First Time in Cartagena Colombia Beaches

First Time in Cartagena Colombia Beaches

English, no English ? Guys check out my new camera the Canon 17,000 A Subscribe Right now Cartagena Colombia What’s up, what’s up its your friend Thisisacelive. I’m back again to you give you another awesome video, today Your boy is finally in Cartagena Yooo! My first first thing first my first impressions of Cartagena is it’s like South Beach it feels like South Beach in some parts from my understanding and Its filled with beautiful women taking her photos to the beach I’m not here by myself. I’m also with my boy right here It’s is fresh @ theflyboyway on off platforms we out here. Mr. Cameraman, we won’t say his name, you know say and My first time here it’s awesome place to be Oh hello Why are you from? English no english. Are you Colombian Argentinian Twin No were are Sisters You know what! You have to tell your mom Thank you! Uoo You was sure we were Colombians No I didnt know, that why I ask. When I saw you. Oh my gosh. Oh my god How many days are you here for here for only 4 days hun? only 4 days in Cartagena And after Santa Marta Oh , you have to go Barranquilla that where I’m at. In Barranquilla? Yeah Yesterday and the week end was a crazy party in Barranquilla Yes that what I want! her: Do you like it? Me: Yes! I just got here Now, just right now. Her: Oh right now Yahhh-( Argentinian accent ) I like that. I its like Italian. Yahhh Her: lol Me : its remind of Italian Her: what part of the United States your from? Me: Miami Her: Miami oh Her: Alot of latin yeah there are alot Castillo San Felipe de Barajas The Spaniards Began Construction in 1536 It is the most impregnable fortress ever built – by the Spaniards in the new world It was built by Slaves! Guys we’re at Cartagena. This is a castle they used to use back in the old days and I’m just soaking it in because so you gotta you gotta soak it in. All right You know what we do. We just take pictures and not realize we were there. If you can’t touch it you wasn’t there! I’m soaking it in sniff sniff (smelling the wall) Can you smell that? hmm history let’s go Okay, I’m only here for one day so I’m trying as much as possible of this city. First impression blows my mind! You know what? I used to look online and I used to look at the pictures Of the beaches. Because I’m from Miami I’m very crucial on that and the reasons I wasnt in rush to come to Cartagena But so far. From what I see This might be a place to come visit the beaches were nice. But this whole scenery right here this whole little strip right here It’s worth the visit. now, I could I stay here for a week? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of different things I could do If I was to be here Ideally, I would want to stay in something like that Somewhere in that area ideally somewhere in that area or somewhere over there Something overlooking the bay Are you Colombiana? Yes nice to meet you My name is Leon Her: Jamie I’m from the States Her: Si You guys works Close to here? Her: Yes we do You guys are beautiful welcome to Cartagena alot of walking. Long walk from there But it’s worth because you get to see the whole ocean plus the buildings plus see what man has built here and I’m going to say name wrong, but hopefully Ace live will be able to correct it el mira I’ve been to three of them, been to the one in Puerto Rico the one in Cuba and now I’ve been here and this is probably the Longest I’ve seen Ah He said Pedro don’t speak to loud please Because we need those Africans for the construction In Cartagena So those Africans you see no chains They only had… this way please here in the back. Follow me, please. I want you to see this It is the way we Identified them with this created or ring around this part of the knee Okay, or down the knee. With this we know his African Helper, he’s an African helper and he was protected and he was working by Pedro Claver So it is something beautiful of the history because Pedro Claver was protected them, if somebody touched them. Oh my god it’s like somebody’s touching our children’s. Pedro was defending those African helpers like Like our Father is doing with us Guys I know your not gonna come to Colombia and act like Colombia then had no black people over here I know you ain’t gonna do that Alright, that’s what you’re not going to do remember Colombia’s mix with a lot of different races Okay, and black people are here as well and they’re a part of the history So don’t act funny when you see black people in Colombia Okay, we’ve been here Marry me Well, I just tell everybody if you’re not secure in your relationship – don’t come out here don’t come out here Relationship don’t last here Cartagena is something it’s like Disney World, but would like It’s like Disney World, but with personality. and you actually want to stay here all day every day Like I’m already looking at houses. I can’t afford it But I’m looking. lol All right guys, it’s the end of the day it’s time for me to go but not to worry I Will be back in Cartagena to give it a proper review of the city All right, im heading back to Barranquilla I got a couple of things I need to take care of Before I leave I want to remind you to share a video Can you share a video. I’m trying get to 10,000 Subs. You know what I’m saying I’m just trying ito ge to 10k subs. share tell somebody share video Give him some love , like and comment below I’m just talking 10,000 subscribers, you know say share video. Hopefully, you know what I got to do, right? I gots to remind you to always stay live. We in Cartagena baby. It was cool. I’ll be back Yo were here baby I dont know how Flyboy did this! Im scared im getting down. no more Wait wait a little more Ace No more no way

