probably will fall asleep We just got back from doing a little bit of holiday shopping And I wanted to make a video to share some of the cool things that I found ’cause I thought they would make pretty good Holiday gift ideas.
The first gift that I found were these binge-watching Survival kits I thought these were so neat because one of my favorite things to do over the holidays is to curl up on the couch get Really cozy and binge watch a ton of corny holiday movies I found both his and hers versions of these kits. They’re made by Pinch Provisions. I really love this company They have a mini survival kit, which I keep in my purse has a little bit of needle thread band-aid It’s like everyday little mini survival kit. The kit says it comes with eighteen marathoning essentials It has a sofa yoga guide, stain remover, facial tissues, a folding spork for you to snack, some cozy socks Breath drop, a snack clip, dental floss. This is what’s really cute There’s little coasters in here, and they say yes. I’m still watching I don’t know if you guys watch a lot of Netflix, but I do and I always have to click yes I’m still watching this show I’m going! The girl version is very similar The only difference is I think the girl one has toe separators, lip balm, and a face mask But if you’re a guy you could do that too I mean you could do a little grooming while you binge watch and keep your lips moisturized and do a face mask There’s nothing wrong with that. The next gift is a funny and fun gift if you have anyone who loves slime This is kind of holiday themed slime. It’s a little slime kit. This one is by Blue Sky Studios The original miracle melting snowman’s it say’s melts again and again And I thought that this was so cool It comes with white Slime and these little plastic pieces you can build your snowman place in your little plastic pieces And then it melts like slime does this would keep me entertained All day the third gift was a 4 in 1 pen tool so the end comes off and it’s a screwdriver it has the Phillips head and Flathead screwdrivers in the middle there’s a leveller so if you’re like hanging art or hanging a little picture You can make sure it’s straight on the side. There’s a ruler and at the end. It’s a pen I found this at the store And I thought it was the coolest pen that I’d ever seen The other functional gives that I found is actually something that I have been using for years These are screen cleansing towelettes by well-kept. I use a lot of screens during the day I have a phone and iPad a computer TV now I’m thinking about it these would actually make really good stocking stuffers keeping your screens clean sometimes You got to wipe them down the next gift idea is an adorable idea of any of your friends love Legos and celebrate Christmas It is a Lego advent calendar every day in December leading up to Christmas you get to open a little cubby And it builds this little winter Lego wonderland. This guy is skiing over here. This is me when I’m 86. She’s making little chocolate chip cookies That’s a look in into my future when I first saw this I thought of my friend Justine I thought it is perfect for her, but then I found something better. it’s a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar! I am not kidding. It has a little BB 8 and a Santa hat This is the back of the box it’s a little sneak peek into the holiday Star Wars world that you’re building and then the front of the box shows a few more things that are in there ah Millennium Falcon, I don’t know everything that’s gonna be in here because you know it’s a surprise But I have a feeling that my favorite is bb-8 with a Santa hat it is just too cute. Oh there. He is again The next gift idea is a holiday essential at my house a pine scented candle I personally am very picky about candles. Especially ones that are supposed to smell like pine I grew up in Seattle in the northwest tons of evergreen pine trees So I know a good pine tree smell when I smell it this one is by the soap and paper Factory and is called Rowland pine it is one of the best pine smells that I have smelled. I am in love with it you Can even smell it in the box? Let’s take a look? Let’s just peek, but just just a little who’s gonna know Oh my gosh. It’s so pretty. It smells so good I Would definitely agree with this description it says that it is a fresh clean scent of a pine forest on a dewy morning Agreed so there’s no surprise that the next gift idea are also candle there at Bath & Body Works I’ll start with this one this one smells like coffee so if you have any friends who love coffee this would be a really fun Candle the candle also looks very beautiful It’s white and clean, and it has this gold copper font on the front, and it says but first coffee Mmm The coffee fragrance is strong then these three are more festive candles the one I thought was the most Durable as a little tree a whisk in a present, and it says we whisk you of Merry Christmas at dorms I love this one so much because it smells like Christmas morning at my house. It smells like maple syrup and pancakes With a little bit of cinnamon it is so good. I just want to eat this one. Oh, it’s really messing with me Okay, then this one is my sister’s favorite as a little bear on the front He’s wearing flannel, and it’s called flannel the lid is beautiful as well. It’s like a piece of art. It’s copper It has all these little snowflakes and evergreen trees I actually don’t know what the scent is but my sister was smelling it. She was like I look it smells like the northwest So let’s check the bottom orange peel and notes of soft musk Smells like a pine cabin last candle, I promise I know I went a little crazy with the candles, but this one smells like peppermint. It’s called. Let it snow Let it snow let it snow I really like this scent because it’s a very light and fresh peppermint smell and the candle is so Cute the next gift is really good for anybody who enjoys a bath I went to lush they have amazing bath bombs and soaps these two are bath bombs we have the Christmas sweater, it’s so cute It’s red, and it’s got white little reindeer, and it looks like a classic Christmas sweater design, and this one is called Golden Wonder It’s another bath bomb and it looks like a present with a white ribbon on the top then oh The cutest holiday bath melt it’s a little tree – Christmas tree The next one called a plum snow. It’s so beautiful. It’s purple It has a white snowflake in the middle and this is a bubble bar You’ll crumble it into the water when your baths going, but last one is my favorite because it’s so cute It is also a bubble bar What a great gift look at it looks like the little snowman Oh, here’s melty crumble it into the bath, but I don’t know if I can because it’s so cute The last smelly good gift idea that I found were these very large soaps They’re both soaps that look like holiday pies They also are about the size of a holiday pie so you could cut it up and use this probably for a very long time both of the soaps are from mojo spa Cosmetics. They’re handmade body soaps and this one is pumpkin pie Let’s take a look It looks and smells like a pumpkin pie you can break it into pieces and use this so for a very long time Just imagine this sitting in your bathroom. I’ve always wanted to bring pumpkin pie into the shower and now I can This one is a sugar plum pie, ahh? Smells like Berries and plum and I love it like I know this is so but it looks so good like I can eat it Oh, it’s tricking me this looks like whipped cream the last two things that I found our food related gifts I found these cute little mug hugger cookie cutters, so these are side of the cup cookie cutters But their holidays Eve. They have all different holiday shapes. I thought this was adorable. It was only ten dollars We have gingerbread men snowmen a little star one of my favorite things to do over the holidays is make homemade cookies and that’s why I love this gift because it’s an activity you could give it to someone and make cookies together make Memories the very last thing that I picked up it is something that I’ve been using for years And I’m actually giving this to my friend Jordan so Jordan CaptainSparklez, don’t watch this video stop the video don’t look at this video Every year, I give him something food-related for his kitchen so slowly But surely his kitchen is good to fill up with useful gadgets And this is one of my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets It is to cut apples you press down right on top it cuts so easy and it takes out the core it cuts your apples Into slices you flip the little plastic underneath press down again And they pop out the reason that this one is still my favorite is because the other Apple cutters that I find at the stores only have this part step one they don’t have the little plastic Flip and that makes all the difference makes it even easier easy to clean. I love this thing. I love you all right That’s all the holiday shopping that I’ve done I hope you enjoyed the video and it gave you some holiday gift ideas you can see little cookies ear over here look at this Thanks again, hope you’re having happy holidays bye-bye cookie come on you gotta say bye. You’ve been snoozing all day Do if you’d like to see more videos you can click up here or up here Doo dee dee dee dee dee dee? Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee they did it they did you see?

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