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100 Replies to “First Time in Cartagena Colombia Beaches”

  1. Hey Ace we almost bump into each other. I was in cartagena since Wednesday. Man u was right Colombia has potencial.

  2. 99% of the americans that come to Cgena show the same videos that you show.ย  Why not go to the barrios Mandela, Fransico, Bras de lezo

  3. Those are not Castles, they are Forts. They were built all through out the new world to keep out invading pirates.

  4. I think Cartagena is ideal for you. You'll find your future wife there. There are also some nice hidden luxury rentals in the old walled city. Just search for luxury rentals in Cartagena.

  5. Did the guide said the black people before were 'helpers'!?
    They were slaves….. and the vlogger even did not say nothing about it..

  6. We loved our recent visit to Cartagena. We've got a new vid about our time there. Your video is great fun ๐Ÿ™‚ And your Canon 17000 is sick! Haha. We did some videos about Medellin and Cali too. Glad we found your channel!

  7. Hey I enjoy your videos Iโ€™m a single black male traveling to Colombia ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด for the first time which city would u Recommend that Iโ€™ll have the best time best females and beaches ?

  8. 9:07 we've been in Colombia before any caveling brought a people black over during the trans Atlantic trade. There is a history about a people black before the trans Atlantic slave trade about a people black being all over the Americas while the cavelings been running around but naked in the Caucasus mountains not knowing what a shoe was!
    Show that part!

  9. This negro looks like a big dummy harassing woman that obviously are ignoring his dumb butt and want nothing to do with him and he posted this simp crap?

  10. Your selfrighteous american yankee dialect is clearly a damn nuisance in a latin country. It doesn`t belong there @ all.

  11. 6:45 missing 1 visit, Santo Domingo Zona Colonial, you will find the same architecture and similar style, go check it out!

  12. That's right me Cabrone!
    Me, I travel as well, military family….
    Hey I'm gonna share with you something, When I was younger went to a slave castle and down in the dungeon where they loaded and unloaded US and I actually through up YO!! Lol ha ha ha ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” Something to think on, I appreciate you sharing the slave castle…
    Peace, power and prosperity brothers!

  13. In Medagene, I heard on the coast is a really great example of variations of seafood, fruits and vegetables and good cooking! Like Africa and they live around the sea… I saw another guy's video he showed a greater variety of food, cooking, etc that look really soulful, good for the body and cheap, but the brothers and sisters there were EXCELLENTE in their attitudes and afro culture ….
    Be careful as well!
    Peace power and prosperity brothers!

  14. Yo bro great video. A just for a historic lesson. All the America's are ours. They stole it and said we were from Africa. Big lie bro big lie. We are the indigenous people we are the Indians of this line of this whole continent is bro good luck with your videos.

  15. Wow lol I never knew my ancestors were "African Helpers"๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  16. Which city would you recommend to visit first in Colombia ? Bogota , Cali, Cartagena, or Medellin ? I enjoy the beach, however, I am more of a city person.

  17. Fact check tonto, you walked La Ciudad Amurallado* not Castillo San filipe. Castillo San felipe is another 5-8 minutes away on the other side of the lake. Last time i was there it was about 20,000 cop to enter.

  18. It's sad that American men have to travel the world to find sex and beautiful women because they are so thirsty . American women have such bad attitudes & are so fat that we have to fly around the world in search of normal women. LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION ALREADY LIKE EVERY OTHER NORMAL COUNTRY ON EARTH ! Stop letting these American women shame you because you want something as biologically normal as sex!

  19. Vaya, no puedo creer lo que veo. Increรญble playa y vista. Soy de Filipinas. Si tiene tiempo, visite mi paรญs. Hay muchos lugares excelentes aquรญ, como playas. Si tiene tiempo, visite mi canal para ver las islas en Siargao. Hice un video al respecto ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  20. They were not helpers but slaves. And the Catholic church didn't help them at all on the contrary. Pleaseeeeee.

  21. I'm middle aged now but if I was in my twenty somethings, I would have loved to take in a beach there.

  22. If want to come visit cartagena, comment below, this is really a beauty and nice place to have a good time

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